Jclombardi reviews Packers and bloggers headlines.

Jclombardi reviews Packers and bloggers headlines.

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Jclombardi reviews Packers and bloggers headlines.

Preview: Football Gameplan’s 2010 NFL Team Preview–Packers.

ESPN Power Rankings:  ESPN has its training camp power rankings with Vikings at 3: “Favre is waiting for a two-hour TV special to announce his return”  and Packers at 6: “Improved pass protection for QB Aaron Rodgers could go a long way.”

Lambeau field area expansion: Packers spent more than $27 million in the last five years to acquire more than 28 acres near Lambeau Field [to] become part of a multi-jurisdictional sports and entertainment district.  Also, see “Packers spending big on property near Lambeau”–Packers haven’t said much about what they’ll do with the property. Possibilities include retail, hotels, restaurants, youth sports and health care facilities.

Packers by position:  Nausating fluff!  Yet, it’s a good precamp review.  Rodgers primed for NFL’s QB eliteQB Rodgers: Leader of the Pack. Packers feel healthier tackles, improved young talent bolsters offensive line.  O-line wants to pick up where last season left off.  Packers Finley shows promise as star TEPackers have high comfort level with receivers.  The Packers can have an optimal mix with this talented receiving corps to simply outscore opponents in the early part of the 2010 season.

Jolly failed 20 drugs tests?: Believe it or not, bloggers are quoting from the Miller Lite Football Show that Mark Chmura revealed that Jolly failed 20 drug tests.  Speechless indeed!

Training camp preview: Packers training camp: Offense preview–good offensive training camp preview with possible members of the final roster.

Training camp blogger headline: By end of week, the 2010 season be underway–holy crap!  As we hinted above, we agree with OBN’s preview on how to win successfully in 2010 season:  “They’re going to be a team that scores in bunches. That will put major pressure on the opposition to keep up. The run defense will ensure that opponents will not be able to turn games into grind-it-out, clock dragging affairs. So, opponents will have to look to the passing game. And although  some questions in the secondary, also some big-time playmakers who can kill you. You come away with a formula that should work.”

Metaphor failure: This amusing story about the use of proper metaphors goes to the bloggers’ file saying, “I don’t get it folks.”   From All Kinds of  Time blogger: When Thompson let Favre go, he risked a gloomier present in exchange for the possibility of a rosier future. While Thompson certainly gambled his future with the Packers, he hardly mortgaged his future.

Rooms to rent to attend training camp:  Somebody in Green Bay area find a room for AT at  PL who says “I still don’t have anywhere to stay. Yet, but I’m going come hell or high water”  We feel your pain. We agree that Green Bay should have rooms ready for the bloggers from the Packers nation

Roster rankings: Scout had another part 12 of roster rankings.  Read with amusement.

Bang for the money:  Packer Update’s “Not Enough Bang for the Buck” has the six worst TT’s Sherman-type money deals.  Fans can decide if he is right. 

Neal signs: Packers announced that they have signed Neal, the team’s second-round pick in the NFL draft last April. Neal is a DE out of Purdue becomes the sixth of the Packers’ seven draft picks to sign.  Left tackle Bulaga, the team’s first-round pick, is the only player without a contract.