Green Bay Packers: Top 10 defensive players of all-time

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5. Dave Robinson

“I Don’t try to hurt anyone out there … but the harder you hit a man in the first period, the more you slow him down in the fourth period.”

Another member of the Lombardi era, Dave Robinson joins the list of our defensive all-time greats at the number five slot. The Packers first round selection in the 1963 NFL Draft, Robinson went on to have a hall of fame career at the left outside linebacker position.

He was well known for his coverage ability as well, which created a headache for opposing teams.

Robinson was a crucial piece who fit in so well with the players around him – a fact that produced a championship-caliber defense. His ability to run with some of the fastest players in the NFL was uncommon for a linebacker during the time.

“Every day, we worked with the backs in coverage,” said Robinson. “I had to cover Gale Sayers and Jim Brown, one-on-one. I remember one time I ran 40 or 50 yards down the field with Gale Sayers and intercepted the ball. In Chicago, for that matter.”

Elected to the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame in 2013, Robinson started 127 games for the Packers, accumulating 27 interceptions and a touchdown. He is the 22nd and newest representative of the Green Bay Packers in the hall of fame, having to wait out roughly a 40-year period to be voted in.

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