Packers vs. Seahawks: Play by play


Sep 24, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) is pressured by Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons (91) at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Here’s a look at tonight’s Packers vs. Seahawks game – play by play:

Who cares whether Trent Dilfer played for the Seahawks?

First Seahawks series

Two runs by Marshawn Lynch for 8 yards and then a false start by Seahawks

Third and seven pressure on Wilson

Punt – fair catch by Cobb

Packers first series

Rodgers scrambles for 17 yards and first down

No gain screen to Cedric Benson

Second and 10 – Benson no gain

Third and 10 – Rodgers sacked

Punt to the Seahawks 8 yard line

First two series about defense – Rodgers 1 for 1 for 0 yards; Wilson 0-1

Seahawks second series

Wilson pass for 8 yards

Second and 2 -pass for six

First and 10

pass to Anthony McCoy for nine

Second and 1 – Lynch for five

First and 10 – false start

First and 15 ball at 39 – Lynch for six

Second and 9 – Woodson holding –

First down from the 49 yard line

Wilson pressured by Erik Walden – throws it away

Lynch for six

Third and 4 – McMillian knocks down pass – big pass

Punt down at Packers 1

This could become a game of field position

Packers second series

First and 10 from 1

Inc to Jennings

Second and 10 quick pass to D.J. Williams

First and 10

quick Pass to Jordy nelson for 6

second and 4

Rodgers slipped and fell – second sack

Third and 9

Time out – Packers

offside defense

Third and 5 from 17 – seven yards to James Jones 1st down

1st and 10

Pass to Benson for 8 Sitton hands to the face 10 yards

1st and 20

Incomplete to Benson – pressure on Rodgers – Bulaga struggling

second and 20 – Rodgers sacked third sack

3rd and 26 – pass to Nelson for 10

Punt  downed at 28 – Packers ineligible man down field

Punt angain – fair catch at 35 yard line

Rodgers first time sacked three times in first quarter – Rodgers holding ball too long and Bulaga getting beat

Seahawks third possession –

First and 10 – Lynch for two

Second and 8 – Pass to Lynch – Hawk tracks him down 1yards

Third and 7

Pressure on Wilson – throws it away


Cobb two yards on return

End of first quarter

Packers 0 Seahawks 0

Late hit by Seahawks 15 yard penalty

Packers fourth possession starts at 37

Pass to Benson for 8 yards

Second and 2 – pass to Jennings for one yard – timid in running ball

third and 1

Rodgers sacked for fourth time


fair catch at 17

Seahawks 1st and 10

Lynch for 4 yards

Second and 6 – Lynch stopped by BJ Raji no gain

Third and 6 – incomplete Casey Hayward with the knockaway


Cobb Muffs the punt  – ball out to the 11

Packers 1st and 10

Cobb for 20 yards – biggest offensive play in the game

Ball at 31

Pass to Jennings for 13

First and 10 at 44

Benson for 4

second and 6

Third and 6 – Rodges fifth sack

Punt to 27

Seahawks first and 10 ball at 27

Holding on Seahawks

1st and 20 –

Penalties, sacks, defense

offsids Packers

Lynch for 8

second and 7 – Lynch 3 yard

Third and 4 – Wilson scramble for first down

first and 10 from 40

Lynch for 3

Personal foul on D.J. Smith 15 yards

Ball of Packers 42 – Touchown bass from Wilson to Golden Tate

Seahawks 7 Packers 0

6:22  of second quarter


Cobb to the 24

First and 10

Pass to Finley for 5

Second and 5 – Pass to Cobb loses 2

Third and 6 – Pass to James Jones first down

Ball at 42 – personal foul face mask 15 yards

First down at Seahaks 47 – holding on Saturday

First and 20 at Packers 43

Rodgers sacked for seventh time

Second and 27 – Rodgers sacked – holding the ball way too long

Chris Clemons wihth trhee sacks

pass to Kuhn for 8 yards

4th and 20

Packers punt

Bush downs it at the 1

Seahawks  ball at 1

two minute warning

Lynch for 1 yard

third and four

Worthy injured

1:05 – Lynch runs for first down

Seahawks run out the clock

Seahawks 7 Packers 0



#12 QB




#24 RB




#81 WR


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Packers first and 10

Cedric Benson for 6

Second and 4

Benson for 7 first cown

Incomplete to DJ Williams down right side

second and 10 – from 34

Benson good run for you – picking his way up the middle

third and 4 – Pass to Jennings for 5

Frist down and 10

Benson for 8 yards

Benson for 4 yards

First and 10 ball at hawks 44

Personal foul on Seahawks 15 yards

Ball at Seahawks 28

Benson for 3

Second and 7 – pass to Benson out of the backfield for 6

Third and 2  – Penalty too many men on the field 

First and 10 

Rodgers stumbles handing to Benson, loses 1 yard

second and 11

Pass to Kuhn for 6

Third and 5

Rodgers has time, but pass to Driver off his fingertips and he nearly makes circus catch. Incomplete

