ESPN Continues to Slay Me


ESPN just keeps doing it.  Besides their non-stop Brett Favre “coverage” (“lovefest” and any word pertaining to what goes on at a “lovefest” can be added in place of “coverage”), ESPN is also known for futile publicity stunts as Who’s Now and The Greatest Highlight with Chris BermanWho’s Now was one of the worst things that has ever happened to television in the sports world.  By the way, I knew from the start Tiger Woods had it locked up.

So now ESPN decides to one-up themselves, this time with TitleTown USA.  Um, ESPN, aren’t you forgetting that Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the 12-time NFL Champion Green Bay Packers is Packers News?  Quite convenient of you to forget this.  So what is this search for “TitleTown USA”?

"“SportsCenter” will travel to 20 communities this summer before letting SportsNation make the call on the city deserving the name TitleTown USA."

Well if the people that voted on Who’s Now had enough sense to know that Woods was definitely “now,” they definitely should have enough sense to know that Green Bay is the real, legitimate TitleTown USA.  Who is the great city of Green Bay going up against?

"July 4 Green Bay, Wis.July 5 Lawrence, Kan.July 6 PittsburghJuly 7 Knoxville, Tenn.July 8 Chapel Hill, N.C.July 9 Los AngelesJuly 10 Palo Alto, Calif.July 11 Louisville, Ky.July 12 ChicagoJuly 13 BostonJuly 14 Gainesville, Fla.July 15 New YorkJuly 16 Valdosta, Ga.July 17 DetroitJuly 18 San FranciscoJuly 19 Williamsport, Pa.July 20 Ann Arbor, Mich.July 21 Columbus, OhioJuly 22 Parkersburg, W.V.July 23 Massillon, Ohio"

If Green Bay does not win this, I will be totally shocked.  New York and Boston are probably the best cities to give Green Bay a run for their money, and I guess if the panelists are partial to college towns that could sway their judgment.  And the fact that they are all mostly associated with ESPN could have a negative affect on this competition.  This will truly show ESPN’s and the people of the USA’s intelligence.

Green Bay is.  TitleTown USA.