Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings hasn't done a lot of pass-catching in the early going of this 2013 season with the Vikings. Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Dear Greg Jennings, miss us yet?


Dear Greg Jennings,

It has been … well, it’s been months since news broke that you had signed a 5-year, $45 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings. I can remember hearing all the talk about it, but — I never actually believed you would go. I heard your interviews, asking Joe Philbin in Miami to keep you in mind, talking about “all good things must come to an end.” You knew all along that the Green Bay Packers were never going to be able to afford you, moving forward.

Well, I should say … would never agree to pay you what you think you deserved. $9 million a year — that’s a lot, Greg. What if every receiver wanted $9 million a year. James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley … the Packers would be taking out a loan to lock up their wide receivers. But the Packers didn’t want to give you that. They slighted you, didn’t they? How DARE they offer you a measly … $8 million a year. Oh wait, that’s not much of a difference. I mean, small price to pay to keep donning the Green and Gold.

A.J Hawk took a pay cut to remain a Packer.

Greg Jennings always looked better in Green and Gold than in purple. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

You obviously didn’t think that $1 million a year was worth your seven-year Packers legacy, worth your fan base, worth your rapport with the best QB in the league. I guess it wasn’t worth staying an integral part of the league’s best offense, worth all the Lambeau leaps, worth all the bicycle rides to training camp.

Think of all the 85 jerseys that have to be burned now, Greg. That is just wasteful.

If signing with the enemy wasn’t bad enough – then came the off-handed remarks and the daggers thrown at Aaron Rodgers and the Packers organization that fed you, your family and your stats for seven years. You said that Rodgers was lacking in leadership ability; you said that he was a “golden child” who was told he was perfect for far too long and couldn’t recognize his own flaws. You said you questioned his leadership because he wouldn’t take the blame for … receivers running the wrong route? He held everyone accountable for their own actions, and that is what bothered you? Hmmm …

I am seeing a pattern here. The Vikings pick up all the divas – Brett Favre set the precedent and you just thought you’d follow suit.

I’ve got a question for you, however. It’s pretty important:

You miss us yet?

I was just wondering because of how you have had Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman tossing the rock to you in the past six contests. Never once have you gone over 100 yards receiving in a game this season. Matt Cassel handed you your only two touchdowns as a Viking. These can’t be the stats you were looking for.

Besides, things will clear up, right? You are elite. Elite receivers make the QB, not the other way around. Oh wait. No, no I think that’s backwards. Brett Favre got your career rollin’ and Aaron Rodgers put you through the roof. You should be sending half your game checks to those two guys, because without them … you wouldn’t have secured the lucrative deal you did this free agency. Minnesota wouldn’t have even known your name.

Through SIX contests with “such an amazing organization” who doesn’t “brainwash you” or overshadow you with a “QB lacking leadership” — you have caught 24 balls for 327 yards, 70 of them coming on one play. You are the reception/scoring leader. Way. To. Go.

Greg Jennings
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Meanwhile, in Robot Land, in FIVE games, Jordy Nelson has 32 catches for 526 yards and 5 touchdowns. In FOUR, James Jones has 20 catches for 350 yards and 2 touchdowns, and Randall Cobb is working with 29 receptions, 378 yards and 2 touchdowns. That’s a lot of yards, a lot of touchdowns that you could have been apart of. Aaron Rodgers is just … you know … doing what Aaron Rodgers does, putting up stats and tossing touchdowns. You’ve missed a lot of potential Lambeau leaps.

I watched Monday night’s showdown with the Giants. Everyone saw that look of disgust in your eyes on the field and on the sideline. Overthrow after overthrow.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Whenever you are ready – just let us know the exact moment it was you realized you made a humongous mistake. I’m guessing it was somewhere between signing the contract and putting the pen down.

See you Sunday night.

PS: You look absolutely ridiculous in purple.

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  • Pete

    Standing up and applauding.

