Green Bay Packers, After thoughts about a record-setting day ….


James Starks runs for a second half touchdown while Jordy Nelson celebrates the score.

Brian Jopek photograph

A win is a win – and like any Green Bay Packers die-hard fans, I will take a victory any day of the week.

But now that the game is over and I have completed my post-game ritual of taking a nap, I need to get a few things off my chest.

First, why is it that Mike McCarthy always lets up on the gas when we are slamming another team? From a law enforcement perspective, your reaction is to stop the threat. In football, the threat is the other team – so why do you pull out the fingernail clippers and start giving yourself a manicure when you are steamrolling the other team? Pile it on and demoralize them!

Aaron Rodgers had a record-setting performance Sunday.

When the second half started, McCarthy decided it was better to go into a prevent offense (I may have made that term up?!?) in order to eat up clock time. The problem is that I saw too many three-and-outs. Instead of opening up the air attack some more and playing to a higher level, the Packers played down to the level of their opponent. This allowed for some poor offensive performances in the second half.

It also leads me to my second gripe (yes I am complaining about a victory). Why do we settle into a zone defense or prevent defense when we get up on a team? Our defense, like the offense, should have poured it on. This was the Washington Redskins and we only had one sack and it was not from our defensive front!

Yes there was some pressure applied up front but we should have been all over the Redskins like flies on jelly. Instead, the defense sat back on its heels and allowed RGIII to eat up the clock and score points. The end result was an inflated statistical outcome that was not necessary. If the defense would have continued to pressure and pound the offense, the numbers would have equaled the performance.

Green Bay Packers Coach Mike McCarthy Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

It just irritates me when this team plays down to the level of their opponent.  Next week if we are up against the Cincinnati Bengals, then we need to apply pressure and execute a threat level of DEFCON ONE. Take no prisoners and no garbage statistics. In the end, we need to play like the score is tied and there is 30 seconds left and we have the ball and are ready to take it to the house!

I have also read a lot about the hit Eddie Lacy took that knocked him out of the game. Was it a cheap shot? Should it have been flagged? Initially I thought so, but in reading Mike Pereira over at

Pereira wrote:

"“On the Packers’ opening drive, Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy carried the ball for 10 yards and was hit in the head by the Redskins‘ Brandon Meriweather with no foul being called on the play. Lacy was immediately taken out of the game for a concussion test.At first glance, I wasn’t sure if was not the new crown of the helmet rule, and after watching the replays, I’m still not sure. The rule is designed for two guys lining up each other. Meriweather is coming from the side, however, the rule is designed for the tackler and the rusher going directly at each other.”"

So now it will be up to the league to decide if this was a hit worthy of a fine. If not, then I would say combine it with the second shot he took at James Starks in which he appeared to intentionally launch himself and he deserves some time off and remedial training on the rules.

So now you may be asking, what did I like about the game? Well I liked the fact that my hand-knitted Packers socks kept my feet nice and warm!

I also liked the fact that Aaron Rodgers was on target with his offense. That first half was phenomenal.  Everyone was on the same page and the offense was clicking at mach 10. It was art, it was beauty, it was all that and a bag of chips with salsa and guacamole!

I also liked the fact that the offensive line finally settled into a groove that allowed Rodgers to remain upright.  But seriously guys, let’s try playing at that level from start to finish. A-Rod took too many hits to start the game.

Next week, if you don’t give up any sacks,  I am willing to wager that Ray Rivard (our fearless editor) will shave both his eyebrows (granted I have not cleared this with him, but I know he will back me up) and if you do give up a sack, then you owe the staff writers here at a burger and beer at Curly’s Pub!

Overall, it was a fun game and am I being overly critical of the performance? Yes I am, but you know what? I, like the rest of you, expect great things from this team and until I see a complete game from start to finish, I will not be happy.

Well OK, I might be happy a bit if the networks would stop giving us Troy Aikman and Joe Buck.  But I know asking for that and perfection from the Packers might be too much – so I will take the perfection first!