Green Bay Packers: Deep and mostly random thoughts

JAaron Rodgers was in the news this week … for good things. Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Another week has gone by placing us another week closer to the start of the NFL season.  A lot has happened in Green Bay Packers land this week and even across the border in the land of ten thousand puddles.

First a belated birthday shout out to Clay Matthews (and his hair).  Nothing like celebrating a birthday with a new contract and a revamped defense.  Now maybe he will finish off the year with a nice shiny trophy and maybe even a Defensive Player of the Year award.

Moving on, Aaron Rodgers teamed up with Bart Starr for An Evening with Aaron Rodgers for the MACC Fund.  All reports indicate that the night was a success.  I think the best quote I read from the night was how Rodgers looks up to Starr.  You have to love it when the past and the present mesh so well.  Maybe someday we will be able to have all three of our Super Bowl winning quarterbacks together at the same time.

Speaking of Brett Favre, Mark Murphy again mentioned how it would be nice to have him back in the fold.  Personally, I am still on the fence with the whole Favre thing.  He did a lot for this team but his attitude and behavior at the end tarnished so much.  Guess I still need more therapy to work through those issues.

The new batch of rookies had their orientation and a lot has been written about big toes and projecting who will do what.  Two simple thoughts – first, the big toe held up fine last year so why worry unless it falls off; secondly, you have to love the attitude and demeanor of Datone Jones.  I love how he is setting his goals to be on the level of Reggie White.  If those dreams pan out, that would be a formidable defense with Matthews and Jones.

The Packers shareholders meeting was also announced for July 24.  As an owner, I went for the first time last year and have my schedule set to return again this year.  So there will be a full report coming on the heels of that trip.  Hopefully the new concession stand registers are working and I don’t get a bill for $999,969.78 for popcorn and soda like last year. If you are a shareholder and have never gone, I highly recommend it.

The last thing I wanted to touch on was a little note to our friends to the West.  It has been some time since I have commented about their happening only because I wanted to give their fans some aditional time to learn some new words for insulting me when I point out the obvious.  Hopefully, they have moved on from the common vernacular of name calling and come up with something a little more intelligent.

Here’s what the Vikings’ new stadium is being compared to … it’s OK to laugh out loud here …

As our own editor Ray Rivard pointed out, the Queens have finally put together their plans for a new stadium to replace the inflatible garbage bag known as the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (sorry I am old school).  Being smarter than the Twins organization, they understood the importance of having a roof over their heads.  The sad thing is that they stole the plans from a Jawa Sandcrawler (Star Wars Episode IV reference).  Ironically, just like a Sandcrawler, it is going to be filled with bits and pieces of scrap and throwaways and in the end the Queens are hoping they can assemble something that would resemble a team and not blow a modulator or ACL.

Interestingly enough along those same lines, rumours are swirling around the league that the purple tutus are looking at former Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher.  It just supports my theory that they like taking scrap from other teams.  Plus it just goes to show that they have no concept of how to draft and develop.  Someday they may learn that history will repeat itself and like the Vikings of old, plundering will get you nothing more than a footnote in history.  Oh, wait! They have that footnote, something about never winning a Super Bowl.

I also enjoyed the news that after this season, the Queens will be playing two years at TCF Stadium,

TCF Stadium will be the home of the Vikings in 2014 and 2015.

home of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers (full disclosure, I graduated from the UofM, I support my college teams no matter how badly we get pummled each and every season).  I find it interesting that they did not try to work out a long term deal to play all their games there. With Christian Ponder at quarterback and the general makeup of the team being equal to junior college players, the Queens are finally playing in a stadium fit for their level of play.  I would even give the Gophers a slight edge in a one-on-one matchup against the Vikings.

So guys, install the underground heating coils so you can take another step toward trying to be like Lambeau Field and good luck playing in the dead of winter at TCF stadium. Maybe, just maybe that Vikings heritage you try to foster will keep you warm as you shiver and shake your way to trying to be relevant.

Let the Viking fans begin the insults and hey, see if you can step it up a notch and try to add some class this time around. You disappointed me last time with the regular name calling.  Try to do better for the sake of your team!


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  • mackattack77

    Go Pack Go. With the return of Bishop and Perry our front 7 will have the talent and depth of our secondary. Excited to see the defense frustrate Cutler, Ponder, and all other quarterbacks all year long.

    • RyansDad

      Can’t wait to see how the Jolly story shakes out. Hope he makes it back.

  • Dan Dahlke

    Awesome article. I’ll have to send this one to my in-laws from MN.

    • Darryl Krejci

      Thank you Dan. I love to get the MN fans all wound up. LOL

  • Name

    at least when the Viking fans insult you they are RETURNING the insults rather then starting out with them…

    Who was that scrap kicker that migrated from GB to MN and was awesome for like 8 years… oh yeah Ryan Longwell… who found fans more understanding/forgiving/welcoming and know that football is a business… oh yeah Brett Favre… and let’s see drafted Peterson, Kalil, Walsh (to replace Longwell who is still better than many kickers out there), Loadholt, Sullivan (one of the best Centers in the game, according to more than just Viking fans)… seems like the Vikings do have some drafting success as well as free agent success…
    no Super Bowl wins – yeah that is no fun – but I am happier that it was GB than many other teams in the league – don’t be a bitter winner

    • Andy Froehle

      That is all.

