Packers Lose in Heart-breaker 27 Patriots 31


The Green Bay Packers lost a hard fought game to the New England Patriots 27-31.

The Packers came into the game 13 pt underdogs, but they were determined to make a game out of  it from the start. From the kick off to be exact.  The Packers won the coin toss but elected to kick.  The opening kick of the game was an onside kick that caught the Patriots completely off guard.

The Packers recovered and drove down the field for a Crosby 31 yard field goal.  The Patriots responded with a Green-Ellis TD run for 33 yards.  Nine seconds into the 2nd quarter Matt Flynn connected with James Jones for a 66 yard TD.  Greg Jennings  also had a TD in the 2nd quarter.
Then came the play everyone will be talking about for years.  The Packers kick off after the TD and the ball is picked up by 300 lb linebacker Dan Connolly.  Connolly rumbled and stumbled for 71 yards.  The runner looked to be moving in slow motion, yet the Packers failed at tackling him.  It was a strange play to watch. With one minute left in half, the Patriots were able to score a Brady to Hernandez TD.  The Packers led 17-14 at the half.Flynn threw a pick 6 in the 3rd quarter, INT by Arrington.  But then threw a 6 yard pass for a TD to John Kuhn. Third quarter score – Green Bay 24 New England 21.

4th Quarter, Crosby kicked a 19 yard field goal, making the score GB 27- NE 21. Two and half minutes later, New England kicked a 38 yard field goal bringing the score to 27-24. Brady had a another TD pass to Hernandez for 10 yards.

The Packers got the ball back and did a good job driving down the field. With one minute left on the clock, Flynn got sacked, and was unable to receive the play from the sidelines in time to make a game saving play.

In the end, the Packers dominated the game. The Patriots had only 19 minutes on offense. There were a few mistakes by the special teams and clock management.  All things considered, Flynn did a great job.  He was pretty calm most of the game. The receiving corps stepped up.  There were a couple of tipped balls by the defense that could have been INT’s.  In all, I’d give the Packers an B+.

Next up: The New York Giants