Favre Refuses To Get Over Self

Brett Favre wants to make one thing clear: He’s not a wishy-washy, high-maintenance, selfish diva who can’t make up his mind.

Of course Brett, talking to the New York Post like this is the best way to air your grievances.  Let’s see, “wishy-washy.”  I have to admit, you were bawling your eyes out at your retirement.  You do cry a lot.  That could rub people the wrong way with calling you “wishy-washy.”  But then again, crocodile tears might not count against you.  “High-maintenance.”  Hmm.  You know Brett, you did require quite a few press conferences in your days in Green Bay.  But “high-maintenance” probably wasn’t that big of a deal.  You’re the star, sure.  I’ll pass on calling you “high maintenance.”  “Selfish dive who can’t make up his mind.”  Now this is where the real fun starts.  I’m not sure you noticed this Brett, but you held the Packers in limbo for four consecutive offseasons.  Should the Pack start tailoring the offense to Aaron Rodgers?  Oh, wait, nevermind, he’s back.  Sorry Aaron, wait again.  Should I stay in Green Bay?  Should I go?  Where should I go?  Yeah, Brett, you couldn’t make up your mind.

I’m not saying Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy handled this thing 100% in the clean.  But still, this bitching and moaning should stop.  If I was Eric Mangini or some other dude in the New York Jets organization, I would put a gag order on Favre about questions regarding the Packers.  It’s obvious Favre’s head and heart are in Green Bay, while his body and motor skills are in New York.  If I were the Jets, I’d be worried that he can’t get over this because it could start distracting the team and impact his performance.

The Man-Genius needs to sit down Favre and tell him that he’s not in Kansas anymore.

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  • 101

    No see it is Packer fans who refuse to just get over this whole thing when Brett was traded to the Jets everything was done and over with then but like the whole Favre saga, people keep on dragging this out. Just shut up and move on please.

  • http://www.fannation.com/users/view_user_profile/11397 DJ

    Well unfortunately for you, 101, I wouldn’t be making this post and this comment if Favre wasn’t going around spouting off about how much he was hurt by Green Bay.  Favre is gone.  I’m glad he’s gone.  He’s just setting your organization back a few more years.

  • mark

    using words like “bitching” and “dude” make me wonder how old you are and how well your vocab speaks for you.

    for 17 years favre was the face of the franchise, leading them to 13 winnings seasons i believe…the other 4 were made of one loosing and 3 8-8 seasons. McCarthy and Ted Thompson handled this horribly….they treated they prize posession like garbage. if i were ANY of the packers (all of the starters i believe are very talented) i would be wondering how welll they would treat ME?!….especially if i was as high profile as al harris, driver, jennings, grant, woodson, bigby, collins, hawk, barnett, kampman, KGB, jenkins, and ANY OTHER player on our(packers) roster. its a shame hes in a jets uniform, because even a retard can tell it isnt correct… 

  • http://www.fannation.com/users/view_user_profile/11397 DJ

    Not capitalizing your proper nouns and first letters of your sentences makes ME wonder how old you are and about your mastery of the English language.  Also, your use of the shift key and apostrophes is rather questionable.

    Doesn’t anyone look at this from the perspective of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy?  Favre tells him he is retiring, whether they forced him to or not.  The team moves on.  Rodgers is now the man.  But then Favre wants back into the fold.  However, the train has already left the station.  TT and MM showed how they will deal with players that mess with team chemistry and think they are the team, whether they are the face of the franchise or not.

  • http://naptownsfinest.com Sam

    Once you take off the forest green and gold glasses, you see what I’ve known for years, DJ.  Favre is acting like a little bitch and he has been since the whole Javon Walker fiasco.

  • http://naptownsfinest.com Sam

    Personally, I blame menopause.

  • Nitschke66

    Then there’s those of use who remember the Packers of old.  You know, when Nitschke played 5 years longer than he was still considered viable, but still received a standing ovation from 50,000 fans at Lambeau everytime he came onto the field.  Sometimes, folks, its not about Brett Favre.  Its about you non-franchise team that’s owned by the people.  You know, the same owners that were never asked by management how they would like the situation handled.  I could give a dang what the player’s name is.  I don’t want to see this team develope into the same business attitude that the 49ers have – “Aw, what the heck, he’s old and doesn’t have another drop of blood to give us, so let’s dump him on someone else for whatever we can get for him”.  Might as well buy back all that stock and offer it to Al Davis………