Green Bay Packers: Clay Matthews essential for 2015

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Outside linebacker Clay Matthews makes an interception during the second half at Soldier Field Sunday. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports photograph

It’s no secret that Clay Matthews has been a huge part of the Green Bay Packers defensive presence since his rookie season in 2009.

But in 2015, the Green Bay Packers will need Clay Matthews almost more than ever before as the defense transitions into an identity state.

Matthews had been an absolute force for the team at the outside linebacker position, being one of the better pursuit players in NFL history.

But, last season saw Matthews move to the inside linebacker’s position to help solidify the run defense. The Packers were struggling immensely in stopping the run at the beginning of last season and moving Clay to the inside was a key component to their late season success.

The Green Bay Packers will need Clay Matthews more than ever in 2015.

Here’s why …

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