There's not much love for Jim Harbaugh in Wisconsin, especially for his comments about Clay Matthews. Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Jim Harbaugh, just shut up!


I’ve been trying to control myself over the past day, but I’ve just got to get this out – I can’t stand how Jim Harbaugh seems to think he’s bigger than the team, the franchise, and the fans  he represents. He simply can’t keep his trap shut and coach his football team.

He’s like the bully in the back of the classroom shooting spitwads at those in the front row … his arrogance, his self-righteousness, and his immaturity are beyond reproach.

For one, I can’t stand it.

Yesterday he couldn’t refrain from going after the character of Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

Here’s part of what he had to say in referencing Matthews:

“Like I said last week, usually a man will tell you his bad intentions if you just listen. That certainly was a cheap shot, launching, clotheslining to the neck-head area. Bad play.”

Disclaimer: We were one of the first to say that it was a bad play, but IMO it was an effort play. I would never discredit a player who commits a foul through effort. Yes, Matthews should have let him run out of bounds and gone back to the huddle. Instead, the heat of the moment, the momentum of the game caught up with him. He admitted it. He has moved on.

But not Harbaugh. He had to pile it on by making this silly comment about what happened after the play when 49ers tackle Joe Staley confronted Matthews:

“If you’re going to go to the face, come with some knuckles, not an open slap. I think if that young man works very hard on being a tough guy, he’ll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap.”

While Harbaugh calls Matthews out for playing football aggressively and then says he’s a wimp for not swinging with knuckles, he’s really showing his intelligence.

He then claims that Staley shouldn’t have been penalized, Admittedly, Staley rushed to the defense of his quarterback like any good lineman would, but  then aggressively initiated a scrum that included the clearing of benches from both teams.

And he shouldn’t be penalized for that?


Staley took a situation that should have had one penalty called and turned it into a near riot … and he shouldn’t be penalized?

For shame, Mr. Harbaugh.

This is football. If a player commits an act that is outside the rules, he should be penalized. Matthews was rightfully flagged … and so was Staley.

And how did Packers head coach Mike McCarthy react when he was questioned about the play and the series of events that transpired with the two penalties and the fact that the referees screwed up and ruled a third down instead of a fourth down?

Well, he took the high road.

Here’s how McCarthy reacted:

“Clay Matthews is not a dirty player, by no means. So I addressed Harbaugh’s comments in the team meeting, and as always, we’ll stay above it.”

 Thank you, Coach McCarthy.

My question to Coach Harbaugh is this: You won the game – why do you have to act like the spoiled child who got a pony for his birthday and started stomping his feet because he didn’t get the gold plated saddle with it?

But really I don’t care how he would answer.

All I can say at this point is this: Jim Harbaugh, just shut up!

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  • Gs M

    Imagine if someone clothlined Aaron Rodgers 3-4 steps after he passed the ball, fractured a vertebrae in his neck and he’s lost like Manning was for a couple of years? Now imagine if it had been Ndamukong Suh after he had bragged about doing it the whole week? That’s how blatant this was and how badly it could have ended. ALL fans need to condemn this kind of behavior. The 49ers’ front seven is bigger and badder then our Packer front 7, so imagine what could have happened to Rodgers if they had decided to retaliate? Would you be telling yourself to shut-up?

    Grow a pair & deal with the fall-out of this bush league play by Matthews. We should all call him out. We are better than this. Let’s not be seen like enablers like the Penn State fans were.

    • Mike Brand

      your not a true packers fan are you. ,atthews done exactly what other teams did last year he got into their heads. look at the results we came with 7 points of winning because the qb got shaky . its football not softball if you can not take the hits you need to find a sport like golf

      • Guest

        LOL, you can’t even take a couple of words & your going to take a cheap shot that takes out Aaron Rodgers out for the season? Grow a pair & be a man and accept the consequences. Don’t make excuses. And guess what, the QB wasn’t shaky because threw for 300+ yards AFTER THE HIT. The cheap shot did nothing to help the team. And guess what, they whipped our ass for the 3rd time in 12 months and it could have been worst.

        • CLW

          Well phony SF fan. What about the no call by your Refs, when 2 of your lineman fell on top of a face down Rogers, after the whistle? I’ve never seen such winny fans in all my life. They are a good match for their coach. His brother has more class.

          • Gs M

            Whiny, this whole column is about whiny. We got our azzez kicked yet again and YOUR whining again. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid sheep. This is no way to show class. Do you have nothing going for yourself in life that you have to blindly support what’s bad in sports right now? Do we want the thuggery of basketball coming over to football? They beat us, they are the superior team, get over it and do something to be able to compete for next time, and cheating isn’t the way to do it.

          • CLW

            I flagged your phony posts Frisco fan.

