Packers vs. Broncos: A preview from Denver blogger


Kim Constantinesco, the Denver Broncos blogger with Predominantly Orange, took time out of his busy schedule to answer questions about the Denver Broncos and provide a look at Sunday’s upcoming game.

Here’s what the word is coming from the Mile High City.

1. Quarterback has been a serious issue with the Broncos this year. Has the Jay Cutler trade been seen as a positive and will there be any chance the Packers will see Tim Tebow this weekend?

"Many think that the Bears got the better end of that trade for sure, but to be honest with you, Cutler’s name isn’t mentioned in Denver too much anymore. The fans want to see Tebow play and the focus is on when he will have the opportunity to. The only way the Packers will see Tebow this week is if Kyle Orton gets injured or if the Broncos decide to use him in a goal line situation. Other than that, John Fox won’t put him in just to appease the fans. Fox still considers Orton the guy who gives the Broncos the best shot at winning."

2. It seems as though it’s taking longer than some feel for John Fox’s era to take hold. How do you feel the players are adjusting … Do they seem to be warming to the new coach?

"We are only in week four of the Fox’s first season with the team. People expect things to take time here especially with the lockout hurting the rebuilding process. All of the new head coaches this year are coming in at a disadvantage because of the lockout and a very brief evaluation period of what they have to work with.As far as the Broncos are concerned, they really like their new coach. Unlike Josh McDaniels, Fox gets the respect of the locker room. The defensive guys especially like that Fox puts defense on a pedestal. Mike Shanahan and McDaniels were offensive brains who would air it out a lot. The locker room likes the shift in philosophy – put defense first and control the clock to run other teams into the ground."

3. The Broncos are well aware of the Packers’ offensive juggernaut. What will they do to try and slow the Packers? Will they have an answer for TE Jermichael Finley?

"The Broncos are trying to bring their top three defensive players back from injury this week. The return of Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil, and D.J. Williams should help their case. As far as game planning, I expect the Broncos to focus on stopping the run first and then apply a deadly pass rush with Dumervil and Von Miller. I think it will be the Broncos making adjustments as the game goes on rather than sticking to one specific game plan."

4. For the Broncos defense … Who do the Packers need to focus on?

"Hands down, Elvis Dumervil (assuming he plays) and Von Miller. The pass rushing duo creates a lot of problems for linemen because of their speed and their ability to disengage."

5. The Packers defensive backfield continues to give up big plays … Will the Broncos look to exploit that seeming weakness? And do they have the weapons to do so?

"If the Broncos can establish the run early on, then look for some long balls down the field. Brandon Lloyd is the go-to guy, but second-year man Eric Decker is a threat too.Because Brandon Lloyd led the league in receiving last year, the secondary usually focuses on him. Decker leads the team in receiving because teams don’t prepare for him specifically. He’s got great size and his ability to gain yards after the catch is impressive."

6. What will the Packers need to do to shut down the Broncos’ offense?

"When the Broncos become one-dimensional, they slow. The Broncos have faltered when Orton doesn’t have protection from his offensive line. Also, if the Packers can limit the Broncos to field goals or stop them completely in the red zone, Denver has a hard time bouncing back from that."

7. Do you feel the Broncos have a legitimate chance to defeat the 3-0 Packers at Lambeau Field?

"The Broncos have a lot of talent, but they haven’t figured out how to utilize it fully. If they can execute nearly perfectly on Sunday and the Pack have an off day, they’ve got a good shot. They were underdogs at Tennessee last week, yet only lost by 3."

8. Your prediction for the game?

"Packers – 31 Broncos- 21"