Jordy Nelson takes a hit against the 49ers. One of the toughest and most consistent Packer was re-signed to a 4-year contract today. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Green Bay Packers: Can they afford both Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb?

Wide receiver was a position the Green Bay Packers needed to address in the NFL Draft … and boy, did they ever. Drafting three wideouts came as a surprise to nearly everyone on the planet – I mean, they already had Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Jarrett Boykins in the house.

But we all know that Nelson and Cobb are both entering the final year of their current contracts and both have earned huge paydays.

The question is whether the Packers will reward two of their most productive players with new long-term contracts or whether they might string things along, sign one of them and see where the chips fall with the other.

Nelson, who is just on this side of the age of 30, has established himself as the team’s number one receiver, with Cobb on his heels. One of the upsides for Cobb is that he is just 24 years old and seemingly poised for an incredible run in this league. Should it be with the Packers?

Who can forget some of those sideline catches by Nelson or his chemistry with quarterback Aaron Rodgers on those back shoulder throws?

Who can forget the image of a wide open Randall Cobb with less than a minute to go against the Bears last December?

General manager Ted Thompson surely has seen these players work and has to come up with an answer on how to proceed and do it soon.

Every Packers fan wants the team to re-sign both of these players and to do it now. After all, the Packers still have around $15 million in salary cap room.

Even after the team signs all of its draft choices and free agents, there will still be around $12 million in the kitty.

But in this day and age of huge salaries and signing bonuses, that could be sucked up quickly. And don’t think that the agents for both Nelson and Cobb didn’t watch closely as Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall re-signed for around $10 million per year. He set the bar pretty high.

Randall Cobb catches a pass over the middle against the 49ers in 2012. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Randall Cobb catches a pass over the middle against the 49ers in 2012.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

So, does TT go the route of re-signing one of these guys and let the other’s contract run its course? Does he let both play through the 2014 season and then address the issue on the other end when they head toward free agency?

Should they let both of these guys play in 2014 without  renewal they run the risk of one or both of them bolstering their stock with breakout seasons. TT has always been known for re-signing players before they hit the market with contracts that don’t break the bank but keep them happy and in Green Bay. One only needs to look at Jordy Nelson’s first re-signing a few years ago. The Packers got a number one wide receiver at a bargain basement price.

Don’t expect that to happen again with Nelson.

On the flip side of that, one can look at Greg Jennings and B.J. Raji – both were offered generous contracts before they reached free agency and ended up settling for less – far less – than the Packers had originally offered. Jennings ended up taking a couple of million less per year to sign with the Vikings two years ago and Raji ended up with a single-year “prove it” contract from the Packers this spring after being offered $8 million to sign last fall.

No doubt Nelson and Cobb watched those situations unfold.

How will they proceed?


I’m sure they also watched as the Packers filled their receiver depth chart with quality players through the draft. Competition is always good and will surely abound when the team hits the practice field in a few weeks.

Second round choice Davante Adams is expected to push Boykins for the number three spot, while Jared Abbrederis and Jeff Janis provide the team with depth

Jordy Nelson looks to the best spot for a Lambeau Leap after scoring a touchdown against the 49ers in 2011. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Jordy Nelson looks to the best spot for a Lambeau Leap after scoring a touchdown against the 49ers in 2011.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

they haven’t seen in a couple of seasons.

So, let’s play general manager for a minute – what would you do? Do you re-sign Nelson and Cobb immediately, expending all resources to do so? Or do you play the free agent system, let them continue through 2014 without new contracts and address the situation when free agency rolls around in 2015?

If you let them ride it out, it gives the team time to continue to develop the young guys and start a new era. If you sign them, the team is committed to the current regime – which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

There has been a lot of talk over the last few months about the need to re-sign Nelson and Cobb. That need was lessened after the team stocked up on wide receivers in the draft.

It will be interesting, to say the least, to see how this all plays out.

Stay tuned …

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  • brycer84

    I’m afraid what would happen if they lost either of these guys.

  • Brad Styles

    Sign Cobb right away and sign Jordy midway through the season

    • Jay Laizure

      You’ve got to either be a major idiot, or out of your mind. Jody has much more skill than cobb, and a longer career which brings more experience. He’s the best we in terms of a qb/wr relationship and should be kept for the long haul to mentor both cobb and the new guys alike. Cobb and Nelson need to be resigned both at an equal urgency as we need both to keep the field game open for our upcoming season with these players, and incoming recievers.

      • Brad Styles

        Well you just called ted an idiot. You have a young guy who has a lot of football ahead of him and and Jordy who is on the peak of his prime and entering the other side. So my explanation about what I said earlier since it is too hard for you to figure out is that we wait and see that Jordy wont have any knee issues or any other issues for that matter.