      • Gs M

        LOL, you can’t even take a couple of words & you’re going to take a cheap shot that takes out Aaron Rodgers out for the season? Grow a pair & be a man and accept the consequences. Don’t make excuses. And guess what, the QB wasn’t shaky because threw for 300+ yards AFTER THE HIT. The cheap shot did nothing to help the team. And guess what, they whipped our ass for the 3rd time in 12 months and it could have been worst.

    • Moveguy

      I do recall a Niner lineman intentionally going at the knees of a Viking lineman out of the play. The Niners need to worry about their own team playing dirty.

    • Fritz1218

      I imagine you Johny-come-latelys don’t even remember seeing players getting clotheslined. You don’t clothesline someone by tackling him from behind. It was made illegal because players did it when another player was running past and an arm or forearm was extended to the neck and stopped him in his tracks. Matthews tackled around the shoulders and even if around his neck it wouldn’t have been much more dangerous. Admit it, Harbawl is a hallucinating asshole.

  • Mike Brand

    the only reason he wont shut up is he knows the packers can beat him now. we came within 7 points of beating him with a very bad defense minus key players . so yea he is gonna cry because he knows come jan the packers will be the ones that take his niners out of jersey

    • CLW

      Worse yet it was 6 points. Two Packers, let 2 SF gunners run by them untouched & dropped Ross within the 10 yard line, late in the game. To many mistakes, & a poor pass defense, killed what could have been a win.

  • Gs M

    I posted a well thought out and rational response, why did you take it down?

    • CLW

      It wasn’t rational, it wasn’t well thought out, & your a SF fan posting as Gs M. What’s wrong with you people?

  • Loren Baldwin

    Amen brother! I believe that Kap was still in bounds when Mathews left his feet. Ok, Mathews did admit that it was a dumb mistake and moved on hopefully will learn from it. Clay is nothing like dirty Suh or even Warren Sapp a few years ago when he blindsided Clifton and put him out for the season. GO PACK GO

  • nicholas starling

    I think Harbaugh owes the Packers and Clay Matthews a huge apology. Harbaugh said “that certainly was a cheap shot, launching, clothes-lining to the neck-head area”, “Bad play.” Clothesline, an illegal play in American football in which a player strikes an opponent across the face or neck with an extended arm. Well I’ve watched the play several times and Clays arm was not extended and was not on his neck either. Matthews did launch himself and the Packers have said that was wrong. It’s time for Harbaugh to set the record straight and admit it wasn’t a clothesline, and knock off that nonsense about a slap.

    • CLW

      If he was a class coach & person, he would. Therefore it won’t ever happen. His brother & Carrol has more class.

  • Robert

    Just like John giving Bolden to his brother for nothing after a Sunday dinner, whining about his team.
    Goodall missed this nepotism. ….
    The NFL is turning into the WWE….

  • Robert

    News flash…..
    Jim gets his Superbowl ring this year….

    • CLW

      Like last year. Only the Olympics you get a medal for 2nd & 3rd. One win doesn’t make you an automatic SB contender. Seattle has a better team.

    • Mr.Awesome

      Suure, pretending he doesn’t get shut out in a stadium he’s never played in before. Lambeau’s colder than Seattle, 49ers got creamed there.

  • Robert

    The Manning family will have to wait untill next year to get Peyton his second to match Eli……

  • Robert

    Or Goodall could fool me and give Peyton his this year and Jim gets his with the new stadium opening next year.

  • Robert

    National Fixed League

  • oldwhiteguy

    Harbaugh is certainly building a solid reputation as a tool. And making SF the team to root against no matter who they’re playing. There always has to be one coach or owner like this in any given league and Harbaugh seems to be applying for the job. He certainly was a terrific QB in Chicago, though. (One in a series).

    • Robert

      Lol OWG!
      The only two who sees through Goodalls BS!

  • Robert

    Im putting my money on Denver vs Giants in NY this year!

  • Robert

    Geno Smith leads the Jets to a NY Duperbowl against the Giants at the Meadowlands . Jimmy Hoffa found at halftime in the stands. Ha!

  • Robert

    I believe in the Packer Way.
    There will be a rough start with the hardest schedule in the NFL this year but as we grow as a team and barring the serious injuries, this will be another great year.
    We stood toe to toe with San Francisco but came up short.
    Mike will fix the mental breakdowns in the secondary especially when our DBs get back healthy and we will be a tough team to beat as the season wears on.
    Still want to see Mason make a kick and adjust our STs .

  • Mike Brand

    so glad to know the packers have the best of everything because i have never seen so many fans of other teams stay on a packers site lol

  • mc mc

    Sounds your super butthurt from getting your shit pushed in last week…

    and in the divisional round…

    and in week one last year…

  • Mr.Awesome

    Packers are going to beat the 49ers.

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