  • Chief_Mongo

    As a life-long die-hard Packers fan, I’m sick of this idiocy. Greg Jennings has done nothing me, he has simply made a wise business decision to take care of him and his family. Look at the injuries sustained by NFL players – he has a finite resource on which to rely. You blame Mr. Jennings for capitalizing on all the hard work he’s put on since strapping a helmet on and becoming a football player who has the skills to demand 9 million dollars a year. Get over yourselves. Thanks, Greg – for your years with the Packers. I will cheer for you when you’re not playing (the Packers). I am sorry for the classless jerks that contiuously hound you for doing what’s best financially for you and yours. Respect. That is all. Chief Mongo

    • Jamie

      Going to play for Minnesota — that is a business decision. Running his mouth about Aaron Rodgers and the entire Packers organization? That is not. I don’t care how long you have been a Packer fan and I don’t care how die-hard you claim to be. It is bad class to go from one organization to another and bad mouth the program that drafted you, nurtured you and supplied you the tools necessary to go out and win a Super Bowl. Not to add more “idiocy” to this conversation: opinions are just that. If yours differ from mine, feel free to say so. But, calling someone with a differing opinion an idiot, classless or a jerk — is … well, it’s just all those things you are accusing me of. RESPECT. That is all.

      • Chief_Mongo

        Actually, I believe Greg was caught in a bad situation upon leaving – more defending
        himself against the onslaught of moronic Packer fans (such as yourself) and endearing himself to his new fanbase than actual substance against Aaron – who, anyone that follows
        the Packers, knows can be a bit temperamental himself. Your article is tripe – slung at a man who has played some great seasons for the Packers. I’m giving
        Greg a pass, as he’s endured more baseless buffoonery for a lot of classless
        jerks – like you. That IS my opinion of the situation, and my opinion of you – based on the evidence presented (the above POS article). The “respect” was meant for Mr. Jennings, not you – I thought that was clear, but it seems I have to spell it out – let me know if you need me to use smaller words. Crawl back into your hole, Mr. Wright – which probably much resembles the basement of your parent’s house. BTW – who is “us?” – what exactly do you have to do with the Packers organization? As a Packer fan – which I owe you no explanation of my credentials – I understand that I’m NOT actually a Packer – I’m a fan. Get it?
        Probably not. Chief Mongo

        • Chief_Mongo

          Just to be perfectly clear – for special people such as Mr. Wright. Not all Packer fans are “classless.” I am not, and there are plenty of others. BUT – there are a minority that continually hound Greg Jennings about his business decision – and yes, the Vikings offer was much sweeter than the Packers. Stay classy Green Bay. Stay away from Mr. Wright. Cheer for the Packers to win, not Greg Jennings to lose.

          • Jamie

            To follow suit: JUST TO BE CLEAR — I have YET to meet a Packer fan that was classless. Of the games I have attended, we are gracious in victory and gracious in defeat. We talk about the players and the game with intensity and a love that rivals any other fanbase in football. What you are describing above, the idiocy, the classlessness … that is reserved for people like MR. MONGO who come on to fan sites and attack regular people trying to live their lives and express their own opinions, covered by the anonymity provided by a computer screen. I will crawl back into my hole, however; though it much more resembles a brand new, beautiful home with my name on the deed, and Packers paraphernalia strewn about.

          • Chief_Mongo

            I invite you to visit Greg Jennings Facebook page. Lots of (non) class there. Also, there’s about 10 times the number of people. Don’t worry – I’m sure your 70? subscribers won’t notice… heh.

          • llama

            I don’t care that much that Jennings chose to choose money over loyalty and pride. There are plenty of players in the game who are like that, and while I tend to be less of a fan of those players, I don’t have negative feelings toward them. What bothers me about Jennings is all the shit-talking he did about the team which brought him to NFL fame. Jennings’ relationship with the majority of Packer fans these days is quite estranged, and it’s not because he chose a team who’d pay him more. Maybe for some people it is, but most I know were upset by his words and attitude, rather than his choice to go for money.

          • Grant

            Yeah! it’s not like Jennings took out full-page color ads in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Green Bay Press-Gazette thanking Packer fans… wait he did.

          • llama

            Doesn’t that make it even more insane? That he went from calling the Packers a “wonderful organization” to saying that they “brainwashed” him, writing “Packers suck” on his Vikings helmet, and repeatedly insulting one of the two men who most directly helped him build up (and pad) his stats over the last 7 years. It’s incredibly childish, whiny, and sad to talk the way he has about the Packers and Rodgers – *especially* after calling the Packers a “wonderful organization” in that BS ad.

