Green Bay Packers 2016 Draft: Interview with Houston inside linebacker Elandon Roberts

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Q: In there anybody on Green Bay that you really enjoy watching?

A: I really enjoy watching [Clay] Matthews. Even before this draft came about, I always thought that if Matthews just had an inside linebacker, a young one just like when A.J. Hawk first came in. Just like him and Hawk used to do it. It’s funny, me and Hawk we’re in the same agency. If he had that guy, Matthews could just go outside and do his thing instead of always going inside and then outside again and back inside.

If he had that guy he could depend on… someone he could trust and mold. If I was in Green Bay, I would love to have Matthews mold me because he’s so aggressive. If you watch Matthews, he can be all the way out of the play, but at the end of the day, he’s going to be back in that play. That play could break all the way down the field and Matthews could be on the blitz and [still] run all the way down the field. I know I can be that missing piece.

Q: You’re a Texas guy. Would you have any issues playing in a cold city like Green Bay?

A: Oh no. I wouldn’t have any problem playing in the cold. My first year in Baltimore at Morgan State it was cold. It actually got cold in October. It doesn’t get cold in Texas until February.

Q: What does it mean to you when your college coach, Tom Herman, called you “one of the best leaders I’ve been around?”

A: It means a lot. That just speaks a lot to me. Me and coach Herman, we have a close relationship. When coach Herman first came in, I saw leadership in him in how he built things and how he carried himself. Me and coach Herman, we talked a lot. He definitely wanted me to become a leader. He’s a great coach, an honest guy. He’s the best coach I’ve ever had since I’ve been playing football.

Q: What do you remember most about your college days?

A: I would say the brotherhood we had at the University of Houston and just being able to trust one another. If you made a mistake on the field, you know that the coaching staff and your boys were out there with you. They had all the trust and faith in you to make up for it on the next play. It’s just a mindset you’ve got to have.

My instincts sometimes… being so instinctive sometimes can put you in a bad situation. But at the same time, I can deal with making a mistake as long as I don’t make the same mistake so that my successful plays will outnumber my mistakes. But without mistakes, you wouldn’t know how it feels to fail. I would rather fail because then you know how it is to fail and once I overcome that, I’ll know how to have success and know what not to do.

And with me, that all starts in practice. I make all my mistakes in practice. I’m a big practice guy. I go full speed in practice. That’s why in the game, I’m so instinctive. My practice habits make the game easy.

Q: I know that your instincts come naturally, but did you spend much time in the film room at Houston?

A: Oh yeah, I did spend time doing film work, but I’m a field learner though. I learn the best on the field. You put me on the field, you show me a walk-through… if you do it a couple of times, I can come up and draw it on the blackboard. Then I’ll be able to coach it to my teammates. But I do try to watch a lot of film. I do try to look for a lot of tips in the offense.

It’s not always what you see during game time; it’s sometimes the small things that tip me off. Because the one thing about of person is that [he] always has habits. At the end of the day, you’re going to find that habit. Every offense has one. But learning a defense, learning how to execute comes, to me, on the field through repetition.

Q: What do you like doing away from the football field?

A: When I’m not doing anything, I just like being home. I play Madden 2K. I’m a family-oriented guy also. I like to spend time with my family. Other than that, it’s football all day.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete outside of football?

A: LeBron James.

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?

A: I have a lot. I just watched Barbershop. It would have to be Any Given Sunday.

Q: Where do you honestly see yourself being taken at this point?

A: With this draft, you never know. But I know I’m getting drafted. When exactly? I can’t tell you. But at the end of the day, I’m just enjoying the process and everything that comes with it. I’m working day in and day out on my conditioning and getting ready for rookie minicamp.

Ralph: Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you in an NFL uniform.

Elandon: It was a great opportunity to interview with you.

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