  • David

    I bet the Vikes win a super bowl before the pack does next.

    • RyansDad

      You’re on!! Name the amount and a neutral stakeholder.

  • no

    ” Hopefully, they have moved on from the common vernacular of name calling and come up with something a little more intelligent…. the Queens have finally put together ” Pot and kettle.

  • Mike Brand

    i have to agree with the favre thing. he has many fences to mend with the fans. he is off to a good start but he need to learn to think before he speaks sometimes

  • RyansDad

    You’ve given the Viqueen fans a rather good target.

  • Warren Ludford

    Not surprised you’re talking about the Vikings- much more interesting than the Packers off-season highlights:

    - couldn’t get anyone to sign with you in free-agency;
    - paid the 2 players on your team enough to make sure there will be nothing but warm bodies at every other position;
    - drafted Datone Jones to make-up for the Worthy bust last year;
    - added another broken-down RB to the pile;
    - along with stocking up on warm bodies in the late rounds
    - and shuffling the cards on the OL- maybe you’ll get a better hand?

    Love your comment about the Vikings draft as well- makes me laugh your credibility away. Let’s see, last year we drafted 2 pro-bowlers, a contender for defensive rookie-of-the-year, and a couple solid additions picked up in the mid-rounds.

    Cute riddled-with-jealousy-trying-too-hard stadium comparison too. Poor guy. Tough to watch as the Packers slip again this year isn’t it?

  • TH20

    Do they hire 12 year olds to write this stuff?

  • Mike Bridges

    The Vikings don’t know how to draft? Just recently….. Kalil, Smith, Rudolph, Walsh, Floyd, Rhodes and Patterson….not to mention the later picks. Then there has been Peterson, Harvin ( yes we know he took his migraines to the Northwest where the climate is great for such things), and Sullivan. The last 2 Viking drafts have been exceptional and everyone in the league knows it. The last 2 Packer drafts? Ho hum. The jury is still out on Ponder but, there was also another Viking QB that was drafted and everyone said he wouldn’t survive. They all said he had a weak arm and couldn’t throw deep much less make the outside throws that need velocity. However, this QB out of Georgia went North to the bitter cold and through being drafted, traded, and traded back, became the greatest Viking QB ever ( so far ) and when retired he left owning all the relevant NFL passing records. Fran Tarkenton became and still is, an NFL and Viking legend. Tarkenton, to be fair, in his years with Minnesota had some of the best receivers ever to play the game. He had Hus stud RB in Chuck Foreman and a stable of receivers. Ponder has AD and Speilman is working on getting him a stable of great receivers. If Ponder fails it will be down to Ponder and Speilman will get another QB thru the draft. I believe Ponder will be fine with all the right tools. One being Greg Jennings ( thank you very much GB). Over the years the Vikings have had great FA’s. Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Cris Carter, Jared Allen, Ryan Longwell, Brett Favre, Roger Craig, Jim McMahon, etc etc etc. There are more than my old mind can name. Cris Carter is a recent HOF’er and one day Jared Allen will be as well. Why are people, like this childish name calling writer, so up in arms about where the Vikings will and will not play football. Your “Junior College ” joke and level of play was funny because as of late the Vikings have had some success against the Packers. Last year they did beat the Niners and Texans and the Texans USC to be beat in order to get in the playoffs. If not for a last sec collapse at the Colts ( for one example) the Vikings would have tied the Packers for the North title. The Vikings should have won the North but, things didn’t go in their way. If you haven’t noticed, the team stopped “looking ” at Urlacher awhile ago. The Vikings are building through the draft and they came damn close last year of knocking the Packers off their pedestal. Another great draft this year and they just may kick the Packers off of it this coming season. You talk of youth and I see the Vikings getting younger and better and the Packers getting older! Take a look over your shoulder Packers and you will see the Vikings biting at your heals. They are going to catch and pass up the Packers very soon! There is no need for us Viking fans to stoop to your level. You are spending a lot of your time trying to stir us up because deep down inside, you know, the Vikings are gonna catch your Packers soon, and that scares you! Yep, the Super Bowl losses hurt and the missed chances in Conference Championships, however, we know that the golden ticket will be in the possession of the Vikings soon! SKOL!

  • doc

    I bet you were a cocky, immature, big mouth ‘spoilin’ for a fight’ syncophant as a cop, too. How many shares do you own – one? Can’t believe someone posts and pays you for your personal and insulting attacks, and considers it a worthy sports story. This is supposed to be about professional sports, not a place for personal diatribes. Grow up. Do some research and become a real professional sports journalist. Editor take note – what are you paying this guy for his personal drivel? This is how you lose readers. Even Pac fans can see this guy is a lazy bum with no real news to report. S-matter, couldn’t get an education where you came from – glad you left Minn. loser. You not only insult the Vikes, you insult Minnesota. See you in the alley out back.