Packers 2018 Draft: Top 10 overrated prospects in this year’s class

BOISE, ID - OCTOBER 15: Wide receiver Michael Gallup
BOISE, ID - OCTOBER 15: Wide receiver Michael Gallup /
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6. Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

The offensive tackle class doesn’t seem to be chock full of future Hall of Famers. In fact, one can make the argument that only one bookend is worthy of being chosen in the first round, and the honor would fall to McGlinchey.

At nearly 6-foot-8 with long arms and a sturdy frame, the senior lineman is the prototype, especially when you factor in that he is a natural bender.

And though one would be hard pressed to dispute his ability to at least be a solid pro and immediate starter in the pros, one has to wonder if he’s equipped to play on the left side.

Blindside protectors are the ones that get picked in the top-10, but yet McGlinchey was exposed on occasion against speed rushers that went around the big fella.

Guys taken in the top 10 are typically blockers that can handle the blindside and it’s at least questionable if the three-year starter can thrive in that spot. 

5. Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU

The converted safety is a smooth runner who can cleanly transition in and out of his cuts along with gaining yardage after the catch.

His 6-foot-4 frame allowed him to win several physical battles at the collegiate level against vastly inferior opponents. He won’t get away with that quite as often in the pro game, where he will need to show he can separate.

The SMU product is surprisingly quick for man his size, but isn’t a vertical threat in terms of straight-line speed.

But the major concern with Sutton isn’t whether he can pull away from defenders, it’s whether he can catch off-target throws with any consistency.

In this video, Matt Waldman highlights the big wideout’s tendency to clap down on the ball instead of forming a web with hands, which look to be too far apart on a number of plays.

There are too many holes in Sutton’s game to make him a first-round pick any team can feel very confident about.