One writer thinks the Packers fan base is among top five worst in the NFL


Green Bay Packers fans celebrate with tight end Tom Crabtree. Does this photograph give you the impression that the Packers have the worst fan base in the league. No, I didn’t think so.

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Ask any fan of the Green Bay Packers about what team nation among the NFL sea of fandoms is the best and I bet 99.999 percent of those asked will obviously point to the Packers.

Yes, Packers fans as old as I have lived through the glory of the 1960, the ineptitude of the 1970s and 80s, the promise and return to glory of the 90s, the quarterback drama of the new century’s otts, and another return to glory in 2010.

We’ve seen it all as this storied franchise continues to write the best history in the books – a history that’s followed by millions across the state of Wisconsin, the country of the USA and around the globe.

So, tell me where Ramon Ramirez can get off saying that the Packers’ fan base is one of the top five WORST in all the NFL?

Yeah, the Packers have the worst fan base. Right.

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Ramirez is the managing editor of and took a swipe at declaring Packers fans the worst, along with those who follow the Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans.

I’m not sure where and how Ramirez came up with this list, but he clearly didn’t do much research – at least as far as the Packers fan base is concerned – I can’t speak for the other teams.

Are Packers fans passionate? Yes. Do they have high standards? Clearly? Are they knowledgeable about the game? No doubt.

Ramirez bases most of his argument (you can see the complete post by clicking here or scrolling down) on the fact that the Packers haven’t done so well in the playoffs over the past decade or so.

So what? That’s no reflection on the fan base … the fans don’t play the game.

Has Ramirez ever attended a game at Lambeau Field? I doubt it. Has he been to a game where the Packers are being beaten deep in the fourth quarter and there’s no hope? Has he been at a game like that and looked around to see that nary a fan has left the place?

Does he understand why Packers fans from across the world make Green Bay their Mecca – many making the trip to Lambeau Field for the once-in-a-lifetime experience? I doubt it.

Even the Bikini Girls think the Packers fan base is pretty cool.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Has he crowded into a Packers bar in New York or L.A. or even Seattle to watch a Packers game with fellow fans who can’t find the game on their tube or just want to be around their brethren for the Sunday ritual? I doubt it.

Has he talked to someone who just signed up for season tickets, understanding that it will probably be their great-great-grandchildren who have a shot at using them? I doubt it.

Has he sat on a folding chair in the parking lot of Lambeau field six hours before game time eating brats, drinking beer, throwing the football around and taking in one of the greatest sports traditions of all time? I doubt it.

Has he walked through the Packers Pro Shop or the Lambeau Field Atrium once to see and feel the tradition the seeps from the walls? I doubt it.

We fans from Packers Nation take offense, Mr. Ramirez.

Have you checked out Vikings fans? Cowboys fans? Or how about fans from those big cities in New York and Chicago?

We feel you should.

Packers fans, with their fortitude, loyalty, and dedication to their team will put them all to shame.

Check it out Packers fans. You will be ticked … but show your class. We know how devoted we are. But we also have the integrity to know when someone is wrong. We don’t have to yell, kick and scream. We’re better than that. We will just continue to show the love we have for our team and move on.

I just thought you would be interested in reading this.

Oh, I almost forgot … here’s how we all feel, Mr. Ramirez: GO! PACK! GO!

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"How does Mr. Ramirez come off thinking the Packers fan base is one of the worst?Raymond T. Rivard photographRight, the most storied franchise in the NFL and the most romantic base. It’s a co-operative and citizens own the team. Vince Lombardi and Mike Holmgren have streets named after them. It’s a grand old time when the Pack rides.But what have you done lately? Today’s Green Bay fans stand on the shoulders of their fathers. The Packers’ vaunted homefield advantage has waned over the last decade—especially in the postseason. Somehow, the fans let a young Mike Vick—on a Saturday night— own the joint during the 2003 Wild Card playoffs. They let Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper smoke the Pack during the ’05 playoffs. The Packers blew the 2008 NFC Championship at home in a picturesque frozen tundra game that defecated all over the iconography. When Aaron Rodgers and the Pack won the Super Bowl in ’11, the entire run was made on the road. The following season, the defending champs host a divisional playoff—they lose in Lambeau.What really bothers me about Green Bay is their myth of righteousness. It’s the same reason I was rooting for the Miami over San Antonio during the NBA Finals. Green Bay is a base that touts the shield over the name on the jersey because of a figurative purity that comes with supporting the team. It’s a base that sells you on wholesome localism and pure-hearted values. But it’s football—there are no good guys and bad guys. Your Dorsey Levens jersey does not make you a better person."