Favre: Back in Green Bay?


OK, call me crazy … but stay with me here … if nothing else, this will be entertaining …

Steve Wyche, the NFL.com analyst, posted an interesting story today that puts Brett Favre back front and center in the league, but only if the lockout continues well into July.

But it’s not just Brett he brings to the discussion – he mentions several veteran retired players who could be utilized by teams to help them through this time of uncertainty.

We have already heard that Tiki Barber is going to make an attempt at a comeback … not a bad idea considering he retired at the top of his game.

But there are others – Kurt Warner, Warrick Dunn, Antonio Pearce to name a few who might be considered as top candidates to make a comeback should teams get to that point of desperation.

Teams have got to be at least entertaining the thought of bringing back experienced players like this – especially those teams with newly drafted players at the skilled positions, such as quarterback. Consider the Minnesota Vikings, for one. They drafted Christian Ponder as their quarterback of the future, but also as the player they will probably end up relying on in during the here and now … the team needs a QB to take the bull by the horns and it looks like the team is ready to forge ahead with him in charge. That is unless they go out and get an experienced quarterback.

Brett Favre has got to be part of that conversation.

But let’s take it a step further … what if players are locked out long enough that team owners look toward replacement players?

God forbid, but if it comes to that, let me throw out the unthinkable – couldn’t Brett Favre land in Green Bay? Yes, the logical team for him to consider would be the Vikings because of his presence there the past two seasons.

But think about it: Wouldn’t Favre be far happier in a place where he spent the bulk of his career playing? And wouldn’t he be happier playing for a coach under whom he had one of his best statistical seasons?

What better “former” player could the Packers pick up in that situation? Who would be better to build a replacement team around? Talk about made for television drama. The league’s talking tongues would certainly have a field day with that story and the fans would absolutely react one of only two ways: They would love it or hate it.

Obviously our hope is that we never get to that point, but if we do … can we not just consider the possibilities? Could we see Brett Favre back under center wearing number 4 one more time … but this time throwing to other replacement players (stay with me her) Antonio Freeeman and Mark Chumura? Heck, we could even have Dorsey Levens or how about Edgar Bennett in the backfield?

OK, I’m giving it a stretch here, but in this world and in this league I’ve come to the realization that saying never is a dangerous thing. So many players in the past (and we all know Favre’s history) have retired and unretired. Remember when Reggie White tore all our hearts out by going to Carolina for one last hurrah?

This is a crazy league. These are crazy times, so why not consider the crazy alternatives that could be before us if the league and players brass don’t make things happen and happen soon?

I, for one would certainly watch a league of replacement players just for the fun and novelty of it. I would hope that if it comes to that it would be short-lived. But the possibilities could certainly be enjoyable. I would pay money to see Brett Favre run down Lambeau Field with his arms raised, the crowd on its feet and screaming after he threw a 65-yard touchdown pass.

I think we would all never forget a moment like that again.

But if the impossible were to become reality, that wouldn’t necessarily be the scenario. Most of us would probably think it more likely that he would throw his last pass (once again) to the opponent and slink off the field and back to Mississippi.

Maybe it’s better just to leave things as they are.

That’s why there needs to be a settlement … and soon.