Jclombardi's commentary about Packers fans & Favre.

Jclombardi's commentary about Packers fans & Favre.

Jclombardi's commentary about Packers fans & Favre.

Packers Fans & Favre: Last Harrah?


Jclombardi’s commentary about Packers fans & Favre.

Packers fans claimed their say about Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the Vikings and Saint.  In an amusing Packers news article, the vast majority of Packers fans want to see Favre, Vikings go down in flames. “True estimates that of the fans calling in, the percentage breakdown is 90% want Favre to lose and 10% of them want Favre to go and win his second Super Bowl, cementing his status as one of the greatest players ever in the National Football League.”

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Commentary: We are an enormous country and we use sports teams to re-channel our feeling of loyalty and to express conflict. You are a Brett fan, a Packers fan, or both. The rivalry between fans of the Packers and Vikings is real. For Favre haters, it didn’t help that Deanna Favre, Favre’s wife, told Sports Illustrated in a cover story this week that the couple feel right at home in the Twin Cities. While the Vikings had the upper hand this year defeating the Packers twice, Packers fans can say that the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl (they’re 0-4). 

Commentary: Views from Packers nation–Can The Old Gunslinger Do It? Enjoy QB Favre’s Magical Story–40-year-old Favre has produced the best season of his remarkable career. The fact he has guided the Vikings within one victory of the Super Bowl at such an advanced age is the best NFL story of the year, if not the past decade. Old man Favre is worth rooting for–Is it morally wrong to want to root for Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings until the Green Bay Packers get back to the Super Bowl? Working His Game Plan, Favre’s Big Goal Within Reach–So far, so good. Favre’s brilliant season has included a most satisfying sweep of the Packers, the division title and a smashing divisional-playoff victory over the Dallas Cowboys one week ago.