Here’s what you’re all saying about Vince Young


Vince Young arrives at Packers training camp Tuesday morning.

ABC News photograph

The signing of Vince Young by the Green Bay Packers caused a huge shout-out across social media Monday and even into this morning.

Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Do you really care? Will it make any difference? Was he signed simply to run the scout team? What if he actually had to play? What’s going through Ted Thompson’s mind? Will he be able to grasp the complex Packers offense within a few weeks time – after all, he scored a 6 on the Wonderlik?

Many felt that after last Saturday’s showing by the Packers backup QBs, there really wasn’t any choice. Something had to be done.

Maybe. Maybe not.

So in the spirit of full disclosure and a lot of fun, I’ve include many of your tweets below. These are you, the folks who follow @lombardiave on Twitter and some who don’t.

Are your comments here? Scroll down and find out.

And get ready for more Vince Young news as he hits the field for the first time today for the Packers morning practice.