        • Phillip

          Dude, just stop. Did Jordy have knee issues last season??? Did he have any injury issues last season??? I don’t think so. He’s just 29 and his 1st 3 years weren’t rough years, the toll on his body isn’t what a lot of 29 year old WR’s have. Jordy extension won’t be a very long 1, 3-4 years, but he’s still got 3-5 years of elite level football in him, especially working as Rodgers #1 WR. Jordy is the vet, the man who’s by far outplayed his current deal and hasn’t made it an issue at all, it’s time to reward him, Cobb’s in his 1st deal after his rookie deal, he would likely understand the team wanting to show the respect to the guy who’s been doing it longer 1st. Just because he does that don’t mean they value Cobb any less, but Jordy’s put the work in and he deserves it, they’re both gonna get their deals, but Jordy deserves it 1st. And if Finley isn’t resigned, there’s no reason both shouldn’t have deals done before the season starts.

          • Brad Styles

            He had knee surgery before the preseason. So yes there was an issue. He is also getting older. If we rewarded every player for their past we would be broke and wouldn’t even be wondering if we could afford both receivers. I wanna know what kind of deals you think they are going to get with the cap space we have to give them? Hey Jordy we are going to sign you for 8 million a year and cobb you get the other 5 million. Sound good? Okay.

          • Phillip

            Did whatever offseason issues Jordy had with his knee effect his season??? No it didn’t. Did he have any injury issues last year?? No. The dude just turned 29, there’s no reason Jordy can’t have another 4 or 5 elite years left in him, especially playing in Green Bay. You’re acting as if the dude is 36 years old. There’s very little risk in paying Jordy over the next few years what he deserves and what he’s earned, dude’s outplayed his current deal and kept quiet the entire time and is due a payday from Green Bay. Jordy’s gonna be turning 30 going into next year, the same age Greg Jennings was turning when Thompson offered him 8 a year last offseason, and that was coming off 2 injury riddled seasons, and before, sometime in 2012 Thompson offered Jennings an extension for 11 mil a year that he turned down. He offered those deals knowing he had both Jordy and Cobb coming up in 2014. If Thompson was willing to go ahead an offer that for our #1 with a proven stable of WR’s behind him in Jordy, Jones, Cobb and Finley, i guarantee he’s willing to offer Jordy at least the 8 that he was willing to pay Jennings with a group of unproven young players behind him. I guarantee he didn’t have intentions of letting both Jordy and Cobb walk had Jennings resigned, he knew he was going to have to pay out for at least 2 and luckily Jennings didn’t sign. And Green Bay is gonna have plenty of cap space to get both these guys paid, as we sit right now we’ll be close to 25 mil in cap space, figure Thompson isn’t gonna lose his guys to take on the 12 mil cap hit from Peppers, so he’ll likely be cut or forced to take a pay cut, that’d put Green Bay back into the 30-35 mil range in cap space next offseason, far more than enough to get both Jordy and Cobb and plenty of other guys done. With no money put into the WR position right now other than Jordy’s contract, they aren’t gonna be hesitant to put some there and keep Rodgers top 2 targets. And the deals, Jordy should be in the 8-10 range, seeing as how he’s publicly said he don’t wanna leave Green Bay, he’s likely to sign for a little less than what he could find else where, and Cobb should be in the 6-7 range, getting both done for the price Detroit pays Calvin Johnson alone. Jordy’s deal will be done in the next month, before training camp starts, possibly Cobb too, but if not at least by week 6 or 8 his will get done.

          • Brad Styles

            There is a risk, and that rick is money. We have $13 million in cap space. So tell me how we sign both Jordy and Randall with $13 million in cap space. Keep in mind Bulaga, Tramon and Barclay are all up next year as well

          • Phillip

            Obviously you don’t understand how doing extensions works, so let me explain. If Jordy was to sign tomorrow for an extension worth 4 years 40 mil with 15 mil signing bonus, it’d turn into 5 years 43.05 and all that would count against the cap this year is 1/5th of the new signing bonus, an extra 3 mil. He’s already under contract this year, he has a base of 3.05 and a cap hit of 4.375, 875k prorated signing bonus from the last deal, 200k roster bonus and 250k out bonus, an extension won’t change of that unless Green Bay was to specifically want to add money to his base, highly unlikely. That’d still leave them with over 10 mil in cap space. Right now we currently have $13,515,388, but the 3 guys you just mentioned, their deals come off the books, and as it sits right now, before doing any extensions we’ll have right around 22-25 mil in cap space, gotta figure Thompson don’t keep Peppers around at a 12.5 mil cap hit if it means losing some of his home grown guys, so that’d clear and extra 10 mil giving up close to 35. Plus if they only extended Jordy this year, took up the extra 3 mil in cap space, it’d leave Green Bay with an extra 10 mil to roll over till next year, giving Green Bay plenty of cap space to get deals done for all the guys they wanna keep, with the extra rollover they might not even need to let Peppers go either, could restructure him to get his money more on par with his play, unless he was to have some kind of spectacular year. People seem to think that if Jordy was to sign an extension today at an average of 10 mil a year it’s gonna hit us this year, guess everybody forgets he’s already currently under contract and his extension is for the future.

