Brett Favre Has Much In Common With Michael Jackson

Who was Michael Jackson writing all those songs for during his career? Some lucky lady?


Brett Favre.

I was doing some investigating for a Jackson tribute post comparing Jackson’s song titles to players and teams in the NFL. For example, the song “Bad” was matched up with the Detroit Lions because the Lions were, well, bad (“horrendous” is my word choice, but MJ doesn’t have a song called “Horrendous”). Favre was on that list in it’s infancy under the song “Circus Girl” (more on that later). I was looking for more songs. And every song I looked at reminded me of Favre. Am I serious? Yes, I am. Favre parallels the Jackson song titles quite well. Almost too well…

“Bad” – Originally for the Lions, this aptly describes Favre play for the New York Jets down the stretch in 2008. And hopefully it will describe is play in 2009 for the Minnesota Vikings.
“Circus Girl” – The circus follows Favre everywhere. Originally this was usually applied to ESPN’s tendency to be on their knees 24/7 for Favre, but the circus tent has gotten bigger as NFL Network has joined in (Scott Hanson staking out Favre’s plane was just too much). Also, many people think Favre is a girl. Something that his intense waffling and teary-eyed “retirement press conference” exuded.

“Cry” – Just watch this video. Self-explanatory.

“Dangerous” – Favre with the ball. He’d burn the defense deep or burn his offense with a pick. Either way, danger was imminent.

“Dirty Diana” – For all intensive purposes, I’m calling this one “Dirty Deanna” as it has been suggested that Deanna Favre is the one that has a problem with Ted Thompson and that she is the one driving him to come back.

“Don’t Walk Away” – What legions of fans told Favre to do.

“Fly Away” – I feel this one suits Brett the Jet. He flew away to the Big Apple, but as the season ended, I think all he wanted to do was “Fly Away.”

“For All Time” – Favre is an all-time quarterback. He’ll still be a Packer for all-time in most people’s eyes.

“Give In To Me” – Favre wanted the Packers to give in to him and give him his job back last summer. Thompson didn’t blink and Aaron Rodgers is the Packers new franchise quarterback.

“History” – So much history around Favre in all his records. Touchdowns, yards, interceptions, it’s all there. Not to mention he played on the hallowed tundra of Lambeau Field.

“Invincible” – Favre thought he was indeed invincible and his play showed it. Consecutive games streak. You need to be nearly invincible to do that.

“Money” – According to multiple sources, money and a contract is the only thing between Favre and Minnesota purple.

“Morphine” – A low blow here, but we all know how much Favre loved his painkillers…

“Never Can Say Goodbye” – I don’t think he will ever be able to say goodbye to the game. He’ll be on the sidelines in a hospital bed asking Brad Childress to put him in.

“One More Chance” – For Brett, one more chance to play in New York has turned into one more chance to play in Minnesota. God only knows how many chances he’ll have before he’s done.

“They Don’t Care About Us” – I’d guess that’s how Brett and Deanna felt after supposedly being forced out of Green Bay by Ted Thompson. Of course Brett, the whole world’s against you.

“Thriller” – I’m sure most of you scrolled down to this one on the list first. Favre was an entertainer. He was a thriller. His game was to thrill you with the touchdowns and then kill you with the interceptions. But damn, watching some of those games were some of the most thrilling experiences a fan could have watching football. It’s one of the reasons that people still want to watch him. He’s a thriller, hands down.

So what do you all out there have? Comment with your Favre connections to MJ songs. 80 points for whoever can come up with one for “Superfly Sister.”

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  • Brian

    It’s not all intensive purposes you dunce.

    It’s intents and purposes.

  • djlombardi

    Thank you, great knowledgeable sir, for correcting my grammar mistakes in such a kind manner.

  • da1prophet

    And like Jacko, Favre used to be really cool but hung around too long diminishing his legacy with substandard work and bizarre, self absorbed behavior?

  • Scott in Wisconsin

    “Superfly Sister”? That’s easy, Brett’s sister was a beauty queen in Kiln, Miss

  • Da Nott

    MAN !!! You Packer fan’s are a disloyal bunch, no wonder Favre wants to play in Minnesota and kick your asses. I have a song for you guys Yesterday(Yeah its a Beatles song but Michael owned the rights to all Beatles music) ,that is when all the Packers winning seasons were.Yesterday when the Vikings weren’t so hard to play.

  • David

    You know you would have never written this except both are in news at same time, by coincidence.

    That should have been your first clue that this was a contrived, silly story idea.

  • David

    You know you would have never written this except both are in news at same time, by coincidence.

    That should have been your first clue that this was a contrived, silly story idea.

    Da Nott has a point. The more Packer fans act like twits and ingrates, the more sympathy turns to Favre and away from their whining. Way to aid the cause, dude, with this gem. Why the h#!! should Brett worry about his legacy with “fans” like this who cheered and supported him through 16 years, but now turn on him and jeer him for the SAME THINGS they supported him on before? It isn’t Favre who’s changed — it’s you.

