Packers take it to the ‘sacrificial Rams’


The Packers turned in an painfully boring 24-3 win over the St. Louis Rams today where probably the most excitement came when AJ Hawk jumped up from a sack and extended his middle finger toward the Packers bench.

Odd situation which most likely will be one of the first questions asked about

More on that in a later post.

In fact, the biggest news came out of Detroit just after the Packers had sewn up their win … the 49ers did the Packers a huge favor by knocking off the Lions 25-19, propelling the Packers into sole possession of the NFC North and left them as the only unbeaten team in the league.

That all came after the Packers had long left the field and had taken their showers.

But it helped put an exclamation point another solid day for both the Packers’ offense and defense.

Again the Packers defense was gashed early, bending but not breaking. The defense continually stiffened when the Rams ventured into Packers territory with a mix of a solid running game and a proficient passing effort by Sam Bradford.

The play of the game came when  Jordy Nelson beat former Packers cornerback Al Harris down the left sideline, juked the safety, and ran 93 yards for a touchdown.

Up until that moment, it had been a sluggish start for the Packers and the Rams as both teams scrummed the middle of the field.

After the slow start, the Packers held a 3-0 lead after one quarter before erupting for 21 second quarter points.

But that was it as the Packers nor the Rams couldn’t do much in the second half, except for revert to the first half practice of running between the 30s.

Rodgers finished 17 of 28 for 310 yards, 3 touchdowns and an interception that came off a perfect pass to Greg Jenning he tipped to the defender.

Rodgers told the press after the game that “… it’s tough to win in this league … I have confidence in the guys we’ve got. We just have to play better … we should be more effective in the second half.”

When asked about some of the drops today, Rodgers defended his teammates, saying that the wind was doing some strange things with the ball. In particular, he mentioned the pass that was dropped by a wide open Jordy Nelson that would have gone for a first down and extended the drive.

“That … first one to Jordy was tough to catch … it was quacking out there … I’m proud of the catches they did make and I’m sure they want the ones they didn’t make back.”

For the record, Rams’ Sam Bradford was 28-44, 321 yards, but had no touchdowns.

Bradford moved the team well at times, but their drives continually bogged down deep in Packers territory. Much of that was due to the Packers opportunistic defense.

The Packers racked up 74 total yards on the ground between James Starks (49 yards) and Ryan Grant (25 yards). Not impressive, but enough for a win.

Jordy Nelson led the Packers with 104 yards on just two catches – the big one being the 93-yarder for a TD.

Greg Jennings caught six balls for 82 yards and again showed why he has become Rodgers’ favorite target.

So, while it wasn’t a thing of beauty and far from perfection, this is a win … one that sends the Packers to 6-0, the first time a Packers team has had a 6-0 start since 1965.

It seems this team continues to find ways to win, even when they aren’t playing their best ball.

That’s the sign of a champion.

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