          • Phillip

            After Jordys extension Green Bay is still 12+ mil under the cap this year, Jordys cap hit is less than 6 mil total this year and less than 5 mil next year. There’s plenty of room to get Cobb done today or next year.

  • packerphan

    I understood why we let Jennings go when we had solid depth and didn’t what to pay up. I agreed with cutting Driver’s time on the field to give younger guys, like Cobb, more playbtime to develop. I didn’t think resigning Jones was ever in the cards, weighing his age and skill against his market value. We needed the cap and cash for other things,

    like, you know, Cobb and Neslon.

    You can’t just draft the chemistry Jordy has with Rodgers. He’s played fantastic football these last few years, and would be a great mentor to this incoming class of receivers. He deserves to be the next Driver and stick with the pack for the long haul, deserves more recognition league-wide for his skill, and has earned a solid pay day.

    Cobb is still really young, and we’re just starting to scratch at his true upside. We don’t have his speed coupled with good hands elsewhere on the roster. It would be a shame if we didn’t get to see him grow for at least a few more years under Rodgers.

    I think we’ve done plenty of WR housecleaning over the past two offseasons, and though we picked up a solid crop of rookies this year, I hope TT sees that as a long term move and not as tools to move away from our two standout vets.

  • ScottSummers

    I know it’s nitpicking but this site consistently misspells Jarrett Boykin’s name. It’s Boykin, not Boykins.

  • Swengen

    I can’t imagine not having either of these guys. And, with Jordy’s work ethic with Rogers, we need to keep him on the field as much as possible. What a mentor he would make!

    • Phillip

      Jordy is the kind of player to Green Bay Donald Driver was, he’s the kind of guy you keep his entire career, he’s a great person, great player and next to Rodgers the ideal guy as the face of the franchise. I don’t think there’s any way Ted Thompson is gonna let Jordy go, i believe he’ll make sure he gets both WR’s locked up for the future. He didn’t willingly let Jennings go, he offered a contract worth 8 mil per and it just wasn’t high enough for Jennings, that was Jennings coming off an injury and an already proven stable of WR’s behind him, there’s just no way he’ll let Jordy walk and i can see him offering a little more for Jordy too, he is a better WR. Also, the money will be there to get both these guys locked up and have plenty left over, as we sit now, we should be right around 25 mil in cap space, once Peppers contract is dropped off, it’ll put up around 35 mil again next year, plenty of money to get Jordy and Cobb done, plus work deals with Bulaga, Raji and whoever else they wanna bring back.

      • Peter Maiz

        Good answer.

  • billy

    pretty easy….of course.

  • Nic Williamson

    I honestly doubt they will let them go. The publicity they get. The hands of Nelson… he’s sport center top 10 every week…
    Our offensive super stars are Rodgers, Lacey, Nelson, and Cobb. So In my opinion, they’re the reason the green bay packers are ranked in the top 3 teams in the NFL.
    Taking those two out would leave a hole in the offense. I doubt they want to waste the years of Arron Rodgers, stuck developing rookies.

    • David Wendorf

      5 years ago no one thought we could survive without Driver and Jennings, but we’ve done just fine. I doubt Rodgers would miss a beat without Nelson and Cobb either, as long as we keep developing WRs in back of them as we have thus far. I could see Adams replacing Cobb, Abbrederis taking over for Nelson, and Boykin and Janis making excellent 3 and 4 receivers next year.
      Part of the problem the last few years is that all of our high paid players are on offense, with Matthews being the lone exception. I hope we don’t continue that trend. There’s some very good defensive talent which is just as important to the success of the team. A few that come to mind are Hayward, Datone Jones, Mike Daniels, and a host of newly signed LBs.

      • Phillip

        Wow, you are crazy, 5 years ago huh??? I think Jennings left just 1 year ago, same with Driver. Things are a little different than they were with them though. We already had Jordy, Jones, Cobb and Finley, all proven players. You’re already willing to put faith in rookie WR’s who haven’t even taken a snap yet??? I doubt Ted Thompson is putting that much faith into em to let our 2 superstar players walk in free agency. Thompson didn’t let Jennings walk cause he didn’t wanna pay him, he offered him 8 mil a year and that was with a proven stable of WR’s behind him, when he wanted more, Thompson already had Jordy who put up almost 1,300 yards and 15 TD’s just a season ago, he had a proven WR already to take over for Jennings, he had an upcoming Randall Cobb coming off a breakout season, a solid WR in James Jones coming off 14 TD’s and a TE who was a very solid receiver. Nobody on this roster can replace Jordy right now, nobody can replace Cobb right now, Abbrederis will never get close to what Jordy is, he may develop into a solid slot guy but it’s not gonna be tomorrow, Janis isn’t even guaranteed to make the roster, Adams could easily be a bust, none of these rookies are anything close to what was behind Jennings last year when Thompson was willing to let him walk because he wanted more than 8 mil per. Best thing behind our 2 stars is Jarrett Boykin, and he’s a FA next year likely gonna cost in the 4-5 mil range if he shows to be a valuable WR this season, and he’s not even guaranteed to do that, he’ll be lucky if he’s even playing much if he regresses. If Thompson was to let Jordy or Cobb walk and than these 3 drafted players don’t develop like people would hope, Green Bay’s offense will take a major hit, Jordy and Cobb getting resigned is far more important than Greg Jennings was.

