Packers fans: Casting call is today in Green Bay


The Bikini Girls are well known among the ranks of Lambeau Field. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Today is the day for Packers fans to be considered to star in a planned television series … check out the post below and get on over to the casting call if you are really interested.

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Read below and get on out there …

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the story below about the production, “Cheeseheads” and their search for Packers fans from Wisconsin to star in the show that is being created by the folks at “Good Clean Fun.” The company is developing a TV series starring none other than Packers fans – folks who represent the good life and people of Wisconsin.

Well, the casting call just got a bit closer.

The company is bringing its efforts right to The Stadium View Bar at 1963 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, Thursday, Dec. 6 … in fact, the company is sending “producers from MTV’s Run’s House, Life of Ryan, and Style’s Tia and Tamera in search of passionate Wisconsinites with BIG personalities” to star in the new series. The producers will be in Green Bay on that single day from 4-9 p.m.

Their only requirements? See if you meet these qualifications:

• Are you proud to hail from the great state of Wisconsin?

• Do you love beer, brats, and Sundays at Lambeau Field?

• Are you the ultimate Cheesehead?

If you think you’ve got it, attend the casting call. If you want more information about the company, the series and the casting call, visit

In the meantime, you can also check out more in the previous post here on … see below.

Packers fans are unique in their dedication, loyalty and passion. The world over knows this and it is being highlighted by Good Clean Fun, a production company that is in the process of developing a television series in which they will follow Packers fans.

D.J. Feldman, the casting director for the series, “Cheeseheads” (that’s what it’s being called at this point) said they are looking for video submissions from Packers fans who feel they are ultimate die-hard followers of the team. But Feldman said they are looking not only for the die-hard fans, but people who also represent “all things that are Wisconsin.”

By that he means hard working, true-to-their-values Wisconsinites who also love the Packers.

“Ninety-nine percent of the people who live in Wisconsin are Packers fans and we’re looking for people who are friendly – that is what makes these people special and why they are so proud of their state and the Packers,” Feldman said in a phone interview with

In all types of weather, Packers fans enjoy games at Lambeau Field. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Feldman said that because Packers fans’ dedication is so multi-generational that the ease with which they should be able to find great stories and great people through the casting call is one of the reasons he feels this could be a highly successful series.

“We’re looking for the best stories and the best people. We’re receiving replies every day,” he said. However, the casting call-out to Packers fans is not complete. The call-out will continue until Monday, Nov. 19, despite the notice below that says Nov. 16.

So, if you think you’ve got that special quality that would make for a great story on television, get the video camera out and put together a piece to send in. The information for submissions is below.

The cheeseheads series will certainly contain a lot of humor, but Feldman is hoping that the compelling stories will illustrate the complexity and honor that each of the fans featured bring to the table.

When the actual production begins will be up to the production and broadcasting companies. However, Feldman said that once the casting portion is complete, the rest of the production schedule usually moves along quite quickly.

For more information about the project and what you need to do to get involved, see the press release below:

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"Casting Call for Packer Fans  Do you arrive at Lambeau Field at 6am to tailgate?Have you had season tickets in the family for 40 years?Do you withstand freezing temperatures, wearing nothing but green and gold body paint?Are you proud to hail from the great state of Wisconsin?If so, you are the Ultimate Cheesehead and we want to talk to you! Yes, Packers fans get excited about their team. Raymond T. Rivard photographGood Clean Fun is NOW CASTING for a major cable network! We’re looking for REAL PEOPLE who frequent the Tundra Tailgate Zone not just for fun, but because there is nothing more fun! We’re seeking passionate, outrageous and obsessive Packers fans who know that being a Cheesehead is more than wearing a hat, it’s a way of life.No prior television experience needed- just an outgoing personality and a love for all things Packers-related! To apply, please send a maximum 5 minute video submission, SHOWING US THE FOLLOWING:What makes you the ultimate cheesehead?What do you do for fun both in and off season?Show us your friends/family/crewShow us your hobbies/passions/what you do for workLinks to your social network profilesTwo recent picturesPlease send video submissions OR to cheeseheadcasting@yahoo.comPlease include your contact information. We are only accepting videos at this time.Deadline is Nov. 16th"