Packers: Favre Watch–Retiring Again?


Jclombardi talks about the “End of an Era: Favre Retiring?”

Favre Watch–It’s Over?: Watching the afternoon sports news, fans saw the bold ESPN and AP headlines: “The Final Goodbye? and “The Final Farewell?”  The news reports stated “Teammate: Favre texted players saying he’s done“, “Favre’s ready to retire“, and “The Favre saga continues, but coming to an end.”  Sources claimed that he had sent emails to his teammates that he is done.  After these stories about Favre telling Vikings he won’t play in 2010, ESPN and NFL network began special reports talking about his legendary gunslinger NFL career and ironman legacy. 

Classic gunslinger is gone?: Realizing the inevitably of time and age, we understood that human mortality had finally taken its toll on the ageless grey gunslinger.  Favre was so long a Sunday afternoon fixture during our NFL games.  We could not look forward to more Sunday afternoons watching the legendary Favre play in that horrible purple uniform and playing one more time on a timeless autumn day in the holy stadium.  Something great had been lost in the eternal silence of this dog day afternoon summer day in America.   The ironman Favre was gone, maybe forever forever?  Really?

Skeptical Packers, NFL players & fans reacted with stunned disbelief:   Players on Favre retirement: We’ll believe it when we see it. RB Grant: “Get out of here,” Grant said, laughing when told that the reports were, at least for now, true. Really?” LB Matthews: “There’s no doubt about it, if you look at last year’s game, we were able to shut down the run, but unfortunately, Brett Favre got the best of us. He’s an outstanding quarterback. He’s proven that for 20 years now. He’s an outstanding player.”  Cowboy QB Romo, who grew up in Wisconsin as a Favre fan, said he was surprised the veteran might hang it up after playing so well last season: “If it is (true), then we were lucky enough to watch an unbelievable talent and great guy.”  The Vikings genuinely love the guy and wanted him back. Vikings guard Hutchinson: “I lost to him six straight times.  So, right away there was respect in our locker room for who he is and what kind of player he is. Everybody on our team knows how much he means to it.”  Packers fans can’t believe Favre won’t return to Minnesota Vikings.

Twitter, Facebook, ESPN, and CBS doubts: sports commentators expressed their doubts expecting Favre to return for his 20th season.  By evening, ESPN ran the “Believe it or Not” headline.  Writer Florio of said, “He’ll be in the Superdome on the evening of September 9, when the Vikings face the Saints to start the 2010 season. He’ll be there. He’ll be in uniform. He’ll play.”  CBS: “Favre future ‘fluid;’ retirement reports may be premature.”  DON’T Believe Favre Retirement HYPE!

The Future, either way: By the distant haunting voices in the wind blowing through the trees, we were reminded that time  heals all wounds.  Someday, on future autumn days under golden suns, the Packers fans can look forward to three things: the retirement of number 4;  the lifting of the Favre banner among the Packers legendary names in the holy stadium; and Favre’s entrance into the NFL Hall of Fame.