Packers: Final Roster & Management Analysis


Jclombardi commentary about final roster and management.

Sports, its business, & management simply reflect the culture.  Football is no different watching its bottom business line, personnel, and management.  While reviewing the final roster and its cut, sports writer GB seemed to be the only “right on” reviewer:

The label on GM Thompson has always been that he can build a roster to a certain point, but doesn’t make the moves needed to put the team over the top. “Forever building two years down the road and not for the now” is the label [on] Thompson until he proves otherwise. Thompson is carrying five players that aren’t ready to help the Packers if needed this season because of injury: OG McDonald, TE Quarless, OG Newhouse, DE Wilson and OLB Zombo. Wilson, Zombo and McDonald could be good players with development…on the practice squad. Packers need more effective backup experience and/or talent at DE, OLB, CB and S.

For the record, fans may consider blogger TV’s view: It pained Thompson to part ways with Giacomini and Barbre .  In his six drafts, Thompson has brought in twelve offensive linemen, and of the ten drafted before this season, only three remain (Colledge, Spitz, and Sitton).

We find such bold frankness to be refreshing and insightful about the state-of-affairs about the 2010 Packers heading into the regular season.  Generally, we agree noting also that the nauseating fluff Packers press and the Packers organization need to learn this fact of life, “If you wait for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.”

Of course, TT can always visit us in a blue suit to donate a nice locker for posterity and for our amusement.  Yes, while waiting for the next flight out of Chicago airport and watching the blonde board a plane for Milwaukee at dusk, a fan was right to echo, “It’s not about the money, is it?”

Meanwhile, with the coming regular season, the Packers team face a tough schedule.  They better prepare to ride a consistent offensive machine to win games until the defense can sort out its defensive issues with experience and additions with time.