  • Mike Brand

    if we are gonna keep both of them we have to do it now. if both have great years this season there would be no way we could afford giving both upwards to 10 mil a year each . terefore one will go somewhere else . this is where ted really sucks as a gm . he needs to hit them while they can be gotten at a great price . but ted will wait til both outshine and one will leave. we have just enough cap space right now to work on both and yet ted is sitting on the money waiting for the fairy of life to make them a buck a season or something. this is the time aaron can get 2-4 super bowl wins as he is entering his prime and we cant go there if we keep rotating wrs out and having to start from scratch year in and year out. i mean come on ted what are you waiting on here you have the money to fix them now before we lose one of them. also i know we drafted 3 new wrs but we have no clue if they are as good or will be as good as what we got wouldnt it make sense to buy what you know works and not bank on the unknown

  • AlbaMN

    We need to keep Jody for sure. He’s the best player the Packers have.

    • Peter Maiz

      Best player after Rogers?

      • AlbaMN

        No. He helps make Rodgers look good.

        • Phillip

          Where i love Jordy, calling him the better player over Rodgers is insane. Rodgers is arguably the best player in the entire league, Jordy isn’t even the best WR in the NFL, even though he’s a top 10, he’s just not the best. I agree he helps Rodgers look better, Jordy does do just as much for Rodgers as Rodgers does for Jordy, but he’s not the sole reason Rodgers looks good, they are arguably the top QB/WR duo in the NFL though, but in now way possible is Jordy the best player the Packers have. Rodgers then Jordy, Matthews probably 3rd with Cobb 4th, Lacy 5th and hopefully Dix will jump into the 6th spot.

          • AlbaMN

            And in my opinion Rodgers is overrated and over hyped. The rest of the offense, particularly the receivers make him what he is.

          • Phillip

            Hahaha, WOW!!!! Wonder what you’ve been smoking. Overrated and over hyped huh??? The receivers make him what is??? Insane, delusional, completely lost. It’s hard to understand how a QB with a career passer rating of 104.9, highest in history and only QB over a 100 career passer rating, the highest TD to INT ration in history, a SB ring, SB MVP, Season MVP, 3 Pro Bowls, 1st team All Pro, 3rd All-Time in yards a completion, 1st All-Time in yards per attempt, lowest int ratio in history, 5th highest TD ratio in history, 1st actively, i just don’t understand how that could be considered overrated, he’s even a solid running QB too, 333 carries, 1,562 yards, 4.7 ypc and 18 TD’s. Since he started to hit his prime after the Super Bowl there hasn’t been a better QB. You need to put the crack pipe down and step away. I see you have the state initials for Minnesota in your name, are you sure you are a Packers fan and not truly a Vikings fan???

    • Jerick

      Doesn’t matter one iota who Rodgers has to throw to. If the O-Line can protect him- he would make any receiving corps look good.

      • AlbaMN

        And I believe the receiving corps makes Rodgers look good and boost his stats. They have to reel in some pretty wildly thrown balls.

  • Jeff

    We need to get both these guys signed they are proven WR’s not prospect’s that could be a hit or miss type deal…I like the new guy’s we got now but until they show me they can fill Jordy’s and Randall’s shoe’s we need these guy’s on the team…

  • David Wendorf

    2 things: The salary cap will increase next year with NFL revenue and every year thereafter, and these numbers are a bit misleading.

    Nelson will make $4.3 mil this year against the cap, which is already taken into consideration for our $12 mil currently available (after signing FAs and draft picks). So if we offer him longer deal at $5.5 mil/year starting this year, it only counts $1.2 mil more against the current cap. Cobb will make $1mil this year, so increasing him to $5.5 mil/yr for a long term deal counts $4.5 more against cap this year.

    That still leaves plenty in the “kitty” (roughly $6.3mil this year) to sign Finley for a 1 year deal, or some other key players. Hard to imagine Jordy not taking that deal, but I don’t know about Cobb. If either wants more than 5.5 mil/yr or so, we can’t afford them.

