Curley Lambeau, the founder of the Green Bay Packers, helped establish a game that has become one of the greatest on the planet. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Green Bay Packers Mt. Rushmore - Here are my choices has always been innovative in their look at the inner and outer workings of the NFL – and this is brought to light in their most recent delve into probing the minds of pro football fans.

Mt. Rushmore. We all know what it is and what it stands for … it honors four of America’s greatest leaders – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

Vince Lombardi is immortalized in stone outside the Atrium at Lambeau Field.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Well, in keeping with that format, is surveying fans from each of the 32 NFL teams to nominate their four best representatives. So far, the call has gone out to eight teams, including the Packers, for nominations: Washington Redskins, New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Philadelphia Eagles.

C’mon, now how easy is it for teams like the Bucs, the Panthers and even the Falcons – teams that have been around for such a short time in comparison to some of the founding franchises like the Packers, Bears, Giants, Eagles, Redskins and so forth – to select their four most influential.

It’s a bit tougher for Packers fans to narrow down 94 years of players, coaches and administrators to such a small number.

But like everyone else, I’ll give it a try and I surely want to you to respond with comments below, leaving your four selections on our Facebook page, or to leave them by following us on Twitter.

There’s just one rule – everyone gets their kick at the can and there will be no comments that belittle the choices of others … understand? Everyone gets their opinion heard on this one. Keep the comments clean and to the point – thanks.

So, without belaboring the point, here’s my selections to be on Mt. Rushmore Packers. Explanations follow:

• Curly Lambeau

• Vince Lombardi

• Jerry Kramer

• Brett Favre

Jerry Kramer leads the Green Bay Sweep.

Curly Lambeau is a no-brainer – founder of the franchise; player; coach; the man who made it all possible through tough times. Without Lambeau and George Halas, there would be no National Football League. An innovator, Lambeau is the rock of the franchise. They named the greatest stadium after him for cripes sakes.

Vince Lombardi, like Lambeau, is a no-brainer. If Lambeau was the rock of the franchise, Lombardi was the foundation that was laid upon the rock. He led the resurgence of not only the Green Bay Packers, but of the entire NFL during the 1960s – a pivotal time when the league gained respect exponentially. Without his leadership, imagination, heart and desire, this league simply wouldn’t be what it has become today – the greatest game on the face of the planet.

Jerry Kramer – Most would say Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg, Ray Nitschke or even Herb Addlerley, but to me Kramer is the best representative of the Packers from the 1960s and the epitome of the Packers Way. He played his entire career for the Packers, was named to the All-First 50 Year Team, made the block that defined the Packers, and did it all without blowing his own horn. Why he isn’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a mystery we all wonder about. He represented a generation and is still seen as the man who helped make Lombardi’s teams what they were – a dynasty.

Brett Favre is one of the top players ever in Green Bay.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Brett Favre – Ok, put the torches and pitchforks down all you Brett-haters out there. The simple fact of the matter is that without Favre, there would be no Packers resurgence of the 1990s that propelled the team into the 2000s and has continued to this day. Favre is the standard-bearer of the modern Packers team. He has broken every record known to mankind and put Green Bay back on the NFL map. Simply put, he’s in the top three players in all of Packers history. He deserves a place on Mt. Rushmore Packers.

I told you this would be difficult. There are so many names not making the cut: Starr, Nitschke, Adderley, Taylor, Hornung, White, Canadeo, Blood, Hutson, and even Rodgers – among hundreds more.

Take your shot. What’s your choice?

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  • Cheryl Rodgers

    Reggie White, Ray Wolff, Jerry Kramer, should be there.

    • Ray Rivard

      You need one more, Cheryl!

  • RyansDad

    Curly Lambeau
    Vince Lombardi
    Reggie White
    Ron Wolfe

  • RyansDad

    BTW in a few years, Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy & Aaron Rogers might be on that list

  • Skidmarx

    Lambeau, Lombardi, Hutson, Starr

  • Ray

    Lambeau, Hudson, Lombardi, Favre

  • Ray

    Lambaeu was the founding father (Washington), Hudson was the innovator who’s play changed the game (Jefferson), Lombardi was the Lincoln log who stood firm on his iron principles, and Favre is the explorer who saw no limits (Roosevelt).

  • louisrivard

    Ya! your right Ray. Too many to choose from. But, Kramer did/does blow his own horn too much. This is probably why he isn’t in the HOF. His football theatrics consisted of one play in the “Ice Bowl”. Not enough to put him on Rushmore. The other three are no-brainers. Hudson is a must replacement for Kramer.

  • Iconoclast17

    Please. Kramer? Now I know you’re just trolling for hits. Favre is too much of a Dbag to get his imaged on a mountain. Lambeau, Starr, Lombardi and Don Hutson. And, it’s not even close. Reggie White (like Crazy Horse in SD) gets his own mountain. Ray Nitschke is your honorable mention. You can pick up your Favre souvenir cell phones and money clip key chains in the gift shop.

    (Outside of Favre, Kramer is the most self-serving, self promoting Packer I’ve ever seen. Give it a rest Jerry, you aren’t getting into the HOF on your teammates backs.)

  • woodencarcarver

    Lambeau, Lombardi. Wolf, Thompson for Green Bay’s Mt Rushmore of Coachs/GM’s

    Nitschke, White, Woodson, Matthews for Green Bay’s Mt Rushmore of defense

    Hudson, Starr, Favre and Driver for Green Bay’s Mt Rushmore of offense

    For over all my final four would have to be Lambeau, Lombari, Starr and Driver. They did so much, and not just for the game and the team but also for the city and the state. They were men that you could take pride in having them on the team

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