And Favre Flips


Just when we thought it was over, it’s back. I was out all day yesterday, so I have no idea what transpired between Thursday night, where it was reported Brett Favre would not be un-retiring, and now, where it is reported that Favre is having X-rays sent to the Minnesota Vikings for them to take a look at.

Word on the street is that if the shoulder requires major surgery, he will not return. If it doesn’t require surgery, he will return. However, according to Greg Bedard of JS Online, there are some major problems with Favre’s shoulder that could hurt his chances of a come back:

"But there is a palpable fear around Favre that there is a more serious injury to the shoulder. One source said, “If you put your finger in (Favre’s) shoulder it goes right through. That’s not a good sign. There’s a reason why he hasn’t picked up a football yet.”The fear, according to two sources, is that one of three other injuries will be found: additional damage to the rotator cuff; that the biceps tendon has come out of its groove possibly by a rupture in the sheath that surrounds it; or that there is cartilage damage in the shoulder.Any of the three would likely end Favre’s latest comeback attempt."

The Viking Age’s reaction:


I’m not sure Favre realizes that Zygi Wilf and Brad Childress aren’t going to take a chance on damaged goods. If they see Favre’s shoulder like this, they aren’t going to jeopardize a roster spot and team chemistry just so Favre can have one last hurrah and try to stick it to Ted Thompson. What’s the point of having a quarterback that can’t throw the deep ball when that’s the only thing you brought him in for?

TVA also puts another theory out there: Deanna Favre. Apparently the Favre family “likes watching Favre play” and has a “loathing” for Thompson. So now Favre is trying to appease his family? The amount of angles on this story are infinite. Can it just be September 13 already?

Of all the sites, the Atlanta Falcons blog, Blogging Dirty, had the most direct opinion on Favre. It speaks not of a Packers fan being alienated by Favre, but a football fan. Favre is leaving football fans everywhere in an uncomfortable lurch on whether or not this man is worthy of their respect after the stunts he has pulled in the last few years. SideLion Report, everyone’s favorite Detroit Lions blog, also has the cautionary tales of Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and O.J. Simpson (no, not one involving a white Bronco) to consider when making his decision. Although it might be too late for that.