Aaron Rodgers the 6th best player? We don’t think so


Aaron Rodgers, in our eyes, is the number one player in all the NFL.

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It took 6 months and 14 days to get me out of my cave, and back in front of the keyboard … thank you, Aaron Rodgers.

Many things tempted me like the decision to keep Dom capers as defensive coordinator, the Vikings signing Jennings and Bishop, or the Green Bay Packers deciding that A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones have a brighter future then Desmond Bishop and D.J Smith.

However while all of those are very concerning (especially the latter) there is nothing more annoying to me than when Aaron Rodgers, the best player in the NFL is not represented as such.

You probably have already seen or heard about this article on nfl.com – the Top 100 Players of 2012. I wasn’t even going to read this story because lists like this are frivolous and usually just leave me more pissed off then entertained. This list achieved both of my expectations.

It had Aaron Rodgers ranked sixth.

I could stop there because just that statement itself is utterly ridiculous. However I feel it is my duty to explain to any player out there (and any fan in the process) why.

em>So let’s look at the other five players who supposedly are better then Aaron Rodgers:

Adrian Peterson

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1. Adrian Peterson – OK, as much as it pains me to give credit to anyone who wears that awful purple jersey, AP is good (I gave you good – I draw the line at great), he is not the best player in the league. Despite his “amazing” season which he clearly was trying to run up the numbers, his team still only went 10-6 and sneaked into the playoffs, getting bounced in the first round. I fully understand I am biased, but bottom line is this: If you offer me a hall of fame running back, or a hall of fame QB, I am taking the latter every time. History and Super Bowl titles prove me correct.

2. Peyton Manning – He is a great player … in the regular season. I will not bore you with overwhelming statistics in my favor, but trust me, they say in the post season Manning is just OK. His post season record is 9-11 and his QB rating is 88.8. Thus he is more often then not the first to get you to the playoffs, and the first to get you out. Meanwhile Rodgers’ record is 4-3 with a 103.6 passer rating.

3. Calvin Jonson – I am not going to waste your time or mine. He is a good receiver, but he’s not better or more valuable than Rodgers. Even the notion is offensive, and disappointing to me coming from players who should know better. Again see the AP argument – the great QB always wins out.

Tom Brady

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4. Tom Brady – This is one that is hard to argue. Brady has it all, the championships (although not one since 2004), and the stats. Every argument made for Aaron Rodgers, can be made for Brady except one — mobility. Brady has rushed for 748 yards and 14 TDs in 11 seasons, while Rodgers has rushed for 1,442 yards and 18 TDs in five seasons. Rodgers has that added dimension that in my eyes (though green and gold tinted) put him slightly ahead of Brady for now.

5. J.J Watt – Really !? … Really ?!? Honestly I do not know whether to be more shocked or appalled. Watt had 20.5 sacks in 16 games last year, but only 5.5 the year before. So I am still trying to figure out how a guy who has one mediocre year and one great year under his belt is better than a guy who is an  NFL MVP, Super Bowl champion and MVP, and has the highest career passer rating in the history of the NFL. Quite frankly I don’t even think Watt is better than the Claymaker (but that is a different discussion for a different day.)

So clearly Rodgers should be number 1 on this list and if you ask any GM they will tell you the same. This is just the latest chapter in Rodgers not getting the respect he deserves. Not that he really cares, he just uses it as motivation. I, however, care immensely and will stop whatever I am doing to defend them.

Go Pack!