Tweets of Infinite Wisdom From Barnett


We’ve all been waiting for the Packers players to weigh in on the new chapter in the Brett Favre saga. We’ve heard from former Packers and Minnesota Viking and current New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper on his opinion on Favre, but now we get the dirt directly from the team. The heart of the defense at that.

Linebacker Nick Barnett posted the following on his Twitter account (@NickBarnett):

"Thoughts on frave… Well didn’t want to comment but hey anyways I think he should do what ever he feels is in his heart.. But once he putsOnce he puts that purple He will become an enemy which is all part of the game.. It’s hard to imagine him doing that. But if it’s in his hea"

I kind of wish Barnett had been smart enough to pay attention to the 140-character limit so we could all read his full thoughts, but he does put one thing forward: it’s a game, and Favre will be in purple, making him the opponent.

When Green Bay and Minnesota meet this year, it will be two of the most electric games on the schedule. Each team already plays its heart against each other, but add this to the equation it adds a whole new dimension, and that dimension is revenge.

It works like this: when Minnesota and Green Bay meet, Favre (yes, I know I’m talking like he’s already on the team) will be amped up beyond all belief. He’ll be fired up to go out their and stick it to Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and anyone else whom he feels wronged him (he needs to start a punk band). The fellow Vikings will feed off this energy.

This is a double-edged sword, however. The Packers will know Favre will be pushing. They’ll know he’s amped. What does an amped Favre mean? Errant passes. Errant passes mean interceptions. Al Harris, Charles Woodson, Nick Collins and the whole gang will be on their toes looking to snag some passes. Favre has a tendency to try to take games into his own hands. He won’t have to do that that often in Minnesota with Adrian Peterson, but I’d expect a few more audibles and such from Favre against a Green Bay defense he will no longer be familiar with. Fact is, when Minnesota and Green Bay meet, a jumpy Favre could have consequences for the Vikings.

Also, Barnett really needs to get some of his spelling straight:

"By the way didn’t think Twitter was a spelling bee!!! Wow"

Yeah, Nick, just watch your spelling. It’s no wonder people think athletes are idiots.

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