Detroit Lions At Green Bay Packers: Streaking Is Legal In Wisconsin

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Evan Dietrich-Smith

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Packers offensive line

It gets no easier for the big guys up front this week. The Lions D line is as good as it gets. The Packers O line is overmatched in almost every way plain and simple. They’ll have to work together, be sound in their techniques, and make few to no mistakes…and they still might not be good enough to get what they need to do done against Detroit. But take heart Packers fans. With the number of offensive weapons the Packers have, QB Aaron Rodgers’ ability to move around in the pocket and to roll out and still make accurate throws, and above all the flexibility and ability to make screens, draws, and other misdirection plays work, all is not lost. I’ll be watching closely to see how the O line deals with the inevitable during and after-play extracurricular activity Detroit will pull and how effective they are at keeping mistakes to a minimum. They can certainly mentally outplay the Detroit D line.