Green Bay Packers: 3 Takeaways From Camp Today

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McCarthy wants more from inside line backer position

With Clay Matthews not practicing again today marking the second day in a row, the inside line backer position is seeing a variety of guys rotating in and out of the position along side Sam Barrington. Guys like Nate Palmer, Carl Bradford, Joe Thomas and Jake Ryan have been receiving time at the inside line backer slot and Mike McCarthy addressed that and his concerns.

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"“It’s a big opportunity for the inside linebackers,” McCarthy said. “And they need to start making more plays, frankly.”"

That being said it seems to be a smart decision to let Clay rest being that you are seeing guys struggle when filling in for him. I know we are barley into camp but if this is a re-occurring injury for Clay throughout the season we hope that depth on the team is a strong as possible. It is going to be an interesting story line for us to follow throughout the rest of August.

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