    • Phillip

      Dude, Nelson and Cobb are both gonna cost far more than just 5.5 mil a year. Jordy’s looking at an extension in the range of 8-10 mil, Cobb’s looking at 7-8 likely. If they’re gonna look to restructure both deals to add the signing bonus into this season, looking at most the 12 mil in cap space being eaten up by them. If Finley’s a possibility, they could restructure and extend 1 of em and just extend the other. As of right now Green Bay has 114 mil tied up in cap for 2015, assuming the cap goes up to the projected 140, that leaves Green Bay with 25-26 mil in cap space, drop Peppers contract and Green Bay should be right back around 35 mil in cap space again, giving them plenty of cap space to lock up both Nelson and Cobb for the future.

      • David Wendorf

        I’d be shocked if TT offers either of them that kind of money this year. Nelson could make the 8 mil range if he’s willing to wait and keep performing for the next few years with a back loaded contract. Same thing for Cobb and no way Cobb has earned that kind of money yet. I see TT offering about what I said for this year, with bonues up front and back loaded base salaries – so he can cut them if they don’t meet expectations down the road with no dead money. Both players are definitely fan favorites, but Rodgers can succeed without either of them if they get greedy. If they don’t like the offers, I suspect TT lets them walk as FAs.

        There’s only 13 WRs making over $8 mil right now with half being ridiculously overpaid, and you think TT is going to put 2 GB players in that elite pay scale? I highly doubt it. $10 mil is a lot of money to wrap up in a WR, and crazy to wrap that much up in 2 of them. Neither compare favorably to Brandon Marshall.

        • Phillip

          You’re lost buddy, Jordy’s already performed enough over his last 3 years to earn the 8 mil range, this is his last chance at a big pay day, he’s better than Jennings, means far more to Green Bay than Jennings did and has less of a stable receiving stable behind him than Jennings did and Jennings was still offered 8 mil a year, Ted Thompson will offer the more valuable, more needed player in Jordy that kind of money. Over the last 3 years, he caught more TD passes than Marshall, higher YPC average all 3 years and had more receiving yards in 2 of the 3 years, higher catch % and lower drop %, so yes, Jordy is on Marshall’s level. Eric Decker was just paid an average of 7.25 and Jordy is far better a receiver than Decker is. Mike Wallace, overpaid as he is was just given 12, Dwayne Bowe 11.2, Greg Jennings got 9 and Jordy is better than all of them, he’s gonna get probably around 9-10, whether it’s by Green Bay or somebody else, and with Ted Thompson going as high as 8 for Jennings, i guarantee he’ll be willing to take Jordy a little higher. As for Cobb, he’s proven to be 1 of the best slot guys in the game already, he’s shown to be 1 of the most explosive players in the NFL, he’s gonna get paid more than 5.5, he’s looking to get closer to the range of Victor Cruz but slightly less, probably around 7 mil. And even if Jordy was to sign a new deal, only way possible to add just 1 mil to his current cap hit is by giving him just a 1 mil per year for his signing bonus, 3-4 mil signing bonus, that’s not gonna happen, he’s looking at a signing bonus probably in the mid teens if not higher, just say 4 years 16 of it guaranteed, that’d take Jordy’s cap hit from 4.375 to 7.375+. Jordy’s far more worth 5.5 mil, that’s just insane to think Ted Thompson would try n lowball him that bad, dude was a top 5 overall WR this year according to PFF and Football Outsiders.

          • David Wendorf

            TT does not pay players for what they mean to GB. TT is a shrewd business man who doesn’t overpay for talent and doesn’t hesitate to let players walk when he doesn’t feel they’re worth the asking price. He started by cutting our 2 all-pro tackles his first year and has been consistent in that regard ever since (one could argue that was the reason Rodgers was injured his first year as a starter and has been one of the most sacked QBs in the league every year).

          • Phillip

            Ted Thompson doesn’t overpay for players at all huh?? So I guess Shields was worth 9.75 mil a year huh?? I don’t think so, as much as I’m happy we resigned Shields, 9.75 was a little bit too high, 7.5, 8 mil is more like it. And he’s not gonna overpay for either Jordy or Cobb, Cobbs worth 6.5, 7 mil a year n if Jennings was worth 8 to TT, Jordy will be worth at least 9 to him, and probably slightly more seeing as how Jennings was worth 8 with a strong stable of already proven WR’s behind him where Jordy has a bunch of unproven youngsters. I can tell you 1 thing, hes worth far more than just a 1.2 mil raise from his most recent deal, and if you don’t think Jordy is worth the deal Jennings got from Minn, well than you really need to re-evaluate our stars, cause Jordy, where he may not be the #1 WR in production, he’s damn close to #1 including everything like production, catch rate, drop %, blocking, penalties, etc., #2 to be exact according to websites that do the advanced statistics. And had Rodgers not gone down Jordy was on pace for 1,600+ yards n 16 TDs, he probably would have been the #1 WR in production. Jordys worth big money, Marshalls deal probably did TT a favor, helping keep Jordy under 10, n where Cobb is due a nice raise, he shouldn’t even be in the discussion about Marshalls contract, maybe his next deal if he produces like Jordy has, but not yet. TT is gonna retain both of em, if he doesn’t n than these young guys don’t develop the way they hope, that’ll force our offense into some major problems, TT isn’t gonna risk the entire future of the passing game on a bunch of 2nd year players, whether they have 1 solid year or not.