  • jeff ircink

    “I Want You Back” – what the Packers were saying after their 6-10 season last year

  • Da Nott

    I’ll leave this last thought. George Blanda ,Fran Tarkington(Aka: Forgot what it’s like, or as like to refer to him as Alzheimer man),Joe Montana , Jim Plunkett , Doug Williams, Kurt Warner,and the list goes on All played for another team for many seasons(though not as many as Favre) only to come back and thrill us with other teams. The people in San Fran. still loved Montana even when he played for the Chiefs, They still love Kurt Warner in St. Louis. I lived in Tampa when Doug Williams took the Skin’s all the way. People there were happy for him.
    So I ask? Why all the angst? You guys act like Brett asked to be traded or something.” Love the Game not the player”. Personally I would like to see Brett play again. He is exciting to watch even if your not a Viking fan, and I love the game. And so does he. If there were more Favres and less T.O.’s it would be a better sport.
    Peace, pot and microdot.

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  • Kyle

    Wow, you’re a callous, disgusting, prick. Trying to garner more hits for your poorly written blog.

    For fucks sake, MJ JUST DIED. Were you writing this while there was confusion if he had indeed died, praying to Satan that MJ would croak so your shitty blog could get some sorely needed hits?

    Way to show NO respect for the dead. One question for you douchebag. Why didn’t you write something based off of Farah’s movies? I already know the answer, because she wasn’t going to be googled half as much as MJ.

    You’re a terrible terrible blogger and I for one will be writing an email to the website and to the Jackson management team hopefully getting this piece of garbage pulled.

  • Spahn

    I have to agree with Kyle… your a pthetic individual and a complete no-name i might add.This joker was likely another “fan” who cheered favre on for 16 years now kills him every chance he has. Not to mention the cruel and inhumane Jackson crap… but bad press is good press right?… only if ppl have a clue who you are.

  • ManJan

    Records while playing for the Packers: 2 Super Bowls, Won 1:
    Most TD passes: 442
    Most passing yards: 61,655
    Most passing attempts: 8,758
    Most wins by a starting QB: 160
    Most consecutive starts, quarterback: 253 (275 including playoffs)
    Most 3,000-yard passing seasons: 16
    Most consecutive 3,000-yard passing seasons: 16
    Most pass completions: 5,377
    Most seasons with 30-plus TD passes: 8
    Most consecutive games with a TD pass, postseason: 18
    Most NFL MVP awards: 3

    Besides making Multi-Multi Millions for the organization & GB Businesses.. a few million for charities…what else does he owe this organization. …Nothing…Football is a business now…and Thompson treated it as such…why can’t Favre. He deserves Canton & will always be a legend in Green Bay…if you can’t except that…you were never a true football fan….Period…!
    Some of you come across as junior highschoolers – I don’t want to date him, but don’t want anybody else to either. Get over yourself. For 18 yrs. let’s put news people outside your house,airport, talk to your friends & co-workers,24-7, use anonymous sources,endless speculation and take a look at “every word” you say or life decision & see what kind of crap we can come up with.

    djlombardi…YOUR A SPOILED NO LIFE IDIOT..!!!!

  • ManJan


  • Kyle

    Thanks Spahn. Your name wouldn’t be Chris would it?

  • TeriBeau

    You are really, really sick. I bet they can find some medication to help you deal with your irrational, obsessive hatred.

    If you ever want to change jobs, becaues someone wants to PAY YOU, I hope you remember all this crap you’re spewing now. He’s not your cult leader. He’s a professional athlete.

    Get a grip.

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  • http://[email protected] al from wi.

    as a packer fan who had and still has the most respect for Farve I must say the following: One do some of you guys eat with the same mouth you speak with.?? Brett gave us some great yrs. and will even as a viking provide us some great sport moments to remember. So quit drinking so much, srew your head on right and appreciate the game as it was intended to be.

  • Mark from K-Town


    How soon we forget!

    If you worked for Chrysler for 29 years as management & retired only to change your mind and come back. Chrysler then says thanks but no thanks what would you do? You still have the drive yet felt unappreciated that’s why you retired. The fire in your belly is churning and you have a change of heart to give it one more shot.

    Rejected you now take you talent and go to Ford but Chrysler says you cant work at Ford since you still have a contract with Chrysler. We’re not paying you and we still dont want you back but we still own you. I bet you would tell them to kiss you FANNY and hire a lawyer, this is a free country.

    Now you experience life in Bretts shoes, and this is a free country and he should be able to play anywhere.

    Remember, he is a employee of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE not the Green Bay Packers. I quess in a sense he’s applying from within or a movement within called a lateral move.

    Last lets talk Thomas broke back big mouth Jones who says Favre is selfish. The man has been working out and practicing with high school kids, can you imagine how that’s for all of them and the coaching staff to play with a hall of famer. Selfish ughh,dont think so.

  • Jim

    djlombardi, you’re a complete and total disgrace.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    good comment AL. some are a little hard on lombo, here. it is a free country and we have free speech which we just recently celebrated? we have the same free speech as well? it is amazing that some of these guys can talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time. cheering for farve one minute then killing him the next. mark from k-mart said it best; how would we all feel if it was us. we’d have that revenge factor going high power. to bash micheal jackson at this point is un-cootheful to say the least. then to bash farve is just un-sportsmanlike? oh well as the saying goes; “thats why they play the game- on the field”

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