A “Programatic” Vacation


O.k so really, my vacation was nice, relaxing, and I actually for the first time in four years stayed away from sports writing, managing, and even watching the news 24/7, so it wasn’t “programatic” but I wanted to throw that into the title as a hats off to Brad Childress over in Minnesota for his use of the word.  Describing the sudden and surprising release of Randy Moss, Chilly said it was a “Programatic” non-fit.  I checked.  It’s not a word and we should all be thankful that we do not have this dude for our HC.

After the exciting blowout win by the Packers over the Jets…o.k. so 9-0 isn’t a blowout but it sure as hell was a lot of fun to watch the Jets squirm like they did, I realized that this team isn’t bad.  They just make bad mistakes at the worst of times.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the up and coming QB’s in this league and it’s no wonder the team can stay in stride with their opposition but they have to be more consistent.  Sure, the loss of Ryan Grant early in the season and for the season really took a bite out of the offense, but good teams overcome bad injuries.  It appears that maybe, just maybe, the Green Bay Packers are finding a way to overcome theirs.

Consider that this is the same team who lost to the Miami Dolphins a few weeks ago who in turn lost to the Jets a week before that on national TV.  Makes you even more pissed that the Packers couldn’t get anything going until later in the game.  Let’s face it, we got lucky we were still in the game at all.  Then, facing the loud mouth NYJ’s the Packers defense stuffed a big goose egg into their scoring column.

While the team laid it’s egg on the foot of Mason Crosby it was easy to see that the team may just be turning a corner.  One that could give the team back it’s missing identity.

All of this couldn’t come at a better time as the free falling, excuse me, fallen Dallas Cowboys arrive for a Sunday night treat at Lambeau.  While nothing is a given in the NFL it’s hard to believe that a team that simply isn’t playing football anymore can muster enough moxie to pull out a win against a team that is starting to find it’s rhythm.  As they say, “it’s why they play the game”.  Still, with a one game lead in the North over Chicago, the Packers can’t ask for better timing.

Sluggish offense or no sluggish offense, last weeks game was a victory for the team, not just the defense.  And that is definitely not, “programatic”.