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Your voice: Green Bay Packers Nation divided over Brett Favre

This past week, news broke about the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre deciding not to retire his #4 this season. They will wait until next year or maybe even the year after to hold the ceremony.

There were various reasons, but the biggest was that Packers brass and Favre were afraid of the possibility that there may be fans who boo during the ceremony.

My response to that excuse was explained in a piece published here on and shared across the Inter-web via Twitter and Facebook.

As with all news about Brett Favre, it raises a lot of voices and most importantly demonstrates why Packers Nation is so divided about one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game.

To that end, there were 34 comments about the issue on our Facebook page, another 13 who shared the story and 66 others who liked the post.

But it’s the comments that tell the striking story. We’ve decided to offer a look at those comments.

Whichever side you are on, you must admit that reading this stuff is pure entertainment.

  • Kenny Kreier Its time to retire the number
  • Kathy Bal Just retire the number – the longer it goes the harder it is – trust the fans to treat him with respect – he did a lot for Green Bay and deserves the honor!!
  • Margo K Geffert I agree, it is time!! True Packer fans look at the history and still love and respect our past quarterback Brett Farve!!
  • Jami J Wiederholt Agreed, its time! Many of those same people named their kids Brett; do they hate their kids too? Childish, petty, & ridiculous. Does anybody else remember our QB situation in the modern era before #4 came to town? Abysmal!
  • Laurel Robare Logan We’ve all messed up in our personal lives at one time. That should have no bearing on professional lives. Brett deserves to have his number retired and I for one would cheer him. It’s time to move on people, let it go.
  • Joseph Curtin Ya if my wife fucked my best friend, I’m not sure I would forgive her…
  • Jen E Evans Would you forgive your friend Joseph? Takes two to tango.
  • Sue Schrader Any team but Minnesota and he knew that! So for all the support WI gave him through his alcoholism and drug addiction he could just turn around and shit on us. He did the same thing to Chumura during his rape trial, he abandoned him so you reap what you sow.
  • Luke Garrow The Pack is bigger than any one individual. He betrayed the entire fan base. Not as a business decision, but in spite. Thats why it hurt so bad… I will be there… booing you’re article and Brett.
  • Lesley Aragona Ramseier Nobody cares about Farvre or his number anymore.
  • Aaron Gramza There will be some boos, but the will be very hard to hear amongst all the cheering. MOST packer fans are over it… And if you’re not, it must be a difficult, frustrating life being so bitter!
  • Jan Rounsville Well I would be there cheering, he is also the reason the Pack is the powerhouse they are now. Before he came it sucked, you have to admit it. We didn’t have any really big players, we had some good ones here and there but not enough to make it count, When he started winning with what he had to work with then the players started coming because they wanted to play with him. like someone else said he is not your ex,let is go. A lot of other players have gone to Minnesota also, Longwell, Coffman, Stenirud, Jennings, and your not hating on them like you are him. If you remember correctly he was traded to the Jets, and the Jets traded him to minnesota. But he is a Packer at heart once a packer always a packer. YEAH BRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gene Cichon His ego was/is so huge,all he ever worried about was himself! Look at how he treated Rodgers and look at the top ten assholes in sports-he’s #4!! Boo is right!
  • Ryan Mynhier He is the reason I became a packer fan at age 6! I respect him and want his # retired. He’s what made GB GB as far as I know in the 90’s.
  • Johnette Feekes Favre is “Green Bay Packer#! Our team only knew how it was to lose before we were fortunate to get Favre. He made us what we are. So for those of you who think no one cares about Favre or his number anymore or those that would even think to Boo speak for yourself. You obviously aren’t a true Packer Fan if you think otherwise. Favre deserves to be respected as a #1 Quarterback and his number 4 should be retired sooner than later.
  • Mark Barrett The man wanted to retire a packer coming off one of the best seasons of his life he was told to get f$(d you people act like he left because he wanted more money he was pushed out because the players had more respect for him then the coach and mike didn’t like that so much
  • Love the passion here, folks. Thanks for your comments.
    Commented on by Ray Rivard · July 12 at 9:39am · Like · 3
  • Mark Barrett And he went to the Queens because he wanted a bowl and the Queens had a great team with no QB and guess what he was right he got to the NFC championship and got beat by a team that was punished for cheating
  • Frank Molinaro He’s one of the greatest! I am proud of him for getting records for Greenbay and for himself that are going to be very hard to break… Have we forgotten…. People need to grow up! People forget Lombardi left and nobodies booing…. Just sayin
  • Lesley Aragona Ramseier Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t make it any less valid.
  • Ryan Mynhier My last football game was jets fins when he was a jets bc I live in south Florida now. I now have season tickets go fins bc the pack is in town this year to secure my seat  

    Love the pack and respect everything #4 has done. Plan on making my first GB game in GB the game his # is retired
  • Beth Smith Gardynik One word that some people will NEVER get…BUSINESS! It was nothing more than the business part of Bretts career! Nothing to do with fans or team members…He was getting screwed so he decided to screw them just like they were trying to do to him!!! Team Brett alaways!!! Great QB!!
  • Joan White-Piron On his Sunday morning radio show, Mark Chmura confided that, according to an inside source, “Brett [Favre] was confirmed” to make an appearance at Lambeau Field last year, for a game “late in the year,” but had to cancel at the very last minute. Far more importantly, this same source claims that, “He is very afraid of getting booed at Lambeau.” (emphasis added). Chmura further added that “that is why he is reluctant to come up.” Chmura further clarified that this first visit would simply be to watch a game in the press box. But even that was too dicey of a proposition.
  • Mary Killian Still some haters out there…GET OVER IT
  • Bill Heiting Favre was a great QB, no question there. His drug/alcohol use caused most of his behavior problems. And then there was the fact that the Packers had a guy sitting on the bench that was better than he was. I can understand why he’s nervous about coming back. However, I think the fans should lighten up and welcome him back. Most athletes with Favres accomplishments have big egos.
  • Kristina Biesen Put on your Big Boy Pants and retire the number!!!!
  • John Daubner Yes, it is time that GB honored Brett for what he did for the Pack and retire is number.
  • David Yoder Just do it done!! Quit over thinking the situation. Packer Nation will be fine.
  • Dar Brooker That is just crap.
  • Cindi Ostrowski Gehl Fans should be the bigger people and remember all the good Favre brought to Green Bay instead of one bad decision on his part – retire him where he did the most good in his career, in Green Bay!
  • Lenny Pederson People keep saying he wasn’t wanted and GB pushed him out the door. He retired from GB and when he changed his mind the organization was still willing to give him another shot. All he had to do is compete for the starting job like ANYONE else would after retiring. Oh and Reggie White did as much as #4 to bring GB back to respectability.
  • Samara Wilson Love Favre. Love Aaron. Love the Pack. Love the game. Can’t stand complainers, whiners, haters. Bring Favre back and I’ll be one to shove my #4 down some boo-er’s yap. 

    Just kidding but felt good to say it. Lol

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