Minnesota Vikings WR Patterson unimpressed with Lambeau Field debut


Lambeau Field’s newest addition to the south end zone.

Brian Jopek photograph

There are many whispers throughout the NFL about Minnesota Vikings first round rising star, Cordarrelle Patterson. He’s big, strong, physical and a downfield threat. He’s a master return specialist and has a rare evasiveness.

People aren’t necessarily mesmerized by his level of understanding of NFL culture.

Following the infamous overtime tie last weekend between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers, Patterson had a few things to say about the NFL’s most storied franchise.

Oh, the stock responses were abundant: “it is a game we should have won” and “we’re going to be better down the road” are popular ones that you can always count on. What I didn’t expect from Patterson was how he was “unimpressed with the overall atmosphere surrounding Lambeau Field” on game day.

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson has exposed the Packers special teams this season.


Now, I understand that there isn’t much that is impressive about the 2-8-1 Vikings – but is it beyond the realm of thought that this young kid does not know what impressiveness feels like? He pointed to the Metrodome, or Mall of America Field, as the beacon of “impressive” energy and noise level, citing the purple people as the NFL’s best fan base.

I get it; every player believes that his team’s home city and fans are the best in the league. It’s standard operating procedure. But, c’mon man!

It made me think a little bit about what makes the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau field so great. And I thought, hey – I think I’ll take a stab at impressing him.

Cordarelle, if you’re reading this – take notes:

1. It’s pretty impressive that the Green Bay Packers are the only team in the league to be owned by the fans. I happen to be a stockholder and take great pride in that. Not only does it give the fans a sense of closeness with the team, it quite literally provides them an opportunity to attend board meetings and vote on team-related decisions. When the fans of the Green Bay Packers say “we” when talking about the team … we mean it. We’re apart of it … like no one else across the league.

2. It’s pretty impressive that the Green Bay Packers are directly associated with the likes of Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi – founding fathers of the modern day NFL. We will always represent that era, no matter how much times change. Lambeau field is a living history book, and the Lombardi trophy is the innermost desire of every football player’s heart, no matter what team. It all originated here.

3. It’s pretty impressive that no matter the changes to Lambeau field to modernize or “keep up with the times,” the character remains. Since 1957, it’s remained. Lambeau is not subject to the whims of the league, no matter how small the population. Green Bay is loyal to its team. The NFL’s smallest market is thriving in ways that larger cities and fan bases cannot fathom. We aren’t tearing this building down to rebuild a block away, we aren’t looking to renovate to bring in more ticket sales. We’re good.

Packers fans are the best in the league. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

4. It’s pretty impressive that 80,000-plus people show up every home game to cheer on the Packers, no matter the record and no matter the score. There are no “blackouts” in Wisconsin. Fans travel from across the United States and the globe – literally. Packers faithful have coveted season tickets that are only passed on in wills.

5. It’s pretty impressive that the Green Bay Packers currently have more than 105,000 fans on a waiting list for season tickets. If your name goes on the list today, you’ll see tickets in approximately 100 years. Across the border, however, Vikings fans on average wait one year for season tickets. Quite a difference. And quite … IMPRESSIVE, wouldn’t you say?

6. It’s pretty impressive that, as of 2013 ratings, Lambeau Field is rated #7 in the NFL’s loudest stadiums list. The Metrodome is rated #5. Rated before Lambeau? Three DOME teams, including Minnesota. Pretty impressive that the citizens and fans of Green Bay create nearly the same amount of noise week in and week out in an outdoor stadium with whipping winds and sub-zero chills. I’m sure Patterson is aware that screaming into a dome top just reverberates and heightens sound. I’d like to see what the Metrodome would rank if we took the top off.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me … but I am pretty impressed by Lambeau Field, the Green Bay Packers and their fans.

Maybe Cordarelle Patterson would have been more impressed had they left with a win over a Packers team playing its fourth string quarterback, even after having a commanding 16-point lead going into the fourth quarter.

I guess we’ll never know.