          • Phillip

            And i know what Shields deal is, it’s higher base, lower guaranteed, making easier to cut if he don’t perform after the 1st 2 years, i know all this. It still don’t mean his yearly average isn’t a little high. And as for Jordy in his 2nd season, he was low man on the tote em pole, 31 targets, behind Jennings, Jones, Driver and Finley, his 3rd year he was still behind Jennings, Jones and Driver in targets, it wasn’t until his 4th season that he finally got a lot of playing time and that’s when he became our #1 WR making Jennings expendable as our #1. As for Jennings, look at the receiving corps in ’06 when he came him, he was needed to step in and be the man right away, as we only had Donald Driver really. And Abbrederis and Janis are 5th and 7th round picks, how many 5th and 7th round WR’s we have step up for us the last 5 years and become capable starting WR’s??? Put this scenario in your head, Thompson lets Jordy walk, running with Cobb, a primary slot WR, than after Boykin is decently productive this season, he has to pay him in the 4-5 range to keep him as the #2, relying on Adams, Abbrederis or Janis to step up, now imagine they don’t progress their 2nd years, they all take steps backwards, than Boykin struggles not having Jordy and Jones to take extra pressure off him, scenario’s easily capable of having too. Now your stuck with just 1 capable WR in Cobb, that’d set Green Bay’s passing game back a few steps, forcing Ted Thompson to go WR heavy trying to rebuild the WR corps the rest of Rodgers career, forcing him into a Tom Brady situation with a bunch of inexperienced WR’s, that’s not a great situation. Right now, there’s no money tied up in Green Bay WR’s other than Jordy’s 4.375 cap hit, Ted Thompson can get both Nelson and Cobb done at the price that Detroit pays Calvin alone and have 1 of the top WR duo’s in the NFL for the next few years to come while the younger guys get time here and there as the 3,4 and 5 to develop into starting caliber WR’s by the time somebody needs to take over for Jordy, it’s just makes so much more logical sense for Ted Thompson to keep Rodgers top 2 weapons, let Boykin walk and keep our offense loaded the way it is right now, especially when you can get it done for the price 1 team pays for 1 WR. No reason Jordy shouldn’t get i’d say the same exact deal Sam Shields got, he’s easily worth, whether you wanna believe it or not.

        • Phillip

          And what WR’s are being “ridiculously overpaid”??? Here are 14 players with an 8 mil average or higher and all of em deserve at least 8, some are overpaid, but still deserving of 8, Calvin, Fitz, Percy, Wallace, Bowe, Jackson, Marshall, Dre Johnson, Jennings, Cruz, White, Garcon, Antonio Brown and Desean Jackson. Everyone of them WR’s is deserving of an 8 mil a year contract, and Jordy deserves to be right in the middle with em. Jordy at 5.5 is completely ridiculous, he was given an average of 4.2 coming off a 500 yard season in 2010, and you think he don’t deserve more than 5.5 coming off an average of 1,100 yards and 10 TD’s over the last 3 years???? Some of the names making over 5.5, Golden Tate, Brian Hartline, Eric Decker, Stevie Johnson, Marques Coltson, Danny Amendola, Mike Williams, Jordy is by far better than all them names. Jordy will get a 3 or 4 year deal in the range of 9 mil a year, by the time that ends he’s gonna be hitting the downside of his career than he’ll sign cheap, but this is Jordy’s last chance at a major pay day, he easily could of held out at some point in the last couple years and pushed for it than, but he’s been a stand-up guy and out played his current deal, Ted Thompson is gonna reward him now!!! Cobb will get a 4 or 5 year deal in the range of 6.5-7 mil, if Thompson wasn’t planning on paying them, he wouldn’t of let James Jones walk for 3.3 a year to let Rodgers work with a bunch of 2nd year players next season.

          • David Wendorf

            I’ve found all your arguments to be seriously lacking substance.
            I think you’ve underestimated the fact that having talent at every position allows certain positions to shine more. EG: Having JJ and Finley allowed Nelson and Cobb more single coverage. With the addition of a running game, every receiver benefits.
            I also think you’ve totally underestimated the influence top QBs such as Favre and Rodgers have with WRs. Remember Javon Walker? A borderline superstar in GB who never accomplished anything close again with another team. And how about Greg Jennings? He was a dynamic WR capable of big plays at any time in GB – and has become invisible in MN. Both left GB for money, and both proved to be busts at those salaries. In hindsight, TT would have looked foolish to give Jennings $8 mil and I’m betting he knows that. Rodgers makes decent WRs look like superstars, and we’re loaded with decent WRs.

