What’s everyone saying about Graham Harrell?


The Green Bay Packers announced yesterday that quarterback Graham Harrell is to be released. Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Graham Harrell seemed like a nice enough guy. He wasn’t overbearing, didn’t come off in the press as verbose, seemed like the kind of guy from next door.

He just wasn’t good enough to stick with the Green Bay Packers and back up one of the best, if not THE best quarterback in all the land. That’s why the Packers announced yesterday that they were going to cut him, essentially leaving the door open for Vince Young to be the Packers backup quarterback.

But what about Harrell? The nice guy’s name was all over Twitter yesterday; some nice comments, some realistically brutal.

What did you and other write about him?

Well today we’ve put together some of the tweets left about the former Packer. Check them out below, say goodbye to him and welcome Vince Young: