The Conspiracy Continues: Total domination possible only with Green Bay Packers submission


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his minions are conspiring for total control of the NFL and eventually all of mankind.

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You laughed when I spoke of the Illuminati/Goodell conspiracy theory at the Super Bowl.  You laughed when I wrote of the temptress Beyonce flashing Illuminati signs and singing hidden messages to the strike force that was prepared to steal the Lombardi trophy away from the Baltimore Ravens in the darkened Superdome.

But are you laughing now?  Nobody believed me about the sinister ties between Goodell and the Illuminati and their desire to control the NFL and then the world.   Yet lost in the comings and goings (well mostly goings) of  the recent Packer departures was a little side note that Mr. Goodell received a small pay raise.  How small you may ask?  Well the tiny sum of about $20 million.

Why the raise?  Well I am glad you asked as my continuing investigation into the shadowy underworld of the NFL/Illuminati partnership has found that Goodell received the raise for his masterful control of the NFL this past year.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell chats with referee Jerome Boger.

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By monopolizing power and control over the NFL Players Association and the Referees, he was able to implement more of the diabolical scheme to prevent the Packers from taking back the Lombardi Trophy.   His ability to dictate the ebb and flow of the season resulted in the NFL taking in more money and the ability to sign an extended television deal cements the ability of those forces to subdue us with their mind control for a better part of a year.

I know you are all thinking how I must have slipped and hit my head again, but I tell you that I have bubble wrapped my entire house and this has nothing to do with cranial bruising, plus I am wearing that special helmet that my kids got me for my birthday.

So where am I going with all this you may wonder?  I think I have figured out a part of it.  I have already determined based on numerical computations that the Jacksonville Jaguars will win the Super Bowl.  Yet, Goodell and the Illuminati are concerned about the threat the Green and Gold pose to their plan of world domination so they have provided the Packers with the sixth most difficult schedule.  Making it more difficult to reach New York and prevent their scheme of world domination from taking place.

Why not give them one of the most difficult schedule, you ask?  Well that would be too obvious.  Make it appear that it does not appear that they are being targeted and nobody will notice the appearance of that which is not there.  It is so simple it is devious.  The “powers that be” knew that certain key pieces of the team would not be back (retirement, releases, and injury) so increase the difficulty of the task with the diminished resources and thus the ability to control the destiny of the Packers in 2013 is secure in their minds.

Is Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings an Illuminati plant?

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Yet they will still do more.  Just wait and watch as other players will soon be bought off and paid more than they are worth to move to other teams in order to put the Pack in a precarious position moving into next season.  Greg Jennings comes to mind, as I am looking into the belief that he is an Illuminati plant and that his only goal at this point is to be a disruptive force and cast the attention away from the truth of total world domination by the NFL, why else would he even suggest playing for the Vikings?  It is all part of their plot!

Goodell and the Illuminati know that the only team that can prevent their total control is the Green and Gold.  Every other team is controlled by a centralized figure head except the Pack.  There are too many owners for them to control so they can only subdue us by preventing the one thing that energizes us, a Super Bowl victory.

Follow the money and see where it leads is the task at hand.  Goodell and his henchman will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from getting out.  In fact they have struck at the heart of our Echo Base here in Cheeseland.  They managed to get to someone at Crabby’s Diner and shut it down.  This, however, is only a minor setback, as I will continue to press onward to uncover the sordid details of the conspiracy against the Pack.  I will stop at nothing to make sure Packers Nation sees another Lombardi Trophy come home as then and only then can balance be brought to the universe.

The conspiracy continues, the truth is out there …