Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers should come to terms. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Ryan Braun receives standing-O; Will Green Bay Packers fans do same for Brett Favre?

Brett Favre in 2007. How will fans treat him when he comes back to have his number retired? Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Brett Favre in 2007. How will fans treat him when he comes back to have his number retired?
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

With the start of the Major League Baseball season, it was time to write about the Milwaukee Brewers and most specifically Ryan Braun – but I didn’t know how to meld the kickoff of the Brewers season with news of the Green Bay Packers.

That was until yesterday.

When Braun was introduced to the fans of Milwaukee prior to the start of their season-opener against the Atlanta Braves, the fans didn’t just applaud their controversial and maligned star – they gave him a standing ovation and thunderous roar of approval on his return from suspension.

Clearly, the fans of Milwaukee have forgiven Braun for lying and cheating. To some, that’s the Christian thing to do; to others, it’s stupid – why should fans stoop to the level of a player who deceived everyone, lied about his use of performing enhancing drugs, and then was caught?

Because that’s a part of life, folks.

Fans of any sport have to deal with those who don’t always tell the truth. Sometimes they get caught. Sometimes they don’t.

That’s a part of life, folks.

Brett Favre with Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field when he was the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

Brett Favre with Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field when he was the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

But when one considers Braun’s reception from his fans, we also have to consider what will happen when Brett Favre finally makes his trip back to Lambeau Field for the retirement of his number 4.

How will fans treat their once-adored superstar?

My guess is that it will be similar to that of Braun’s reception. Not because all Wisconsin fan bases are alike, but because it’s the right thing to do. Yes, Brett Favre broke the hearts of everyone in Packers Nation his final two years in the National Football League, but that was then and this is now. If the Packers administrators and coaching staff can put aside their opinions and differences they have had with Favre, so can the fan base.

I expect that the day when Favre is reintroduced to fans at Lambeau Field, it will become one of the finer moments ever to take place at the storied venue. I can see it now … Favre and his family at the 50 yard line waving to the fans who had so long supported his efforts on and off the field.

When Favre was brought to Green Bay for a first round draft pick and he finished off that first win against the Cincinnati Bengals back in 1992, we all knew he was something special.

When he came out and described his addictions and his need to enter rehab, like family members, we stood by him. When he led the Packers to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, he was our football god. When he continued to rack up records over the course of the next decade, we hoped and prayed he would lead us once again to another Super Bowl. Though it never happened, there were moments when the team was close. A break here or there could have made it happen. But it didn’t.

Then came his retirement where we all cried with him as he left Lambeau Field for what we all thought would be the final time. That was before he unretired once, twice and three times. When he was dealt to the New York Jets, we were OK with that. But when he retired once again and then came out of retirement to play for the hated Minnesota Vikings, that’s when things turned south.

There are still many haters out there who will never, under any circumstance, allow themselves to cheer for that man again.

But there are many others – I count myself within this group – who will welcome him back to Lambeau when the time is right.

We will give him a standing ovation and cheer loudly for what he has done for us.

It’s only right.

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  • kevin

    I know there is a perception of favre retiring multiple times, but I only remember vague answers to vague questions. can you please enlighten me to the 2 times he retired prior to the debacle in 2008? please specific dates or quotes…thanks

    • foigwtd

      Look it up yourself. If you are able to post here, you clearly have the capability of using a search engine.


      • kevin

        well I guess you missed the point…..I have looked and cannot find any of the retirement announcements that have been claimed prior to 2008……I say it’s bs and i’m sorry you thought I wanted you to do my work..actually I wanted the reporter’s to you I say WoW

        • Ross

          The author is basically a blogger. This isn’t a reporter. Take it with a grain of salt and get off your high horse. So to YOU I say…WOW!

          • kevin

            I guess you told me….I know which part of the horse you are…between you and foigwtd, I don’t know who is the bigger ass.

          • foigwtd

            Hey Kevin, sorry that you reacted negatively to being called out appropriately.
            It seems as though the internet might be a little too much for you to handle.

          • kevin

            II certainly don’t need or want your condescending apologies. Read the bio of the author, he is a former reporter. I would expect him to have better sources than simply his opinions. Oh yeah, I forgot, if it’s on the internet it must be true. Well, contrary to your thinking, it’s not true. Also. the question was posed to the author, and now I’m pretty sure he’s just happy getting more action in his comment section, apparently he doesn’t have an answer to my question. I can use the internet, I know the answer, and you might want to get a clue.

          • foigwtd

            It’s pretty funny that you’re still so upset about this.
            The fact that you legitimately considered that as an apology is downright frightening though.

            Again, the internet has proven to be way too serious for you.

          • Anthony

            Too serious for who?

  • billy

    watch the new documentary thats out..there are links to it on various websites..its excellent reminder of how things transpired during that time frame….

    • billy

      Last day at Lambeau….over an hour long and well done…

      • kevin

        thanks billy, i’ll check that again…I just don’t remember him saying..”i’m retiring” prior to 2008.

        • foigwtd

          I’m guessing that you do not remember much, if anything.

  • Mike Brand

    am i one of the only ones that want this brett favre thing to hurry up and be over with . retire his number and put the past back in the past and move on. we have our qb now in rodgers who i might add is real classy about all this do you think tom brady would sit back and take all this mess if they were gonna spend 3 years talking about drew bledsoe andspotlighting him all the time. this has to be put to bed and look to the future we have coming with rodgers

  • Packfan4

    I don’t think they’ll retire Brett’s number until Ted T. is gone. I, for one, will be there when it does happen and, hopefully, that will coincide with Favre’s induction into the Packer Hall of Fame, which I also hope to attend, not to mention when Brett is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I think that will be one of the happiest moments of his life, not to mention his faithful fans!

  • Sonny Crockett

    I’ve been a Packers fan since the first Super Bowl, so I guess that makes me think my opinion means somethin’ (don’t know why, it just does). During a very short period of time, Favre lost his father, father-in-law, his brother-in-law and had his wife diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Now, we all go through stuff, as no-one is exempt, but those events one after another are a tough load to deal with. So, at the time, I remember understanding why he waffled from playing to retiring and I did then and still do, give him the benefit of the doubt as we all deal with grief differently. As for the feud with the Packers, Favre made mistakes no doubt, but I always felt, had Thompson let him go and cut all ties, like they did with Reggie White, none of this would have happened. It was apparent (to me anyway) that even though going with Rogers was the right decision, Thompson knew Favre was still good enough (statistically 2007 was a great year for him) to beat the Packers, especially brutal if he did it in a Vikings or Bears uniform. Asking Favre to hold a clipboard for a rookie QB was kind of insulting if you ask me (so don’t). So they trade Favre to the Jets, where they knew he had no idea how to run a totally different offense. Honestly, I don’t think Favre or the Packers seem to dislike or be as far apart as some of the fans would like. Thompson seems very amiable to a Favre return, as does Favre himself, albeit when the time is right. They’re over it apparently, so should the haters. my long-winded, two-cents worth….Be well all….