Vikings @ Packers


Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

Here’s my attempt at a pseudo-live blog, as the Cover It Live blog I wanted to do did not get set up.

Injury Report @ 6:46 EST


Madieu Williams – Out

Maurice Hicks – Doubtful

Tarvaris Jackson – Probable

Robert Ferguson – Probable


Josh Sitton – Out

James Jones – Doubtful

Scott Wells – Questionable

A.J. Hawk – Questionable

Having Williams out helps free up the Vikings secondary for the Packers. Having Jones doubtful for the Packers means that rookie Jordy Nelson will see more time.

6:59 ET – Five of seven ESPN “analysts” pick the Packers…kickoff next…

7:03 ET – A Brett Favre jean commercial…a one commercial break. Hmm.

I’m wearing my Favre jersey, by the way. Gotta represent.

7:08 ETHank Williams, Jr. Ugh.

7:10 ETAaron Rodgers steps on the field.

7:11 ET – Completes first pass a starter to Donald Lee for four yards.

7:13 ET – Rodgers scrambles for first down. Greg Jennings says he doesn’t need to say anything else about Rodgers.

7:14 ET – Rodgers fumbles snap. Calls for Favre begin.

7:15 ET – Rodgers first drive as a Packer stalls.

7:16 ETDerrick Frost impresses in his first punt.

7:17 ET – Work calls, so I’ll provide quarterly analysis and I’ll be back if the Packers score or the Vikings score. Feel free to comment. I’ll respond.

7:33 ET – Too many penalties.

7:39 ET – I hate Adrian Peterson.

7:40 ET – First quarter ends, 0-0. The Packers defense looks sluggish while the offense needs some time to get comfortable. TOO MANY PENALTIES.

7:44 ET – These guys are being pretty tough on Jackson. Ex-Packer Ryan Longwell hits a field goal.

Vikings 3, Packers 0

7:49 ET – Can we get off of Favre yet?

7:50 ET – Rodgers shows his arm. Kornheiser compares him to Favre. Props to Jennings.

7:52 ET – Holding in the endzone.


7:54 ET – So close. I’m calling quarterback sneak next play.


Rather Favre-like?

7:56 ETPackers 7, Vikings 3

8:03 ET – Pass interference? Hmm…

8:08 ET – Nice run by Grant.

8:09 ETBrandon Jackson, not so much.

8:10 ET – Nice run Rodgers. Korny brings up backup quarterback situation.

8:11 ET – Rodgers throws an absolute rocket to Driver. I’m on the Rodgers bandwagon. For now. I need my jersey.


Perfect kick by Mason Crosby.

8:24 ET – Rodgers gets a taste of the two-minute drill.

8:27 ET – Rodgers is rather spry. Showing some mobility.

PACKERS WIN!  24-19!

And I lose my whole blog…?

MVP: Aaron Rodgers.  Just gotta go with him.