        • Jamie

          I just want to start by saying how embarrassed I am for you. “Anyone that follows the Packers” has read Jennings’ comments, heard his interviews. Never once did he mention his “bad situation” upon leaving the Packers. He spoke directly to the character of Aaron Rodgers and the character of the Green Bay Packers organization. He said Rodgers lacked leadership and that is was difficult to play for him. He said that the Packers organization “brainwashes” its players into believing they are above every other. YOU sir, are reading such things with rose-colored glasses. But, I digress, because you are obviously of the mindset that no on else’s opinion matters. Talk to Packers fans across the country; read a Packers blog; read the questions sent in to Packers beat writers about Jennings; read the NFL analysts blogs about the upcoming matchup. In fact, just wait until they play again at Lambeau. You remember Favre’s “welcome home,” don’t you? A similar one will be reserved for Jennings, and it is because fans wear their heart on their sleeve, and it’s what makes being a fan so special: passion. And I can guarantee you … MR. MONGO … that I will not be the only voice in the crowd of 70K+ … will it still be the minority?

          • Chief_Mongo

            You’re embarrassed for me? So I am I. I’m embarrased that I took so much time to address an issue ALMOST 10 people care enough about to post. You’re a hack. and… That’s CHIEF Mongo. Try to get something right.

          • Jamie

            …and yet, here you are again, MR. Mongo. :)

        • Packer Fan

          Chief_Mongo if you were actually a “die-hard Packer fan” you would understand that we are ALL Packers. That is the beauty about this organization, we are all a part of a family which is why there is so much support from everyone! I will not disagree that Jennings was one of the greatest Packer wide receivers ever, and sure good for him for wanting more money, who doesn’t want more money. But when you go against your family (ALL OF US), who have done so much for your career, and then criticize them and their ways.. That hits deep to everyone who is part of this family.

          • Jamie

            I absolutely agree. That is exactly what I meant by saying “we” and “us” … I am a stockholder and a long-time fan, which makes me feel a part of the Packer family. I had no real qualms with Jennings going to another team; I understand the business side of things. It’s just difficult to get over the ill-will that was coming from Minnesota afterwards. The comments about Rodgers, the comments about the Packers brainwashing its players. Signing a Viking helmet, “Packers Suck!” I mean — that is what really started the controversy and it is ultimately what turned Packers fan off 85. It’s a family, man!

          • Chief_Mongo

            No, we’re not. We aren’t out on the field playing. The Packers are. We are certainly part of the Packer family – but we are not the Packers. So I ask you – who would know better about Rodger’s leadership abilities – us or those that actually play for him? A recently retired WR named “Driver” also did an interview on and broached this subject – he didn’t deny or in any way refute what Jennings said. Having played a bit of ball, I can certainly tell you there is a lot of ego in play here. Who’s not getting the ball. Who’s not running the routes, etc. etc. etc. Guess what? Vikings fans don’t like Green Bay – Just as we don’t like the Vikings (and absolutely hate Da Bears). The best way to endear yourself to a new fanbase is to diss your former team. Especially when they’re in the same division. I don’t dislike Greg Jennings just because he left the Packers. Look at this article – Mr “Wrong” only brought up what Jennings said about Rodgers and the organization as an afterthought. His real problem seems to be that he left. Again, a business decision. Whah! While I’m sure Jennings misses having one of the best QB’s in the NFL throwing to him, I KNOW he doesn’t regret his decision to take care of his.

  • Grant

    You seem to forget the full-page ads in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Green Bay Press-Gazette that thanks the Packer fans. From most of the interviews I have seen, he thanks the Packer organization and the fans for his 7 years there. I am sure there is some animosity between Jennings and the Packer organization, but that does not mean we should crucify him for it. But I get it, the NFL is an entertainment business, focusing on potential controversy is what and sells newspapers.

    • Chief_Mongo

      Thanks, Grant. And again – go up his Facebook page and you’ll see the classless Packer fans I speak of. It’s a travishamockery. Not anyone I would care to be associated with.

  • Chief_Mongo

    Thanks Mr. “Wrong.” You epitomize (means perfect example of) everything that’s wrong with sports journalism, and champion the minority of classless Packer fans of which I speak. I’ll not waste anymore time on you, so, feel free to unleash your “wrath.” I’ll take solice in the fact that almost no one is reading. heh.

    • Jamie

      Well, I sure do appreciate the hundreds of hits you (and your thesaurus) have given this post in the past 3 days! I’ll sure miss ya!