The NFL will never have the honor and privilege to watch Aaron Rodgers throw to Greg Jennings. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Jennings: You’re about to see his career disappear

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings signed with the Minnesota Vikings late Friday night, sending fans of the Purple People Eaters into celebration and the Packers’ faithful to anger, disappointment and shock.

What was Jennings thinking when he said the Vikings “stepped up to the plate?”

Translation = Money.

Yes, he signed for lots of money – lots and lots of money, but he forgot one thing as he was putting pen to paper – success on the field.

Christian Ponder will be throwing next season to former Packer Greg Jennings. How successful he will be is up for debate.
Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

He left that in Green Bay and he will never find it again, especially in Minnesota. Unless the Vikings go out and draft Joe Montana, Jennings will never again experience what he did in Green Bay with his battery mate, Aaron Rodgers. With Christian Ponder, Jennings will be lucky to total 500 yards – oh, he’ll have a few high points, will score some touchdowns for the Vikings, but what he also forgot while signing that piece of paper was that Ponder hands off to Adrian Peterson 350 times per season, which means the ball will be coming his way that many fewer times.

Consider this: The Vikings passing offense under Christian Ponder the past two seasons has averaged around 2,800 yards per season. In 2011, the Vikings ranked 28th. They improved to 20th in 2012. Will Jennings bring enough to the team to improve that ranking? Not unless Adrian Peterson can throw the ball or until that Joe Montana shows up on the Vikings’ sideline.

With Rodgers throwing to him, Jennings accounted for 1,300 yards by himself in the past two years and that’s while missing three games in 2011 and eight in 2012.

Mike FreemanNational NFL Insider for, said it best today when he wrote about the move by Jennings:

 “… it’s all but certain that Jennings’ career will die a slow death. Jennings went from Aaron Rodgers to Christian Ponder. I like Ponder more than most (OK, I’m the only one who likes him) but even as a Ponder backer, he’s not in the same galaxy as Aaron Rodgers. So Jennings made the classic decision. He got his money but his career is all down hill from here.

“The Packers will continue to fight for Super Bowls and Jennings will disappear like he’s wearing a cloaking device.”

Larry Fitzgerald’s career has taken a marked downturn since Kurt Warner retired. Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Freeman goes on to compare Jennings’ future to that Cardinals’ wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has experienced – and he’s right. Fitzgerald was all-world when Kurt Warner was throwing to him. When Warner retired, he disappeared. The same will happen to Jennings, I’m afraid.

So, good luck with your future, Mr. Jennings. It’s been nice seeing you succeed in Green Bay. It will be disappointing watching your career unravel in Minnesota.

 Here are Jennings’ career statistics in Green Bay …


2011 Minnesota Vikings passing offense

Category Total Yards Yards Per Game NFL Rank
Passing Offense 2,957 Yards 184.8 YPG 28th


2012 Minnesota Vikings passing offense

Category Total Yards Yards Per Game NFL Rank
Passing Offense 2,751 Yards 171.9 YPG 20th





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  • Jake

    You Packer guys are such “sour grapes” assholes. Go to the Vikings page and see how many stories there are about Percy Harvin spending the rest of his career sucking, the answer is none. Harvin left Min. for the slightly less crappy passing attack of Seattle but you don’t hear us us talking about how bad he’s gonna be now that he’s gone. You’re such a bunch of whiners. We get it, you’re pissed off. Get over it, the NFL is a business and players tend to go where the money is. Quit your crying already.

  • Jake

    You Packer guys are such “sour grapes” assholes. Go to the Vikings page and see how many stories there are about Percy Harvin spending the rest of his career sucking, the answer is none. Harvin left Min. for the slightly less crappy passing attack of Seattle but you don’t hear us us talking about how bad he’s gonna be now that he’s gone. You’re such a bunch of whiners. We get it, you’re pissed off. Get over it, the NFL is a business and players tend to go where the money is. Quit your crying already.

  • Ray Rivard

    Jake, you can call names all you like. I would take Russell Wilson over Christian Ponder in a heartbeat – and he will make Harvin into the superstar that he’s been waiting to become. Harvin’s right … Ponder sucks. We’re not ot whining at all. Greg Jennings is a classy guy … he just chose money over future success. That’s OK, but any chance of continuing what he did for 7 years in Green Bay are gone. Like Ponder as much as you want, but you know as well as I do he’s not the answer for the Vikings. And Cassel is even worse. Until they realize that, the Vikings will continue to have to rely on the legs of Peterson. He’s got 2 or 3 good years left, then the Vikes will be back to bringing up the rear of the NFC North. The Packers will just continue to compete for Super Bowl titles. I’m sorry for your misfortune.

