Micah Hyde defends against Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate.

Packers vs. Seahawks: Good, bad and the ugly


The Green Bay Packers dropped to 1-2 in the 2013 preseason after losing to the Seattle Seahawks 17-10 on a beautiful, warm evening at Lambeau Field.

If you’re a Packers fan – and most likely you are if you’re reading this – it was a night of some goods, some bads and definitely some uglies. As the start of the 2013 regular season is just a couple of weeks away, we know that the goods will have to start outweighing the bads and uglies pretty quickly – but that’s what preseason is about.

Seattle is a pretty good football team. As much animosity as we have toward the obnoxious Pete Carroll, this is a well-built machine -from top to bottom – one that was a perfect matchup for the Packers at this point in the training season.

Aaron Rodgers
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Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy had a plan last night and he stuck to it. He could have played Aaron Rodgers into the third quarter like Carroll played his starting quarterback, Russell Wilson, but he didn’t. He needed to gauge once more the abilities of his backup quarterbacks. Taking Rodgers out did just that.

Right on down the line, McCarthy could have played to win, but that’s not what the preseason is about. It’s about evaluation of players – finding the top 53 and cutting the rest. It’s a brutal business, but it is a business and it’s about winning. You win with your top players.

So, in an effort to encapsulate just what was good, bad and ugly from last night, we’ve put together a short list of things that will most likely be considered by the coaching staff when they put together their final roster heading into next weekend.

The good

Vince Young: As McCarthy said last night, Young took a step forward and is now the leading candidate for the backup quarterback position. For the most part he threw the ball well, he definitely added a running dimension to the Packers game and he looked more comfortable in the system.

The pass rush: Though the Packers got gashed for way too many big plays last night, the pass rush looked good. Against Russell Wilson, one of the premier quarterbacks in the league, the Packers got four sacks and two interceptions. Not bad for a preseason game. It also gives the team some hope for the regular season when they will be facing Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III in the first two games.

The bad



Casey Hayward
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Injuries: Again, the Packers were nipped by the injury bug as Morgan Burnett, DuJuan Harris, Brad Jones and Casey Hayward were all sidelined with injuries. Hayward had just come off the PUP list and was playing in his first game when he appeared to have reinjured the hamstring that had kept him out. It was the same situation for Harris, who was kept out for precautionary reasons after hurting his knee once again. The injuries to Burnett and Jones were unknown last night, but we should know more about them today.

The ugly

Graham Harrell: Despite playing with the first team, Harrell just doesn’t seem comfortable as a quarterback in the Green Bay system. Many are saying that it’s time to end the Harrell experiment and move on. Vince Young clearly outplayed Harrell and now has the upper hand in the race to be backup QB. Though Harrell led the team down the field to a fourth and goal and appeared to have thrown a TD pass to Jermichael Finley, replay overturned the score. My guess is that Harrell is cut by week’s end … unless something extreme happens in the Packers final preseason game at Kansas City.

The second half run defense: Giving up 166 yards to the Seahawks wasn’t pretty. Though the first team did give up some big gainers, it was in the second half when most of the damage was done. The Packers have to clean up that part of their game in order to compete for a championship.

Loyce Means: He took bad angles on tackle attempts, his play on special teams was bad and while his coverage on the Seahawks’ final touchdown pass was OK, he looked really bad when the Seahawks receiver simply reached over the top of him and snatched the ball away. Don’t expect Means to be anywhere near the 53-man roster.

So, in a nutshell, these are my takes from last night game. There are many other points to consider, and many of those will be made in future posts. So keep it here, Packers fans.

Stay tuned …

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  • Taryn Miller

    I don’t think it will be to hard for MM to make the first round of cuts.He saw what he needed to see on both sides against #1′s.

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  • Iconoclast17

    The bad—the GB offensive line run blocking.

  • palmercottrell

    The good one more pre season fiasco to go. I didn’t have to pay for a ticket to see an non winning effort. The BAD: Playing a unqualified qb for half the game causing the loss. The O line not being able to open holes for any runs. Dumb penalties and the ref’s calling anything near the QB now ruffing the passer. The ugly. All the flags holding up the game. The jackass coach of Seattle running around like a chicken with his head cut off chewing his cud all evening and laughing at the packers lack of effort. I can hardly wait for opening day so we can get beat with style. Packers are slow on offensive and defensive. SF will take them to school.

