Sam Shields: The next Green Bay Packers player with an inflated ego


Very few things annoy me when it comes to the Green Bay Packers, but one thing does stand out and that is greedy players. Greed on the field is good.  It drives competition and makes players better.

Greed off the field is what makes me into a grumpy old man.

It appears that the latest player that does not want to stop at “Go” and collect his $2.023 million is Sam Shields. Wow, 2.023 million dollars.  Greed is what I call it.  Greg Jennings was the last player who got a bad case of it  – and between him and his sister’s tweets he managed to annoy a fair amount of fans because he wanted to be the man with the money.  He got what he wanted and we got rid of his diva attitude and his sister!

Now Shields has stepped up to take Jenning’s place.  He had a breakout season last year for a defense that was much improved but still torched. We had the overall feeling that it felt like a wet noodle in a washing machine.  Shields was arguably one of the best defensive players the latter part of  the season.  He tallied 11 pass breakups and had four interceptions in the last six games – a great way to end the year, but six games does not make a full schedule.

So when the season ended, the restricted free agent was offered a one year tender offer that would pay him $2.023 million.  Yet Shields has balked at that and has failed to sign it.  Why? One may ask. Well he wants more money. Yes, the Packers had attempted a long-term extension with him but the obstacle preventing him from reaching that agreement came down to money.

The greed factor due to an inflated ego.

The “show me the money attitude” has now increased his cranial pressure, which has resulted in poor decision-making abilities.  The first is that he is holding out and is skipping Organized Team Activities.  Geez, Sam, I feel so bad for you.  You have a job that pays you millions of dollars, there is the likelihood that a long-term contract is in the works for more money but you want it all now so you decided to not go to work.  In the real world, that attitude will get you one thing, a quick trip to the unemployment line.

You, Mr. Shields, are just another disappointment in the world of sports.  We all understand that you play a violent game, but when we don’t go to work we have bosses who give us an option, work or you are fired.  Personally, if I was your boss (which technically I am as an owner) your bags would be packed and you would be flipping burgers for a living.  Instead you will sit there and pout because you are not being paid what you think you are worth.  In the end you will probably get a new contract and then your response to the holdout will be, “I did what I had to for my family.”

Well let me jump to the front of the line and just say, “WHATEVER!”  $2.023 million dollars has nothing to do with your family, it has everything to do with your attitude.  Most normal working people would be grateful to take a raise with the knowledge that a bigger payout is waiting, but not you.  You want to throw a tantrum and put yourself ahead of the team.  Well sir, with that attitude I will gladly box up your locker and put you on the next bus to reality.

Sam Shields picks off a pass intended for Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Devin Aromashodu during the NFC Wild Card playoff game at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Here is what I hope happens:  The Packers stand their ground and treat you like a regular employee (like those of us in the real world).  I hope they tell you that you have a choice, come to work or you do not have a job.  Then, because of your attitude younger guys like Casey Hayward, Davon House and Micah Hyde get the opportunity that you passed up.  They then take your spot and you end up realizing just how greedy and self-centered you were.  I am guessing that there are other players who are happy to be on the field earning their paycheck.

The Green Bay Packers have and always will be an organization built on teamwork.  We, as fans, look up to those players who put the team ahead of themselves.  We tend to turn on those who put themselves above the team.  Just ask Brett Favre and Greg Jennings – attitude earned them a trip out of Packers News.

My advice to you, Mr. Shields, is get back to work and earn your money like the rest of us in the working world.  I hardly doubt with the money you made on your previous contract you are going to the local food pantry or worried about how to fill your gas tank to get to work.  Reality stinks, too bad you don’t have a good shot of it right now to make you realize how lucky you truly are to have a gift that allows you to play a game and make enough money to pay the average salary of roughly 40 people.  Then again greed blinds, I just hope it does not affect your ability to play defense!