Seneca Wallace is the man, Green Bay Packers fans … not Favre; not Flynn; not Young


Seneca Wallace is now the man in Green Bay.

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Green Bay Packers fans everywhere have been calling for … just about anyone with the skills and experience necessary to help.

This list has included:

1. Brett Favre … a man who is four long years removed from the game of football, rides a tractor and coaches high school football in Mississippi.

2. Matt Flynn … a former Packers backup QB, who has been cut by three teams since, and is battling an on-going elbow issue.

3. Vince Young … who was signed in the preseason to back up Aaron Rodgers, but couldn’t hold on to the job for more than two weeks.

Yes, all of these options are absolutely riveting. And it shows how desperate the fans of the Green Bay Packers are becoming. OK, Aaron – is this just a ploy to finally reunite with Favre and push fans into welcoming him back into the fold?

I’m just rolling dice here, with fingers tightly crossed.

If that isn’t it – then we are back to the original issue. Aaron Rodgers is going to miss significant time. What are the Packers going to do to compensate?

Matt Flynn

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Media reports mirror the wishes of the fans … bring back Matt Flynn. He knows the offense, is recently available and can step in and lead this team. He’s done it before. Well, I am here to tell you, that is absolutely NOT going to happen. If Matt Flynn finds another NFL team to call home, it won’t be the Packers. If Flynn dons another NFL jersey this season, it won’t be Green and Gold. It just isn’t in the makeup of the Green Bay Packers organization to move backward. Rest assured, Thompson and McCarthy are already looking forward.

Here are a few reasons why Flynn is not the answer in Green Bay:

1. We signed Seneca Wallace.

The Packers obviously see potential in Wallace. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have committed to him at the end of the preseason. They could have kept Vince Young and given him ample time to learn this offense. But they didn’t … they saw a spark in Seneca Wallace that they are now trying to unveil.

2. Flynn has been struggling mightily.

Make no mistake, the Packers are watching Matt Flynn. They had much invested in him a couple years ago. They know his strengths and his weaknesses. They assessed him every day for the four years he backed up Aaron Rodgers. They know what he has accomplished since and they know the struggles he has had. He is battling bursitis in his elbow, which has probably led to his early exit from the Raiders and Bills this season. But, he has also had troubles commanding an offense.

3. We have faith in the current makeup of this team.

Seneca Wallace

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What message would it send the players in the Green Bay locker room if management were to suddenly withdraw its confidence in Wallace? If Flynn were to be brought in off the street, after all the time and work that Wallace has put into his role as backup QB. I think that Flynn is highly regarded in that locker room, but the current unit is a team, win or lose. All players on the active roster have earned a spot and deserve a shot to prove their worth to this team … including Seneca Wallace. It’s his time to rise to the occasion.

All that being said, some fans will still likely speculate … or fantasize about a situation in which Flynn comes into the picture and picks up right where he left off in 2011, winning games like the one against Detroit. After all, 480 yards and 6 touchdowns is sounding really good right about now.

But, here’s the thing. Help, in the form of Flynn, is not on the way.

Want some good news?

Seneca Wallace is more than capable of running this offense. With a full week’s worth of reps with the first team unit, I believe he will be better equipped to handle the offense on Sunday against a suspect Eagles defense.

No, Flynn isn’t coming, but Wallace is already here and he’s got the potential to do some things to keep this team afloat until Aaron Rodgers is back under center … whenever that will be.