            Yes, based upon what I’ve seen from these draft picks, I’m more than comfortable with them in our offense. While Adams isn’t likely to reproduce his college stats in the NFL, he didn’t get those stats without talent. I watched Abbrederis torch the “supposedly” best CBs in this year’s draft last season. He’s an excellent route runner with great hands who beat double coverage more times than not. Both are in good hands with Rodgers and will be fine. Janis may be more of a project, but his speed makes him worth the effort.

            So your argument is that a WR who gets a TD roughly every 1.3 games and averages 80 yards per game is worth $8-10 mil to you in an offense that averages almost 4 passing TDs per game and 300 yards passing. Glad you’re not in charge of our finances. I really like Jordy, but he tends to disappear in games and has been legitimately debated whether he’s a true #1 receiver since coming to GB. He’s a great guy and a decent WR, but he’s no James Lofton. Without Rodgers and accurate back shoulder passes, he’s a decent WR and far from the $10 mil WR that you suggest. We’ll see if he knows that, but I believe he does.

            I don’t need PFF or any other site to tell me what I see in games. You’re wasting your time quoting entertainment of that nature to me.

            I’d rather pay Cobb more now based upon his age and upside than Nelson. It would be great to extend both players for several years, but the price must be right for the team. I can’t justify $10 mil this year for either of them. You seem to throw that figure around like it’s chump change. It’s not and neither have consistently beaten double coverage to earn that kind of money.

            TT’s strength in GB has been getting great value with low risk. This is a game of injuries. The last thing we need is to be stuck with dead money on our cap for injured players, which makes signing either of these WRs to long term deals of $8-10 mil/yr a huge gamble while disbursing their bonuses over several years. The only way around that is to pay all the bonus money up front – which we simply don’t have cap space for now. The only way you justify it is with dropping Peppers’ contract next year, but that position must be filled by someone – and pass rushers aren’t cheap.
            A team can only carry so many big contract players. I’d much rather we added some pass rushers and run stuffers on D with big contracts than pay decent WRs and try to outscore other teams. D wins championships much more consistently than high powered offenses.

          • Phillip

            You’re delusional as hell, you sound like every other person, devaluing the talent that our WR’s are because of who’s playing QB. Just because we have a great QB don’t mean our WR’s are any less talented. Say what you want, Jordy is a #1 WR, I know what I see, and Cobb is already 1 of the best slot guys in the NFL. As for Greg Jennings, he wasn’t bad last year, again hampered by injuries, had a slow start and had lousy QB play, kind of the way Green Bay had half the season. Jennings is a very talented WR and as long as he isn’t hampered by injuries the rest of his career and gets decent QB play in Minn he’s gonna be a productive WR for them. I’m done arguing with you, you’ll see when Ted Thompson pays 2 of our best players what they deserve. Its funny how some of you fans think Rodgers is a god can make things happen with absolutely nothing, he’s had the luxury his whole career of a talented WR group, he hasn’t ever had to work with nothing, take away Jordy n Cobb, young WR’s struggle and than you’d be screaming how we shouldn’t of let go of our star players. Rodgers is a great QB, but he can run routes, beat coverage n catch the ball n as great as Rodgers is, I’m not gonna lose sight of all the talent he’s had to help him along, Jordy does just as much for Rodgers as Rodgers does for him. Cobbs the same way. Everybody praises TT’s drafting, if you think all we have is a group of “decent” WRs, than TT hasnt been so great at drafting WR’s, cause 2nd round WR’s should be far more than just “decent”. I’m glad you aren’t in charge of anything to do with Green Bay or we’d have nothing cause you’d undervalue everybody, I’m glad Ted Thompson will realize how important it is to give Rodgers talented weapons, and not think as some crazy fans do and think Rodgers will still be able to work with a group of of nothing. A QB needs talent at WR just as a WR needs talent at QB, as good is 1 may be, he can do a high quality job without the other.

          • Phillip

            And if Jordy has completely disappeared in games its because the defense took him away n Rodgers don’t force passes, but this year the only games he “disappeared” was when Flynn wasn’t throwing him the ball, other than that he was outstanding with Rodgers, when Finley went down, Cobb down, Jones out, Jordy stepped up n shredded the Minnesota D single handedly. The week before he put up 1 of the best games vs Joe Haden n caught the 1st TD of the year on him. I can’t believe you call yourself a Packers fan, you sound just like all the Packers haters who underrate Jordy Nelson, its completely ridiculous, I’ll say it again, Jordy does as much for Rodgers as Rodgers does for Jordy. N ts funny how you give Rodgers credit for the back shoulder, that’s not a play a QB gets credit for, Jordys the 1 who has to make the adjustment in route, come back n get the ball thrown behind him, if its so easy for a WR to do it, how come very few guys do it effectively and nobody as good as Jordy?? Any QB can throw the ball behind the WR, not any WR can adjust n make the catch, difficulty is all on Jordy, not Rodgers. That’s the kind of chemistry you don’t develop overnight with rookies, the talent of Jordy, that chemistry is what’s gonna get him paid by Green Bay.