    • Jake

      Peterson has two or three good years left? So you’re some kind of expert in sports medicine then? Dude, you have no idea what you’re saying. And you are whining. You’re absolutely whining, not only are you whining but you’re clearly bitter about Jennings leaving. Get over it man, players leave. Ponder may not be any good, we’ll see this year whether he is or isn’t. Either way I’m not bitter nor am I whining about Harvin wanting out. He did what he thought was best for him, best of luck to him. Be a big boy and clean your shorts, quit crying about Jennings “betraying” you and try to understand that he left because he felt it was best for him and he obviously sees some potential for success in Minnesota. If he didn’t, there were other teams he could have gone to.

      • [m]riddle

        There is a little difference in Harvin leaving for more money and a better team and QB AND getting money, and Jennings leaving for money and not wanting to swallow his pride. Show Jennings this week when the Packers offered him 10 mil a year and we wouldn’t even be talking about this. We’re complaining because we are upset we lost another good player, but that’s what happens when you are successful. We’re just not as used to being on the receiving end as Vikings fans. You don’t whine about star players leaving because you only have one star. AD goes down and the Vikings are barely a pro squad.

        • Jake

          The Vikings have more than couple great talents, Jarad Allan, AP, Harvin (fomerly), John Sullivan, Kyle Rudolph. It doesn’t make a difference. Players come and go, that is the way it is. Go to the Vikings page and see how many stories there are complaining about Harvin and insulting him for leaving. He was traded but he chose to be traded, he asked out. We’re upset about it, but it is what it is. He’s gone, we move on. Instead of writing article after article about how much Jennings sucks, or how much of a douche he is, or how bad his career is going to be with Ponder (which no one can say for sure), try talking about how the team will be different without him, how it affects the draft, what changes will have to be made on offense. Those are the things Vikes fans are talking about now that Harvin is gone. One thing is sure, we’re certainly not writing article after article whining about how he left us and betrayed us. Grow up.

        • Andy

          Rodgers goes down and what does Green Bay have

      • Andy

        Peterson is the all time great and will set a new standard. He can not be compared to anyone. 2500 yards up and coming.

    • Kyle

      What is ‘back to bringing up the rear’? The Vikings have only been dead last once in the history of the NFC Central/North, and have more division crowns than any other the other teams, several more than the Packers. So…not sure what ‘back to’ means?
      As for Ponder, a year and a half of starting does not make or break. Brees wasn’t a star until much later in his career. Ponders numbers his first two years are better than Rodgers’ first two years. Rodgers barely played. Should the Packers have dumped him? Such a quick assessment with little foundation….

      • Rick Seelbinder

        i agree. also look at troy aikman and payton manning, they had a few more weapons, arguably better coaches, and performed considerably worse. ponder only had 1 true off-season, the first was nulled due to the strike then was #2 behind mc nabb, so he lost first team starts.

    • Andy

      Why do we have such little confidence in Ponder? It seems most people don’t believe in getting better. Give Ponder some people to throw to. The Vikes are going to surprise people once again.

    • Guest

      haha packers have more holes than the vikings you tard. youre only one injury away to being a winless team. Ponder will impress, and you will choke on uneducated feces spewing from your poor abused suck hole

  • Ray Rivard

    Oh yeah. Thanks for reading, Jake. Much appreciated. You can stop back any time you want. Just cut the name calling. That’s not tolerated here.

    • roy

      Obviously name calling IS tolerated here, at least to a certain extent, as evidenced by Jake’s posts being allowed, uncensored, name calling included.

      • jack_sprat2

        Ah, but you don’t know what the Editor screened out, do you?