    • packlife

      w/ style?? Jim Harbaugh is just as bad as Carrol that’s why they both hate each other Harbaugh runs up an down the side lines screaming his head off at everybody. Btw love seeing the great faith ya have for the team, smh

    • Hawks Rock

      Funny to hear a Green Bay Packer fan crying about ruffing the passer calls when the reason we got that rule now is because of the old man Favre playing until he was in a wheel chair.

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  • packlife

    Mike McCarthy could care less about winning a pre season game, does anybody talk about the Ravens pre season record last year no. McCarthy uses it to evaluate that’s it. If he was dying to win that game he would of kept Rodgers in for the whole first half. I remember a lot of ppl on here whining an complaining during last years pre season sayin stuff like “oh were horrible” “no playoffs this year” an yet the Pack goes 11-5 an goes to the playoffs. Stop complaining about pre-season

    • RayRivard

      We’re not complaining. Just writing about the way we see things. Thanks for reading!

    • Hawks Rock

      He took Rodgers out early because of Seattle’s Defense he was afraid of getting him hurt in a preseason game. You can claim its to evaluate but we all know the true reason.

  • skeletony

    What is the deal with you guys’ hatred of coach Carroll?! Did he do something to Green Bay that I am unaware of?! The article here mentions your “animosity” towards him and calls him “obnoxious” and then one or two commentors here pile on to that (without mentioning any HOW’s or WHY’s). Carroll has been pretty above board, respectful and mild mannered for years now so I am just curious as to where this is coming from? Is it just an extension of the hate that most of the league has for Seattle (because of it’s far away location)? Or has Carroll actually done something of which I am unaware?

    • RayRivard

      skeletony … thanks for reading. What bothered me most about Coach Carroll is when he stood 10 feet from the referee who was ready to call the “Fail Mary” a touchdown and then celebrating like he’s never won a game. That was classless. You would never see a Mike Tomlin or a Mike McCarthy pulling a stunt like that. I saw that as rubbing it in. I tend to agree. I would call that obnoxious. But that’s just my opinion.

      • skeletony

        Ah…somehow I wondered if Tate’s game-winning TD catch was somehow the reason here.
        Listen, Carroll was excited. HIS guy, Qb Russell Wilson (whom half of Seattle did not like the fact that he was the starter over Matt Flynn), has just thrown the game winning TD against a team whom Vegas had beating us, on the last play of the game. How often does that occur in any coaches career? He did not taunt Green Bay or talk smack about it to the media or anything ‘classless’ at all and what you are trying here is a pretty gigantic stretch. I think a bunch of you are starting with the conclusion that Seattle, their coach and players are classless bastards and then looking for evidence to support that conclusion. When you do things backwards like that you will always find such evidence, even when none exists.

      • Hawks Rock

        Get over that call already. Like its the worst call ever look at super bowl XL when the Stealers stole that game with a game winning touchdown on the 2 yard line that never crossed the plane but no one mentions that and it cost a Superbowl. And it wasn’t even made by replacements bad calls are part of life we all get them but some of us don’t cry about it for years.

    • pdigaudio

      Interesting fact: one of Pete Carroll’s closest friends in football is former Packers GM Ron Wolf from the days when both were with the Jets’ organization. Wolf did interview Carroll for the job that eventually went to Mike Holmgren and I’ve seen it reported that he was the other finalist for that job. So, I hold no animosity toward Carroll. If Ron Wolf thinks highly of him, that says something for his abilities.

  • shavager

    Run defense definitely took a step back against ‘Hawks, even first team got gashed, once Christine Michael got past the line, no LB’s around to slow him down. Secondary does NOT have the talent to play man to man like the ‘Hawks do, it’s a glaring weakness in coverage. On offense, disappointing to watch Harrell hand-off or throw quick swing pass to Lacy–looks like ‘Hawks had been reading Packers playbook–that’s been a weakness of McCarthy’s run game for 2-3 years now–defense knows when the run’s coming. Didn’t see any protection or good blocking from Van Roten, Patrick Lewis, etc…on field in 4th qtr, Packers’ O-line only got worse. This defense is NOT up to level of the ’96 or ’10 SB winning teams, McCarthy will once again need offense to control clock late in games to protect leads.