Greg Jennings had a message for his new fan base tonight. ... no doubt, it didn't sit well with his former fan base.

Greg Jennings: Here is what your former fans are saying

FORMER Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings, while not overly surprising, but disappointing, left the Green Bay Packers at the negotiating table today and joined forces with the rival Minnesota Viking.

Though certainly not the first to be wooed to the dark side, Jennings’ decision came down not to loyalty, but for dollars. While we wish the best for Jennings the man, we hope for non-success on the football field, especially against the Packers. What kind of reception he receives when he steps foot on the Lambeau Field turf next season, the reception his decision to join the Vikings was loud and clear across Packers Nation tonight.

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    HAHAHA!!! Oh man…. I love seeing Packers fans all riled up and soiling themselves. Well another Packer has come from the darkness and has seen the light. Favre found Jesus, Sharper found Jesus, Longwell found Jesus, now Jennings has found Jesus, and so can YOU! Don’t feel like you have to be stuck being a shnasty Packer fan….. it’s not too late! Become a Viking fan and you too will find Jesus. Oh… and…. HAHAHA!!

    P.S. HAHA! lol

    • Adam Tarasievich

      Why be a Vikings fan so we can cheer for a team with a horrible qb only one good reciever a great running back and a aging defense I mean why not cheer for the bears at least they won some titles and a super bowl. But have fun with our leftovers u can keep taking our old players but you will never be as great as tge packers

    • minny scrotum drag queen

      ok bud, well see how it goes when the vikings go to the super bowl….probably not.

    • William Cagle

      They may have found Jesus but they sure couldn’t find a championship could they? It must be rough being ignorant AND a viqueen fan on top of it.

  • Josh Thompson

    HA HA HA HA HA! You sour grapes crybaby!!! It came down to money???? If I remember correctly, Jennings turned down 5 yrs 50mil to stay with the Packers. He signed with the Vikings for 5 yrs 47.5. So he took less to come here!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Ray Rivard

    Ok, Vikings fans. We’ll see who has the last laugh.

  • Robert Ries

    packer fans are soooo full of themselves. Jennings saw an opportunity to excel with
    another team instead of being treated like junk mail. Jennings, Driver, Finley, Woodson……have
    fun on the free fall to obscurity, LOL

  • Julie Espinosa

    wow so bitter we are as fans lets just hope we have a great team this season.

  • Drew Pierce

    Do you folks realize that Percy Harvin demanded to be traded from the Vikings, and the Viking fans didn’t come close to the venomous hate Packer fans are spewing towards Jennings who was an unrestricted free agent. Thanks for reminding us what you are all about Packer fans. Stay classy.

  • David Schimelpfenig

    The Prozac is flying off the shelves in Green Bay

  • Adam Nicholls

    I wish GJ all the best except against the Packers.

    He made a wise move, at his age he needed that one more pay day, he has a ring and so money was the pull as no one wins Rings in Minnesota.

    Plus his body cannot take the wear and tear of another playoff run so he is going to a team that will not make the playoffs in 2013.

    Josh we offered 2-3 years 8 million a year.

    No Packer fan should hate GJ for making a business decision, its his life.
    Funny to read these sites as a Packers fan/owner from England.
    Our US fans are over sensitive
    Vikings fans are the most classless fans in the NFL
    The Bears are our true rivals, the Purple lot are just not worthy of hate.

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