Mason Crosby 29-yard field goal

Seahawks 7 Packers 3

Kickoff to Seattle – Robert Francois personal foul after the play was over 15 yards

Rodgers, despite 8 sacks, is 15-20 for 102 yards

Russell Wilson is 5-10 for 69 yards – 41 came on the TD pass to Golden Tate

First and 10 – Marshawn Lynch for loss of 3

Nick Perry with impressive sack; 

Third and 32

Delay of game on Seahawks

Third and 37

Run for 10

Punt by Ryan 64 – Cobb returns it 2 yards


First and 10 at the 11 

Benson for 5

Incomplete to Kuhn

Third and 5 at 17

Great throw by Rodgers to Finley

Pass to James Jones 8 yards

In the no huddle – second and 1

Pass to Jennings for six

First and 10 ball at 39

Seattle timeout

Pass to Jennings for 3

Second and 7

Benson for 2

Third ad 5 

Seattle hands to the face – five yard penalty

First and 10

Benson for 7 down to the 22

Second and 3

Third and 3

Incomplete to Finley

40-yard FG Mason Crosby

Seattle 7 Packers 6

Packers kickoff – returned to 7

First and 10 – Lynch for 3

Second and 7

Lynch for 2

End of third quarter

third and 5


Three and out

Punt – Fair catch – flag – Ok, who was the foul on?


Bal on 19

First and 10 – Rodgers throws ball away

Second and 10

Benson for no gain

Third and 10

Pass to Finley for 13

Frist and 10 – no huddle

Rodgers low throw to Jennings incomplete

Second and 10

Pass incomplete

Third and 10

Pass to Jones for 13 – ball at the 45

First down

Benson loses 3 yards

Second and 13

Pass to Rodgers for 11

Third and 2 – Interference on Chancellur

Ball at 39

First and 10

Incomplete – Rodgers has all night

Secnd and 10

Pass to Jones of 11

First down and 10 from the 27

Pass to Benson to

offset penalties Jennings and Browner fight

Pass to John Kuhn for first down to the 11 yard line

Pass incomplete

Second and 10

TD to Jennings – Reviewed and REVERSED – ball at the 1

Ball at 1

Third and half a yard

Rodgers ruled short of the first down

McCarthy challenges spot

Rules that Rodgers made first down

Rodgers no gain = ninth sack of the night

First and goal at the 1

Benson for the TD


Go for 2 no good

Packers 12 Seahawks 7

Packers kickoff



First and 10 at the 20

Interception Jarron McMillian but Erik Walden called for roughing the passer

Lych for 6

8 minutes

Lynch for fou

First and 10

Wilson scrambles for first down

First and 10 from the 42

Lynch for 2 – penalty holding Seattle

First and 20

Lynch for 4 – penalty holding Seattle

First and 30

Critical pass interference penalty on Shields – worst call of the season

Second and 2

Lynch to the 15

Third and 1

Wilson stopped for loss of 2

Fourth and 2

Bal at the 22

Lynch for first down

First and 10

Pass to Miller 4 yards

Ball at 10

Second and 6

Lynch no gain

Third and 6

Pass to Tate – short of first down; big tackle by Casey Hayward

Fourth and 3

Pass incomplete to Golden Tate in the end zone

Packers take over on downs

Benson hit in backfield, fumbles. Saturday recovers at 2

1:45 left

Timeout  Seahawks

Second and 15

Ball at 2

Benson no gain

1:41 left

Timeout Seattle

Third and 15

Kuhn for 2

Packers 4th down

:57 remains

:46 remains

First and 10

Ball at GB 45

Incomplete pass with Woodson coverage

pass to Rice to the 24

Incomplete to Golden Tate in the end zone – Shelds coverage

:18 left ball at 24

Incomplete thrown away

:12 left

Third and 10

Incomplete – Woodson on coverage


Touchdown ruled

Appears M.D. Jennings has the interception

Holy shit

I Can’t believe it – They reviewed it and ruled it a TD – The officials ruled Golden Tate had simultaneous possession

That’s after a push-off and interference by Tate.

Seahawks 13 Packers 12



#12 QB




#24 RB




#81 WR




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