Three dream trades for the Packers that aren’t realistic

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Harrison Smith

First of all, there is no way the Minnesota Vikings would ever trade anyone remotely useful to the Packers. That in itself makes this trade a fantasy. Additionally, Smith is 31 years old. The Packers won’t be willing to give up a lot for an aging safety.

I will say, however, that Harrison Smith was a draft crush of mine back in 2012. The Vikings took him 29th overall with their first pick. The Packers had just lost safety Nick Collins to a career-ending injury the season before and I thought Smith would be the perfect replacement.

Instead, the Packers, who picked right before the Vikings, took linebacker Nick Perry, and we all know how well that turned out for the Packers. In this dream scenario, the Packers would get a second chance with Smith during their Super Bowl run.

While the Packers are on track to make some noise in the playoffs this season, the Vikings are trending in the opposite direction. They have one win on the season and have already traded away Yannick Ngakoue, who they just got from the Jags this offseason. Rumors are flying that they are also open to trading Smith as well.

I like this trade for the Packers because our safeties this year haven’t been great. Adrian Amos hasn’t been what a lot of fans wanted, especially after giving him that nice contract last season. Darnell Savage is popular with the coaches, but he hasn’t made any plays this season and is now injured.

I love Savage’s potential, but being able to plug in Harrison Smith would make this secondary better, and if the Packers are going for it this year, as they should be, Smith would be a huge addition.

If the Packers and Vikings weren’t in the same division or bitter rivals, this trade would make sense. The Packers have three fourth-round draft picks. Trading a fourth for Smith would allow the Vikings to start rebuilding through the draft while the Packers have control over Smith through the 2021 season.

Smith’s cap number is $10.25 million this season, but with a good chunk of that already paid, the Packers could theoretically pull this off for this season. He is due another $10.25 million next year, which would complicate things even more.

It will never happen, but Harrison Smith as a Packer would just be so perfect.