Say No To T.O.!


Yes, Packers fans, I already see the wheels turning in some of the heads of you Packers fans.  The team in no way should mess with the cancer that is Terrell Owens.  The receiver, recently released by the Dallas Cowboys, is out on the streets looking for work.

Could the Packers use Owens?

Not really.

The team already has Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, and Jordy Nelson.  That’s four receivers that are all serviceable.  Jennings is an up-and-coming superstar, Driver is a serviceable veteran, Jones could definitely become the second receiver if he improves, and Nelson is young, big, and fast.  Where does Owens fit in this?  He doesn’t.  Sure, if the team wanted to go with the Big 5 again, it could work, but Ryan Grant figures to play a bigger role in the offense in 2009 than he did in 2008, lessening to the need for another wide receiver.  TO could make Aaron Rodgers better, as he provides a big and physical target, while Jennings is more vertical and Driver is smaller.  But would Rodgers really want to deal with a cancerous TO after dealing with the Brett Favre drama from his first three years in the league.

Plus, Owens doesn’t fit in with the Ted ThompsonMike McCarthy free agent philosophy, which is to get young bargains.  Would they really want to pay a somewhat substantial amount for a 35-year-old that has more mouth skills than ball skills?  Nah, I don’t think so.

Arrowhead Addict has their own prediction of where TO will end up, and it makes perfect sense.  Could we see TO lining up from everyone’s favorite Javon Walker next year?

(Hat tip to Adam at AA)

Also, did I mention that he’s a prick?