          • Phillip

            And if its substance you’re looking for, just look at the production from the last 3 years, since he became 1 of the top WR’s, 202 catches, 3,322 yards, 16.4 ypc and 30 TDs, with 1 of the highest catch rates, 1 of the lowest drop % and 1 of the lowest penalty rates, and that’s missing a handful of games last year. That more yards in 2 of the 3 years than Marshall, more total TDs in 3 years n a far higher ypc average. Bet that overall production is top 10 in the NFL the last 3 years. And if that’s not enough, just put the tape on and see how crisp he runs routes, see how effortlessly he catches passes, see the eye popping catches he makea, n if that’s not enough substance for you, than maybe you need to change sports or something. But let me guess, that’s not Jordy right?? All Rodgers huh?? GTFO!!

          • David Wendorf

            Jordy signed 5 year extension for $36.3 mil, which is almost exactly what I said he’d get – back loaded deal worth around 8 mil at the 4 year mark. Obviously Jordy, his agent, and I have a better understanding of his worth than you do. Apology accepted. :)

        • Rodney Lawler

          How does Nelson not compare to Marshall? Last year B Marshall had 15 more catches and 4 more touchdowns than Nelson .Nelson had more total yards more yards per catch more yards per game a longer touchdown and more receptions of 20+ yards than Marshall all while playing without his starting quarterback for four less games.

          • David Wendorf

            Marshall beats double coverage consistently to get his yards and TDs, Nelson does not. Everyone knows Marshall is the primary target and, as you pointed out, he still gets his catches and TDs. Nelson rarely sees a double team because of the talent around him on the field.

          • Phillip

            That’s just insane, you’re acting like Brandon Marshall is a god or something and Jordy is a chump. You truly sound worst than Packers haters. Last year in the Minnesota game Green Bay was missing Cobb, Jones and Finley and Jordy was the primary target and goes off for one of his best games of the year, Minnesota couldn’t even cover him, the week before he puts up 1 of the best games any WR had vs Joe Haden in man to man last year. Last game of the year, Cobb limited, Jordy the primary weapon and shreds Chicago’s defense for 161 yards on 16 targets, guess they were just too busy double covering Jarrett Boykin, Andrew Quarless and James Jones to put extra attention Jordy’s way huh??? And 1 of the main reasons you won’t see Jordy making outstanding catches in double coverage as much as Marshall is because we have a QB who don’t force passes in the way Cutler does, Jeffery practically doesn’t exist with Cutler, but just because Rodgers isn’t forcing throws into double don’t mean Jordy can’t make the catches, i guarantee all 85 of his catches haven’t been just single coverage. Last 3 years Marshall had 502 targets, Jordy 296, Jordy has more total TD’s over the 3 years, more yards 2 of the 3 seasons and a far higher ypc avergae. Stop trying to devalue Jordy to make your argument better, he’s 1 of the elite WR’s in the NFL, 1 of the most complete and best overall WR’s in the NFL, no matter what you try n argue, it don’t change that fact. Jordy’s extension is gonna be in the 4 years 40 mil range, Jennings was offered an 8 mil per year average and Jordy is the better WR, he will get paid like it, and likely from Ted Thompson.

    • Phillip

      4 years 39 mil, a little more than 5.5 mil a year, it’s exactly what i said he’d be getting around. Told ya TT would get him done, i know what i’m talking about. We’ll also get Cobb done, i don’t see has high, but probably around 4 years 30 mil, 5 years 35 mil, that’d keep both Nelson and Cobb for the price Detroit pays Chicago alone. Jordy’s situations is exactly the Packers way, draft, develop and than pay when deserving.

  • Mark Rudolph

    Jordy Nelson is the most underrated receiver in the league.
    Randall Cobb has yet to touch his ceiling.
    I guess that is the easy answer but I would prefer these two to Raji or Tramon
    Williams – or others if we have to choose – in an eyeblink
    Tangential thought – NFC North will be the best division. We win our division we
    beat Saints and then 49ers and then Patriots.

  • David Wendorf

    Apparently Jordy just signed 5 year deal worth $36.3 mil. That’s a very smart move by Jordy and GB, which leaves room to extend Cobb as well. :)

  • paris

    Sign cobb for more let jordy make his money on endorsement. Cobb has sacraficed his body over the middle for the pack something jordy cant and wont do for the money. Look at whats happening to finley give cpbb his money it has been and will be earned.