  • Rick Seelbinder

    ponder is a below avg QB in his stats, however, he did get better after harvin left. all the sports casters agreed that ponder had one of the worse receiving cores in the league last year, and when peterson is running the way he was, why take the ball from him. the packers are an amazing franchise, but one thing they can’t offer jennings is the sole #1 and a top 5 running game. put that with the gerhart, felton backfield, solid o-line, healthy carlson and simpson, emergence of wright, stud rudolph, jennings has every opportunity to be a solid #1 receiver and be better than he was in greenbay. ponder, while being one of the lower tier QB’s, did show promise, and wasn’t helped by having one of the worse dropped pass percentages. jennings should do just fine. if ponder fails, cassel fails, there are some stud QB’s comin out next year. can’t believe i called the pack amazing, i need to go brush my teeth now, i feel dirty!

  • Scott Rochon

    It’s a business. I’m a Packer fan and I’m tired of all the double standards for players. If they leave, it’s becaue all they want is money. They’re disloyal and all kinds of other crap. How about the well known fact that TT lowballs every player? They should want to take less money for the honor of playing for the Packers! Jennings is 29, not an old guy, but TT made up his mind before free agency started, he didn’t want Jennings back! Unless it was at a lowball price! TT’s way of doing business is well known. Most of you call it not overpaying, most people everywhere else calls TT being TT which is CHEAP!

  • Ray Rivard

    Great comments all … thanks for taking the time. All I can say is we shall see what 2013 brings. Each season is so different as teams improve or fall by the wayside based mostly on their success in the draft. Free agency and one or two guys being added to a team really don’t make any difference. In fact, I wrote a post looking at the past five years and how the big spenders went downhill the following season. So, frankly, who’s to say. Again, we shall see …
    But thanks for taking the time to comment. That’s what makes America great!

  • Tim Yuan

    Wow, talk about a bitter fan base. Greg Jennings had always been a classy guy and he chose a team that was willing to offer him a long term contract. The packers have their receivers so it didn’t make sense to spend that kind if money on Jennings.
    500 yards? Percy got that in half a season. What a ridiculous prediction. Even if you claim it’s just hyperbole, it just shows how but hurt and bitter you are. Get back to your cheese eating.

  • jrz

    My these grapes are sour. Packer fans need to get over themselves, it’s not always all about them.

  • jack_sprat2

    Given all of the Packers success, one would think that their fans would be magnanimous when the inevitable happens. Teams that win lose good players to other teams; that’s what the salary cap is designed to do, so as to promote parity. Most fans of most teams more or less grudgingly accept this, not being such narcissists that they would imagine that athletes “owe” fans more than honest effort while they’re still under contract.

    Not the Packers faithful, though. Instead, they react like jilted lovers, getting all butt hurt because a professional athlete had the audacity to spurn their love for mere money. Hey, guy, next time, spring for the ring! A girl likes to know that she’s “the one”, not just another girl on your string.

  • Zack Ernest

    you’re an idiot, nuff said

  • jet

    The fact this is an article by a packers fan should say enough… The Packers with out Rodgers.. is last place.

    GB WI Vikings fan!

    • James Katorski

      A Packers team without Rodgers is just like the last one before Rodgers, a Packers team with one of the top quarterbacks coming up in the league. You see, the system makes great quarterbacks, and the fron office brings in talent around him. I can’t say that for Ponder, now can I?

  • Helter

    Ponder in no way compares to rogers, but, lets not forget that Harvin had 600+ yards mid season … so to say that Jennings has seen his career disappear … that is a pre-mature ejaculation. I’m not saying that Jennings will be among the top in stats, but then he never really was in Greenbay either with the ball being spread around. So, 700, 800 + yards with AP running for 1600 … we’ll have to wait and see, as Ponder needs to vastly improve and even if he can improve just a little, Jennings will do as good as he has in recent years. Personally I think he breaks 1000.

  • Olly

    What a poor bias article…I’m pretty sure the Vikings beat the Packers last season (Week 17) and extinguished the mighty galactic figure that is Aaron Rodgers.
    The Packers are not what they were; this year will be closer for sure. I don’t know anyone who is totally sold on Ponder (RS apart) but he has shown improvement to get to the playoffs and can go long when needed although not often. Jennings doesn’t have to be 1000 yards a season guy, he just needs to stretch the field for AP to run over, under and through you.

  • Mitch

    I’m a Packer fan and I agree with Jake. The Vikings know they can’t always rely on Adrian Peterson. To be a good team, eventually, they are going to have to open up the passing game. Maybe a sure route runner is exactly what Ponder needs to make it all work. I may be a Packer fan, but I’m not going to pout here saying, “he’s going to suck anyway”. That’s the fun of football, you never know.