A Green Bay Packers Valentine’s Day


We all love the Packers.

I once read somewhere that between Christmas and Valentine’s Day it was against Hallmark law to break up with your significant other and if you did you would be doomed to a life of rooting for the Detroit Lions.

So that got me to thinking,  besides my wife and kids, my only other one true love is the Green Bay Packers.

Now normally Green and Gold does not match well with red, unless it is a bloodletting that we are providing to a bunch of tutu wearing girls to the South.  So that got me to thinking (no comments from the peanut gallery!), if I were going to send Valentine’s to my favorite (and some not so favorite) Packer players, what would the message be?

So to Aaron Rodgers, this Valentine’s Day, remember that you are worth every penny, even if it takes 10,000,000,000 pennies!

I also have a simple message for Ted Thompson, this Valentine’s Day, please find it in your heart to give number 12, 10,000,000,000 reasons to play!

Then I thought about Clay Matthews, and it dawned on me that so many female Packers fans swoon at the sight of his muscles that his Valentine would need to say, Clay, you are the love, the light and the fantasy of the ladies of the Packers Nation … oh wait that’s your hair!

Moving forward and hopefully the Packers will too,  I wanted to send this love note to Jermichael Finley, “Talk is cheap, and yours is giving me a headache!”

I also thought of the old man left on the team, Charles Woodson.  Knowing his love for wine I thought it would be appropriate to let him know that age is like a fine vintage wine, though you may have to move it around on the shelf from time to time, it will only get better!

Then there were some simple messages to one soon-to-be former player and one former player.

To Greg Jennings, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, your house is for sale and so are you!  Enjoy Miami.

Brett Favre’s candy heart is simple, “AWKWARD!”

I also thought what would Cupid say to Mason Crosby and it might be something like, “Right or left, and sometimes down the middle, our confidence may be shaken but not our desire.”

The final player related Valentine’s message needs to go out to the entire team that is, was or will be on the injured reserve list.  That message would have to be, concussions and sprains, tears and twists, the injuries you had (have or will have) are just bad breaks, but we love you still, now suck it up and play (cause Adrian did).

I did not want to forget about the coaching staff as I worked on my greetings and wishes, so I figured the one man who knows a lot about red deserves a special note.  Coach McCarthy, though you lead us to victory and comfort us in defeat, without your leadership we would not be complete (collective … awwwww).

I also found a candy heart just for Dom Capers, it said “TACKLE ME PLZ!”

There are many more greetings that could be sent out, but I will leave that up to the rest of you to add.  But it did get me thinking, if the Packers were to send one out to all of us it surely would say, “Sorry for breaking your heart, there is always next year!”

Happy Valentines Day (but in Green and Gold)!