Detroit Lions At Green Bay Packers: Streaking Is Legal In Wisconsin

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Jordy Nelson and James Jones

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Packers passing game

QB Aaron Rodgers historically plays very well after sub-par outings and in this case he’ll need to do just that. Detroit will throw everything they can at him and he’ll need to dodge the first (or even the second) rusher in the pocket, be quick and accurate with his throws, and stay within the game plan. OK- that last one was a little bit lame I admit. Stay within the game plan? I think that’s cliché by now, isn’t it? Be that as it may, it won’t all be on 12 to win this one. The receivers must catch the ball first and foremost- which has been an area in which they have improved so far this season. The Lions secondary is banged up and that could mean opportunities for big plays in the passing game, but Rodgers has to be relatively vertical in order to deliver the ball. I’ll be watching Aaron to see if he’s letting frustrations get the better of him and the receivers, including RBs Lacy, Franklin, and Kuhn, to snag the balls coming their way and make righteous YAC.