Packin’ it in …


There are many places to get news about the Green Bay Packers …

the traditional media covers the press conferences, the workouts … getting the soundbites that bounce around the Internet like a punted ball that comes to earth at the seven yard line.

With that in mind, I would like to allow you to do some bouncing of your own by providing links to websites, stories and blogs that may not be at the fingertips of many Packers fans.

I’ll call it “Packin’ it in” and I’ll try to offer this to readers at least once per week.

A couple of my favorite stops for Packers news is Acme Packing Company, this week, Brandon brings us an entertaining and enlightening look at what Aaron Rodgers has been saying this off-season … and it’s Rodgers’ look at his feelings about the Atlanta playoff game last year that provide the most insight into what the team, and Rodgers, was thinking heading into that game.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg at that site. There are many other stories that one won’t find anywhere else … check it out.

Another favorite stop is Cheesehead TV, Here’s a site that’s packed with a ton of stories, blogs, links, tweets, videos, podcasts … you name it, and you will probably find it here.

One of my favorite features on the site in addition to the podcasts, are the videos where the guys provide their opinions and many sidelights that you might find interesting … and won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Another site that might be of interest is this Packers new collection point, Packers Matters, a site that’s a bit messy in appearance, but offers links to stories from across the Internet … including links back to this site, which is much appreciated (excuse the blatant plug!). Really, this site is chocked full of fun stuff … again, opinions and such that won’t be found anywhere else and will provide all the varied views you want and need.

Moving on, one would be remiss not to mention Total Packers … Nicely laid out, this site provides not only news about the Green Bay Packers, but stories about the happenings of all NFC North teams. The most interesting are the recent posts about the Minnesota Vikings this week, especially this one about defensive line coach Karl Dunbar … I guess I hadn’t been watching the Vikes much this week beyond the talk of their new stadium to see this sordid story … typical Vikings, I must say.

Needless to say, this is a well-built site with postings or links to other sites (including this one!) updated at least daily, sometimes more than once a day, so you can keep going back for more information.

And finally, today’s Packin’ it in will include this highly-touted site, Packer Chatters … Another nicely designed site where you will find stories, links, blogs, podcasts and so much more that will capture your attention. Take a look.

So, in a nutshell, this, despite the lockout, was an eventful week in NFL news. While baseball takes the headlines at this time of year (which is also a good thing), there is so much going on behind the scenes in the NFL … the bulk of which you can’t find in the mainstream media. You find it in places like and the few sites I have provided here.

Of course, all of these sites also have their own links that will take you ever-further into the depths of Green Bay Packers news.

Enjoy it all, but I would be remiss in telling you that your first stop, heck your homepage, should be Here you will find my strange perspective on the NFL, as well as the comments of Melinda Banks and a developing cadre  of writers who love the Packers.

Stop back every day and as we inch toward the 2011 season and the defending of a championship, things no doubt will heat up tremendously.