Bears blogger thinks Sunday’s game will be a cakewalk … for the Packers


Mike Burzawa of, the‘s Chicago Bears site, sat down with to answer a few of the questions we thew at him about this weekend’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Bears.

Though he’s not too hopeful for his team against the Packers, everyone in Packers Nation is walking on pins and needles for this one … it’s the Bears and if anything’s loss against the Kansas City Chiefs taught us anything, it’s to watch for the trap games. This is shaping up to be just that … wounded team with their major offensive threats hurt, four-game losing streak, fighting for their playoff lives.

Though it looks to be a cakewalk for the Packers, there are many more factors playing into this one.

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Q. The Bears defense is always formidable … The Packers’ offense is limping right now … Do you foresee a defensive battle?

"The Bears have usually been able to hold the Packers down off their average scoring, so maybe they can hold the Packer to under 40?  Kidding aside, I think the Bears defense will try to exploit some soft spots along the Packers’ offensive line and get pressure on Rodgers.  The Packers defense need only show up to shut down the Bears offense, who might not convert a third down even if there was no one lined up on the other side of the ball."

Q. Without their main weapons on offense, the bears have been pretty ineffective, but is benching Caleb Hanie really the answer?

"There is no way that the Bears could put Hanie back out there and tell people that he gives them the best chance to win.  Hanie has gotten worse with every performance, capped off with a pair of Pick-6’s last week against the Seahawks.  That said, I don’t think McCown is the answer either."

Q. How frustrating is it that the Bears have dropped four in a row since they lost Cutler and Forte, especially given that they had a very legitimate shot at the playoffs?

"It’s gut-wrenching.  Confidence in the team was sky high when they got to 7-3 while riding a 5 game winning streak.  The offense was averaging 32 points per game in that stretch and the defense was playing at their usual high level.  It looked like things had finally clicked and a playoff berth was nearly certain.  Then Cutler got hurt; then Forte and now the wheels have fallen off."

Q. If the Bears finish at or below .500 will Lovie Smith’s seat get really hot?

"Lovie will be fine.  The McCaskey’s trust him and are fiercely loyal.  I highlt doubt they’ll hold him accountable for the mess that this season turned into.  The real hot seat up at Halas Hall is Jerry Angelo’s.  People are really frustrated at the lack of depth on this team to sustain through injuries, even at key positions.  Caleb Hanie has been here for 4 years and it falls on Angelo to not have a better backup quarterback in place, especially after the beating Cutler took last season.  And oh by the way, the offensive line is still pretty bad, the defense is getting old without much young talent in the pipeline to step in as the veteran core of the team ages."

Q. Will the Bears continue with the Jay Cutler era or is it time to start looking at other options?

"The Cutler love has never been higher here in Chicago.  Since he got injured, people realize how great he is to make this offensive cast of characters into a productive bunch.  Jay Cutler will 1000% be back next season.  The Bears will be really wise to invest some money in a veteran backup, get some decent receivers and pick up another offensive lineman or two."

Of course, we sure would like to get your honest opinions about the game, along with a final score …

"It’s not looking too good for the Bears.  They are banged up and can’t do anything offensively.  I just don’t see how they do anything offensively.  The defense will try to hold them down, but they’ll wear down over the course of the game.Packers 27, Bears 13"

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