An Emotional Green Bay Packers fan’s Tirade


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has gotten the brunt of criticism from those in the mainstream media. It’s uncalled for … Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Sometimes the best thing you can do is let the emotions of the moment fade away before you say what you are thinking – especially when it comes to the Green Bay Packers. Other times, it is best to go with your gut feeling and let it all hang out.

Well, I tried the first part and it did no good, so here we go …

We lost.

I say “we” cause if we win as fans, then we lose as fans.

Am I mad that we lost?


Why am I mad?

Because I am passionate and we played our tails off to get back into the game only to have it slip away.

But what makes me even more angry is the slop being thrown around by the mainstream sports media about how Aaron Rodgers is not a “clutch” performer because he does not have a stellar fourth quarter comeback record. The idiots over at ESPN, FOX SPORTS and NFL NETWORK, when you win the majority of your games you don’t have that opportunity and if you do lose a game, guess what that means? it means you lost the game and so be it.

Why is there this great big knock against Aaron Rodgers? He is shaping up to be one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history and yet there seems to be this wave of haters and doubters.

Give me Rodgers any day of the week.

I hope that Rodgers takes all of this criticism he is unfairly receiving and jams it down the throats of every pundit that wrote or said something against him. I just don’t get it!

Can anyone explain this to me?

Another thing I noticed over the last two games that really jacked me up and made me want to start inflicting some of my own hurt was what appeared to be deliberate attempts at injuring our players. How many times did the opposing team appear to launch themselves at someone in Green and Gold? How many times did the other side lead with their helmet? What was the deal with the low block on Rodgers?  Is it just me or is it that everyone seemed to be out to injure and knock out our guys?

The hits on Packers players have been brutal during the first three weeks of the season. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Where is the commissioner’s office on this? I did not hear anything about some of these cheap shots?  But you know darn well that if we even blink wrong here comes the NFL’s goons with their fines against us.

What the heck is the deal with all the hamstring injuries? How can one team have so many of the same injuries? Is the training staff not doing their job in preventing these from happening or is it just a freak roll of the dice?

Finally, a lot of people were up in arms about the verbal confrontation between Rodgers and Mike McCarthy.

So what?

Wow, a boss and his employee disagreed in the heat of the moment and it was caught by every camera in the known universe.

Who cares?

It shows just how passionate these two are about winning and it also shows that their working relationship is such that they can spout of to one another. How many of us wish we could say the same about our working relationships?

Did writing this article help me to feel any better about the game, the events or the current situation?

No, but it did make me realize that in two weeks this team is going to come out of the gate and I sure the hell hope it is with a head full of steam and that they take no prisoners and destroy everything in their path.

That will make me happy!