Favre Retires...Finally

Today former Packers quarterback Brett Favre announced he was retiring from the NFL and the New York Jets.

Before I say anything else, I’d like to say “Good riddance. I used all my superlatives on you last year.”

But anyway, Favre is one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, meant a lot to Green Bay, was loved by the media, an all-around good guy, yada yada yada.  You know the drill.  ESPN gets on him for a little bit, and soon enough they’ll be off.

Until, of course, they start speculating about how he’ll go to the Minnesota Vikings.

But until then, we’ll enjoy the memories of Brett Favre, all that ESPN can shove down our throats.  Again.

I still have a grudge against this guy.  I feel he is partly responsible for the Packers 6-10 season.  He was a huge distraction this offseason, no matter what they tell you.  Holding a team hostage obviously bothers the playoffs.  He took away from important aspects of the offseason, most notably, I feel that he distracted Ted Thompson from the Ryan Grant contract situation.  Grant’s slow start was crucial to the Packers basically sucking in 2008.

But hey, Favre’s still my favorite player of all-time.  No one (I’m looking at you, Tony Romo) will ever play like him, no matter what anyone says.  You can just fill in a typical ESPN report about his career here.  Hopefully, I’ll be at his induction whenever it is.

Unless, of course, he plays for Minnesota.  In which case, he’s out of my book.  I got an Aaron Rodgers jersey for Christmas; I have no use for the Favre jersey anymore.

But anyway, good riddance/happy trails, Brett Lorenzo Favre.

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  • kristine

    with due respect, while you’re stewing over your ridiculous post-season grudge that should have ended, oh, i don’t know, at least a month ago, you might ponder the fact that your beloved team would have no lombardi trophy in the current era were it not for one mr. brett lorenzo favre…..the man redeemed your franchise. and if you honestly believe that brett in the offseason was a distraction that impacted your entire season and lead to your woeful record with a QB who rode the bench for years under the same system, while the team he joined only as preseason began somehow managed to secure more wins with far less time to prepare, you need a remedial course in basic logic. and how does someone claim a player as his alltime favorite while simultaneously asserting his jersey is useless?? good lord. get a grip. and don’t bother going to canton – tickets will be given to his real fans.  good luck with aaron next year!

  • Teri B.

    Live it up, enjoy your shining moment with your mighty pen, because history won’t remember any of your stupid BS. History won’t remember you at all. 1st – It’s the media who ginned up the retirement issue every year, NOT FAVRE. He just declined to make a decision till he was ready, just as they did with Elway a decade ago, who also declined to decide till he was ready, which was IN MAY, just as Kurt Warner is doing now. 2nd – Favre’s not Vick, or Pacman, or crazy Terrell Owens. HE’S BRETT FAVRE. NO ONE has ever played the game with a higher caliber of sportsmanship, integrity, or commitment. I think you may be confused about who you’re spewing nonsense about. He changed his mind – he didn’t break the law or disgrace himself. He just changed his mind, just like Lombardi, Jimmy Connors, Michael Jordan, Joe Namath, Reggie White, Lance Armstrong, and many, many other greats before him. Stop spinning this as if he’s committed some unforgivable sin. 3rd – Favre holds virtually every passing record there is; pulled the Packers out of the ditch they had being lying in for 30 years, took them to two Super Bowls, winning one, and made them one of the best teams in football for most of his 16 years, instead of a laughing stock; won THREE MVP awards, and was invited to 10 Pro-bowls. YOU don’t get to decide whether he was a great player, HISTORY HAS ALREADY MADE THAT DECREE you dipstick! So give the snide, distorted, and wildly slanted BS a rest – nobody’s buying it. In fact, how about you “journalists” try something totally new include some FACTS in your “reporting”. American journalism has become equivelant to the Jerry Springer Show, and shockingly, sports journalism is the worst. I’m getting real sick of all of these petty jealous little Favre haters trying to tear him down. He’s a nice man, who is the NFL’s poster boy for sportsmanship and has always done his level best to show compassion and charity for others, yet here you tiny, little jokes of humanity are tearing him down, because you, yourselves are so insiginficant. Please don’t think the public is blind to that, we’re not. No matter what nonsense you spew with your little column, Favre will still be a legend because HE’S EARNED IT! History isn’t going to remember the food you’re throwing at him now – it will have turned to dust, just like you.